Friday Night Lights

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ARC Administrative Offices 1430 · (217) 244-1344
Intramural Friday Night Lights games will be conducted under the regular 7-on-7 intramural flag football rules and
the rules of the NIRSA - National Intramural/Recreational Sports Association 16th Edition (2012-2013) Flag and
Touch Football Rulebook and Official’s Manual with the following modifications:
a) Single elimination tournament with games on Friday Nights
b) Games will take place on the Turf Fields just west of the Ikenberry Commons
c) Playing Field will be modified to fit the markings and size of the Turf Fields
d) Entry restricted to Greek Teams
e) Greek Cup Regulations will be enforced (see section 2.15 of the Intramural Handbook)
f) Greek Cup Points earned from Friday Night Lights will be doubled and added to organization’s
g) Roster Maximum of 20 players
h) Each team receives 3, 30 second timeouts per half
1. Timeouts do not roll over between halves
2. Timeouts do not roll over into overtime
3. No timeouts are allotted during overtime periods
i) Mercy rule is not in effect
j) IN-PERSON CAPTAINS MEETING REQUIRED in addition to Online Captains Presentation:
1. Meeting will be Thursday, April 3rd at 7:00pm
2. Any member of the team may attend in lieu of the captain, but at least one member from
each team must be present
3. Game schedules and matchups will be determined at this meeting
k) Please note that all other intramural policies and regulations detailed in the flag football rules and
intramural handbook will be in effect