Herend’s Queen Victoria is king among patterns, created in 1851

Herend’s Queen Victoria is king among patterns, created in 1851
and still one of Herend’s top sellers every year. Different iterations of
the pattern have been created over the years, including Royal Garden
that Herend designed for Prince William and Kate Middleton and
presented to their emissary on the eve of their wedding.
Maureen Ellis, marketing director
Martin’s Herend Imports
Queen Victoria
or Herend’s
Rothschild Bird,
still fresh and look
great mixed with so
many things.
It remains to be seen,
but another player
with staying power
could be Juliska’s
Berry and Thread.
Meg Jewett, owner
L.V. Harkness
Simon Pearce has sold Belmont dinnerware for over 31 years.
In white and celadon. it’s our best-selling product. Simon created
Belmont when he first came to the U.S. and restored the mill
in Quechee, Vermont, which is still our flagship location.
Ed Lent, creative integration manager
Simon Pearce
Longchamp, still
selling after 39 years.
Fred Dohn,
CEO Americas
Arc International
Mikasa’s Italian Countryside has
been around for 20 years and is still
incredibly strong. It complements
any kitchen or dining room.
David Mackrell, senior V.P./tabletop
Lifetime Brands
Italian Countryside, a strong seller at
20 years old and a perennial favorite
that can be dressed up or work in
more casual settings.
Glenn Simon, president, tabletop
Lifetime Brands
Italian Countryside.
Beverley Reid, senior category manager
Longchamp, from Cristal d’Arques. It’s been a top bridal
registry pattern and is in more households than any other
pattern. It was used last year by President Obama at a
White House dinner. It surely is keeping up with the times.
Tom Moleski, director of marketing
Arc International