Dear Supporter, Care and Counseling invites you to become a

Dear Supporter,
Care and Counseling invites you to become a sponsor of our annual benefit. This
year the theme will be “Passport to Hope” to benefit the individuals who come to Care
and Counseling seeking hope. All of us realize that at times hope can be elusive, as
well as difficult to sustain. With your sponsorship, Care and Counseling can continue
offering hope to those who seek help.
Care and Counseling is awarding our annual “Heart of Care and Counseling Award”
to David Fleisher, Sr. and Julia Muller. Both David and Julia exemplify the goals and
vision of Care and Counseling through their leadership, generosity, and commitment
to our mission of providing affordable counseling services, professional training and
community education.
This exciting evening will take place Wednesday, May 13, at the Coronado Ballroom
and Meeting Facility, 3701 Lindell Boulevard, from 6:00-9:00pm. Valet parking will be
We are grateful for your interest in sponsoring this event. Together, we can offer a
passport of hope to children, adults, couples and families in the St. Louis metropolitan
Please indicate the level that works best for you on the enclosed form and return it in
the enclosed envelope by April 1, 2015 to assure proper recognition. Thank you for
your consideration and ongoing interest in Care and Counseling.
Kathy Pratt and Andria Simckes
2015 Benefit Co-Chairs
12141 Ladue Road I St. Louis I Missouri 63141-8120
p: 314.878.4340 I toll-free: 800.677.3609 I fax:
2015 “Passport to Hope” Benefit □ $10,000 Jet-­‐setter (entitles you to 10 tickets)* □ $5,000 Globe Trotter
(entitles you to 10 tickets)* □ $2,500 Explorer (entitles you to 10 tickets)* □ $1,500 Sight Seer (entitles you to 8 tickets) □ $750 Navigator (entitles you to 4 tickets) □ $350 Traveler (entitles you to 2 tickets)
*includes premium table positioning and program recognition Name: ________________________________________________________________ Address: ______________________________________________________________
City: ______________________________State:______________Zip:______________ Home Phone: (____) _____-­‐_________ Cell Phone: (____) _____-­‐_________ Email: ____________________________________________ □ I/WE will attend the benefit □ I/WE are unable to attend the benefit, but please accept our donation of $_________. Payment □ My check is enclosed and is made payable to “Care & Counseling” □ Please charge my: □ Visa □ MasterCard □ Discover Account Number:___________________________________ Exp Date:________________ Security Code: _____________ Authorized Signature:_________________________________ GUEST LIST (Please send attendees’ names by April 1st) 1.__________________________________ 6._________________________________ 2.__________________________________ 7._________________________________ 3.__________________________________ 8._________________________________ 4.__________________________________ 9._________________________________ 5.__________________________________ 10.________________________________ Please send this form with your payment in the enclosed envelope. Contact Ruthanne Hoffman with any questions. (314) 336.1082 [email protected]