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Summer Start-Up Scholarship Programme
Presentations, 4 February 2015
UC Innovators
Nurturing student innovators and entrepreneurs.
Welcome to the UC Innovators 2014/2015
Summer Start-Up Programme Student
Presentation Day. This Summer Start-Up
programme provides students with the
necessary framework to enable them to
fast-track their ventures to reality. Over the
past 10 weeks students have been utilizing
the lean business model methodology in
conjunction with supportive mentoring to
experience what is involved in starting a
new venture. Today each team is presenting
their key achievements from their work
this summer.
The 2014/15 summer program had 25 students working on 22
ventures that included a number of socially responsible nonprofit organizations such as a theatre company that wants to
encourage young people to participate in the arts. Rural New
Zealand was also a focus for students with the development
of software to help farmers keep waterways clean of biological
run-off. The programme now includes students from CPIT
and Lincoln University. This new initiative proved to be a very
successful progression, as it provided further diversity amongst
the students and ventures undertaken.
As the Manager and Coordinator we have seen huge potential
in this year’s scholarship recipients. It has been a privilege
to have mentored all these students and been a part of their
personal and professional growth.
We thank the sponsors for their generous support of this
program allowing the students to really focus on developing
their ventures over the summer. We would also like to
recognize and thank those individuals who lent their expertise
and experience over the summer.
Congratulations to everyone, on your hard work and
perseverance, it’s been a pleasure working with you all.
Dr Rachel Wright
Blair Wolf
UC Innovators’ gratefully acknowledges our
Start-Up Scholarship Sponsors
UC Innovators’ gratefully acknowledges our
Start-Up Scholarship Supporter
Two Weeks
Concept idea
Email/Website/FB page
Bridget Williams
Two Weeks Without (TWW) provides a service for individuals and businesses to
participate in a two-week fundraising challenge. The challenge sees participants
give up something for two weeks as they fundraise for a cause they choose and
care about. This social enterprise is driven by a goal of growing awareness and
participation for social and environmental issues. The TWW challenge asks you
– what could you go without?
Rachael Gresson
[email protected]
[email protected]
One Great Gift
One Great Gift (OGG): Collaborate to make a good gift great! One Great Gift is a
better way for a group to purchase a gift or experience for someone. We make
it easy to collaborate on a 'great' gift, and hope to reduce the number of cheap,
meaningless gifts. This will be achieved on our website which boasts an easy
online payment process and a dedicated page for your gift. With 'OGG' giving a
group gift can be easy, and even fun.
Library for the
Terminally Ill
Courtney Green
A concept similar to a book, or toy library where an individual can borrow
equipment to improve their home care situation. The target group are people
suffering from major illness and end of life care. The goal is to establish a library
for the Christchurch community by mid 2015.
[email protected]
Ivan Sadikov
Pulsar is a smart and intuitive graphical search engine that enables anyone to
quickly analyse large amounts of data and easily adjust the search themselves,
including what and how data is displayed. The concept is being tested using
TradeMe Property information, thus users are able to quickly ascertain a good
deal amongst all the TradeMe Property data for Christchurch.
[email protected]
Hardclaim Games
Daniel McKay
Hardclaim Games is a game development company centred on creating games
that are first and foremost, offer long-term fun and enjoyment to the customer,
without the need for micro-transactions or other pernicious revenue gathering
tactics. We focus on making an enjoyable, well-designed, gaming experience
that users can play in their own time without hidden fees or "wait to play"
[email protected]
Dea Majstorovic
TutorMatch is an online platform connecting students and tutors, allowing
tutoring sessions to be booked for particular university courses. It provides an
alternative avenue of academic support for students delivered by other likeminded students. Concurrently, TutorMatch provides flexible and rewarding
employment for existing students. We tested our concept late last year and are
planning a major launch to the University of Canterbury students at the start of
2015 academic year. We are rolling out our venture to other NZ universities and
Christchurch high schools during 2015.
Our company has been created in an effort to create affordable, new theatre,
and creative projects that are aimed at encouraging Christchurch people,
specifically within the age range of 16–35, to attend. The co-operative is made
up of a variety of artistic people with the like-minded goal of cementing a place
for new, exciting theatrical and musical projects in all kinds of venues in the
Christchurch rebuild.
[email protected]
Kindle Theatre
Emily Burns
Guy Hobson
QTee is a mobile Hole in One Challenge Challenge located on Lake Wakatipu.
This venture allows for a unique golfing experience and offers diversification
to the current commercially orientated harbour front. Perfect for golfing
enthusiasts and families looking for a new, exciting challenge to compete at
and enjoy.
