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Student Internship Offer
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Student Job Title: R&D Laboratory Researcher Intern
Role Description
Org Chart:
Javier Vázquez
Central Laboratory
• Development and update of diverse analytical techniques
• SHIFT Laboratory community continuous update
• Laboratory testing
Various Researchers
Role Challenges:
Technical Requirements :
• Chemist, Chemical Engineer, Civil engineer
• Analytical Laboratory General Knowledge
• Good basic skills in mathematics, physics and chemistry
• Very good computational skills (excel, word, powerpoint,etc)
• Very good skills in English writing
Personal Requirements
• Must hold a valid passport of any country of the
European Union
• Work in an environment with different cultures
• Problem solving with delivery of results in short time
Interpersonal skills:
• Team working
• Hard working/ flexibility
• Creativity
• Language No. 1 (Level): English – Very high
• Language No. 2 (Level) : German and/or French, And/or
Spanish desirable.
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Student project and Activities
Product Development and Construction Trends department (PDCT) is a core team inside CEMEX RESEARCH GROUP
based in Switzerland. The aim of the team involves research and development of new products and solutions for the
different challenges CEMEX has as a key global player in the construction industry as well as specialized technical
troubleshooting for all CEMEX operations, mainly Cement, Concrete, Aggregates and Admixtures,
• Position purpose
• Support main researcher in the different projects described below
• Region that will be supported
• Worldwide
• Staff involved
• Researchers and Manager from the CX Global Research Laboratory and the whole PDCT department.
•Project description and duration
• Development of diverse analytical techniques for the use in product development and specialized technical
• SOP (Standard Operating Procedures) writing, updating, creation.
• Calibration, maintenance and use of analytical equipment (XRF, XRD, ICP, GC-MS, etc)
• Benchmarks of cements, concrete, aggregates, or their raw materials
• Update of SHIFT Laboratory community (sharing tool of capabilities, main projects of the central and
regional laboratories of CEMEX)
• Participation in the different projects or services provided by the CX Global Research Laboratory
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Student Compensations
CEMEX’s Global Research Laboratory in Switzerland will provide the “STUDENT” with the following Compensations:
 Travel expenses: round trip Home or University Location - Brügg, Switzerland(flight + train)
 Lodging in a fully furnished 4 bedroom apartment rented by CEMEX. All related costs (electricity,
water, etc) will also be covered by CEMEX Switzerland
 Administrative costs related to Entry in Switzerland: VISA, work permit
 Food: up to 30CHF per day (max. 150CHF per week and per intern), upon presentation of receipts
 Bus Ticket for transportation between lodging facility provided by CEMEX and the workplace at
CEMEX’s research facility.
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Place, Schedule and Duration of the Professional Experience
 The establishment where "the STUDENT" will develop his professional experience will be the CEMEX
Research Group AG located in Brügg b. Biel
 The address of CEMEX Research Group is:
Römerstrasse 13
2555 Brügg (b. Biel)
Tel. + 41 (32) 366-7800
 The schedule of experience will be from 8:00 hrs to 18:00 hrs from Monday to Friday, which can vary.
 “The STUDENT” will have to fulfill a minimum of 40 weekly hours, with the exception of the holidays
given by “the COMPANY”. The legal Holidays that have been established for the Canton of Berne,
Switzerland for 2015, can be found in the in the following link:
 “The STUDENTS” activities in "the COMPANY" will initiate in June - July and will preferably last for one
year, although shorter internship stays of 6 months will be considered as well.
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