Victoria Square Reference Group - Terms of Reference

Victoria Square Community Reference Group
Terms of Reference
These Terms of Reference outline the purpose and function of the Victoria Square
Community Reference Group (VSCRG). When agreeing to join the VSCRG,
members are committing to these Terms of Reference.
Role of the Victoria Square Community Reference Group
The VSCRG has been established to verify that the Victoria Square future plan
accurately reflects community aspirations.
The VSCRG will:
● Represent the diversity of residents in the Christchurch community
● Assess if CERA’s draft Victoria Square future plan reflects community input
and feedback gathered through the public participation process
● Attend Victoria Square community participation events as required
● Circulate project-related information through member networks and gather
feedback from member networks as required
All VSCRG positions will be voluntary, although reimbursement will be offered for
expenses (e.g. parking) associated with meeting attendance.
Authority and Delegation
The VSCRG has the power to provide suggestions for consideration by CERA’s
Victoria Square project team.
The VSCRG is representative of the diverse Christchurch community. The below key
stakeholder groups have been identified by CERA and its Victoria Square Strategic
Partners (Christchurch City Council and Ngāi Tahu) as being suitable to represent
the interests of the people of Christchurch. Each group is invited to provide one
representative, with the exception of Ngāi Tūāhuriri which is invited to provide two
members, one from each of their youth and elder communities.
Mana whenua Kaumatua me rangatahi
Christchurch Youth Council
University of Canterbury Students’ Association (UCSA)
Heritage New Zealand
Christchurch Community Board
Barrier Free New Zealand Trust
Business/tourism/events (Tourism Canterbury)
Historian – Geoff Rice
Local Business/operator
Christchurch Beatifying Association
Role of the VSCRG Chair
The role of the Chair is to support sound decision-making for participants of the
VSCRG, deliver on a structured meeting agenda program and retain oversight of the
VSCRG’s deliberations.
Victoria Square Community Reference Group
Terms of Reference
The Chair will:
● Be appointed by the Reference Group members through a ballot system OR
be an independent facilitator
● Attend and oversee meetings as Chair of the VSCRG
● Provide leadership and encourage VSCRG members to work co-operatively
● Encourage VSCRG members to adhere to the Terms of Reference in their
decision-making so as to reach tangible outcomes
● Act as VSCRG spokesperson if required/approved.
The role of the Chair will be a voluntary position.
Role of VSCRG members
The VSCRG members will:
● Attend meetings and contribute to discussions
● Read materials before meetings
● Speak for the people they represent and listen to others’ opinions
● Use public participation results to make final decisions, even if the results
differ from their own personal opinions
● Ask questions and offer solutions that others can support
● Bring to the VSCRG table relevant information from people they represent.
CERA’s Victoria Square project team will perform the role of secretariat to the
VSCRG, and oversee the VSCRG administrative activities (meeting arrangements,
communication with members and public, and other administrative tasks to support
the VSCRG’s activities).
The Secretariat will:
● Organise a meeting venue
● Write and distribute meeting agenda
● Take accurate minutes
● Distribute minutes.
Duration of membership
It is anticipated VSCRG membership will involve a minimum term of six months and
a maximum of 12 months.
VSRG Meetings
The VSCRG will be held at approximately 4 week intervals at a CERA’s office at 62
Worcester Boulevard, Christchurch. The timing of meetings will be decided by the
group to be as convenient for group members as possible. Meetings will be chaired
by the appointed VSCRG Chairperson, unless they are unable to attend the meeting,
at which point a temporary Chair will be selected.