PE Homework - Wildern School

1 - Initiatives and their common
2-Sports Agencies
In this lesson you are responsible for your
own learning and development through
TASK – To research for information and
complete presentation in detail to help
support your own earning.
Initiatives and their common purpose
• A number of initiatives are set up to encourage
people to take part in physical activity and so
have a healthier lifestyle.
• In order to put these initiatives into practice,
specific organisations sometimes called
• Most of these agencies have similar aims
– Increased participation in sport
– Retaining people in sport
– Creating opportunities for talented performers.
Aim – Increase Participation
All agencies want to get more people involved in sport and physical activity
• WHY?
In 2008/09, 7.3% of people had not taken part in any cultural activities in the past year or
sporting activities in the past 4 weeks. Health is defined as a state of complete mental,
physical and social well-being; not merely the absence of illness or infirmity. Fitness is the
ability to meet the demands of the environment.
Anyone can get involved in sport if they wanted to. There are plenty of
opportunities of new sports if you have never played it before as there are many
facilities around your area. Also there are many sports specialist that can come
into school and help with P.E lessons
Aim – Retain People
Having started people participating in physical activity the aim is to keep them
• WHY?
The reason why they want to keep people involved in physical activity because they want
everyone to have very high fitness level so many more generations will keep fit and set the
standards high for Great Britain.
They keep people involved in physical activity by running the sports regularly and
having to choose from many other sports in their local area, as there are many
more opportunities, also they can win rewards.
Aim – Create opportunities
For talented sports performers to achieve success.
• WHY?
They give the talented sportsman many opportunities so compete at many different levels. For
Example you can compete at regional or even compete for Great Britain.
They can compete and this stage by having specialist training them which can give them
more intense training, and focus on them instead of many people. They also keep them
involved by letting them keep on competing in many competitions.
• You need to be able to identify agencies
involved in in providing opportunities for
becoming or remaining involved in in physical
activities. You will research 3 different
agencies. Think how and link these agencies
to the common purposes before.
• What is their focus (what are they working to achieve?) –
They are working to achieve and good next generation of
sport and fitness and to dominate in competitions.
How do they do this? – By creating opportunities for the
children and make it easy to access.
• What is their focus (what are they working to achieve?) –give every
child a sporting start in life through high quality PE and sport in
primary schools, ensure all young people have a sporting chance by
developing opportunities for those with special educational needs
and disabilities and support all young people to achieve
their sporting best in school and their personal best in life.
How do they do this? – Giving opportunities to sports people
every week.
National Governing Bodies
• What is their focus (what are they working to achieve?) –
They are trying to achieve equal opportunities for different
How do they do this? – By presenting the same opportunities to
each gender.
Give 5 other examples of NGB’s other than those previously pictured (name and