[email protected]
Charitable Trust
Ivana Youn
Damuna Charitable Trust is a non-profit organisation helping migrants and
refugees in Christchurch. Our aim is to ensure that migrants and refugees settle
in and make a positive contribution to Christchurch. We provide services that
recognise and celebrate cultural diversity in our community. We also promote,
and maintain, a positive and reciprocal relationship between migrants and
refugees, and local New Zealanders.
[email protected]
[email protected]
Kitset Assembly
Jorgen Ellis
Sport’s trainer
(working title)
180 Degrees
Kitset Assembly is a service firm which provides assembly of “assembly
required” home furnishings for a flat fee. This service is offered to retailers as
a benefit for their customers and to individual consumers. Kitset Assembly
Services is currently operating in Christchurch with the goal to expand
nationwide in the coming year.
Joseph Hall
An orthopaedic ball launcher with a speed control system, silent launch,
and multiple program settings, to assist sports coaches in training and
[email protected]
Kirsten Curry
180 Degrees Consulting is the world's largest university-based consulting
organisation. We aim to improve the impact of social enterprises while
providing students with an avenue to apply their theoretical skills, in a practical
and supported environment. This project has been working on the sustainable
expansion of the University of Canterbury branch, in particular; focusing on the
student experience.
Rachel Phang
[email protected]
10.30 Morning tea
Aerial Paradise
Lauren McGee
Aerial Paradise provides a unique take on entertainment and bar service for
corporate events, weddings, parties and special events. Trained aerial acrobats
will perform above the bar as they serve guests with the drink of their choice.
Aerial Paradise provides more than a simple bar service; it is a unique, fun and
exciting experience for guests.
[email protected]
Marco Zdrenka
A non-profit organisation designed to help young New Zealanders (below
age 30) with a gambling problem begin to address their addiction through
an online, anonymous, social media source. Users can discuss their problems
amongst their peer group, take advantage of tools that facilitate gambling
reduction and find additional resources for counselling, or support services.
Go Beyond
Experiences Ltd
Luke Gillespie
Go Beyond Experiences empower International students studying in foreign
tertiary Institutions to thrive. We use experiential development programs to
give students fun experiences exploring the natural beauty of New Zealand
while gaining skills and a self awareness that they can use in the work force
and in life. Our mission is to lead the world in providing experiences centred on
personal development, experiential learning, and social integration for students
studying abroad. Our first programme will be held in March, for students who
have recently arrived in Christchurch to study at UC.
Linda Cruse is a humanitarian who provides assistance to communities
severely affected by a major disaster through connecting businesses with the
community. The businesses donate their time, and expertise to solve issues
in the community that will have a lasting impact. We are establishing an NZ
charity updating the website, and marketing, to get more businesses involved
in the coming year.
Be The Change
Hannah Rhodes
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
Skinmap is a smartphone app for people with skin problems, such as acne, and
psoriasis. The app allows users to track the condition of their skin over time,
along with helping them keep a journal of their diet, and the treatments they
are using. The app then provides information about how different factors are
affecting the users condition, along with graphs to visually track their progress.
[email protected]
Michael Pearson
MCAD documents specifications of new products, for mechanical engineers, to
be used in the manufacturing process. MCAD can also provide consultation and
prototyping services for small to mid-sized engineering firms.
[email protected]
Steven Seo
The Tredan Wheel is the next step in technology for smart wheels that can
intelligently negotiate various obstacles. Users of mobile devices, such as
Wheelchairs, incorporating the Tredan Wheels will benefit from the experience,
empowering them with greater independence. Initial research indicates there is
a very wide spectrum of potential markets where enhanced mobile movement
over difficult terrain is necessary.
[email protected]
Aida Children's
Tariq Habibyar
Aida Children's Fund is a non-profit Trust providing equal educational
opportunities for children in Afghanistan. The "One Village, One Story at a time"
initiative seeks to reach the children and help them write their own stories
and share those stories with the world. ACF also aims to help reconstruction of
schools in places where children study under tents or in open spaces.
Tom Wilson
An automated, Bluetooth-based, Indoor Positioning System to keep track of
employee, and visitor attendance. The system integrates with existing backends to streamline the process of approving timesheets and managing payroll.
It also has applications relating to evacuation roll-calls, and security.
[email protected]
Tom Beaumont
Cloud based software system to help dairy farmers mitigate cattle waste from
entering local waterways. Our service is designed to help dairy farmers design
fencing, and appropriate flora insertion, specific to soil properties and local
regulation requirements.
[email protected]
[email protected]