Linda Faucheux is a Licensed Professional Counselor and has

Linda Faucheux is a Licensed Professional Counselor and has
been specializing in Contemplative Career Counseling since
1998. Her areas of expertise are in guiding clients in defining a
career/life direction and in finding congruence between one’s
inner experience and one’s outer life. She has a Master’s degree
in Contemplative Psychotherapy from Naropa University, where
she also worked for many years as The Career Services
Coordinator and as an Adjunct Faculty in The Graduate School
of Psychology. She is currently at the University of Colorado
where she serves as the Assistant Director for Counseling in the
office of Career Services.
Aga Sypniewska is the Career Counselor and International
Program Manager for Career Services. Originally from Poland,
Aga has lived and worked in five different countries while working
with graduate and undergraduate students from all around the
world at various prestigious universities in Europe, Asia and North
America. With her MBA in International Business, Aga had also
worked in the corporate world while she held many managerial
positions across several industries. As she was once an
international student herself, Aga’s passion is in helping
international students explore options for working in the US and
gain confidence in their job search process.
Lyndsay Farrant is a professional in the field of Organizational
Development and Learning and Development and completes a
Masters Degree in Counseling Psychology from Naropa University
this summer. With a fourteen year career in the world of five star
luxury hotels and retail, Lyndsay has worked all over the world
encouraging people and organizations to live true to their values
and their highest potential. The focus of her work, both as a
Career Counselor and as a consultant, is to help individuals and
teams to actualize their visions and goals and to live a life that is
purposeful. As well as consulting internationally, Lyndsay currently
serves as an intern in Career Services at the University of
Lea Alvarado is a trained life coach and has a master’s degree in
counseling with a specialization in career development. She has over
15 years of career counseling experience in corporate, nonprofit and
university settings as a career counselor, executive recruiter and
staffing manager. She has experience working with adults in transition
in both the aerospace and biotechnology industries and also has
experience creating programs and services specifically for alumni.
Her favorite part of her job is helping people shift their perspective in
a way that decreases their anxiety and improves their confidence and
sense of hope with regard to their job search or career exploration