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Student Internship Offer
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Student Job Title: Technology Management Assistant
Role Description
Org Chart:
CRG Production
• Continue to fill the novel technology map by a deep literature
• Creation of a knowledge base and base document
• Close collaboration with another student that will use the
base document to make a compressed presentation
• Support in the creation of templates for the project
management of EU research and development projects
• Presorting of RSS feeds and other external sources
• The role can be slightly adapted on the profile of the
Materials and Novel
Role Challenges:
Requirements :
• Physics / Engineering or Similar Master Student
• Knows / has access to Scientific Search Engines and
• Very good skills in Excel and Visual Basic
• Excellent organization skills
• Good Computer Skills: Microsoft Office and fast learner of
new software
• Likes to have a inside into international R&D project
• Dealing with complex and non familiar scientific contents
• Dealing with persons from all corners of the planet
• Handling of several projects in the same time
Interpersonal skills:
• Team player
• Intercultural awareness
• Good social and personal skills
• Good communication skills
• Good English Skills
• Spanish / German / Frensh or other languages would be
an advantage
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Technology Management Assistant Activities
The production technologies department handles and / or supports all production technology related projects of the company worldwide.
One of its responsibilities is to provide insight into new technologies and to evaluate if these new technologies are relevant for the
company. On the first level this is done simply by identifying and mapping the relevant technologies. On a higher level this is done by
performing R&D projects. To do this the department has specialists dealing with several areas of expertise.
The student will work directly together with the materials and novel technologies advisor of the department. He handles / is involved in all
new technologies projects and overviews all EU funded projects of the company.
The main task of the student will be to continue the work on the novel technology map by a deep literature review. This will enable the
student to get an deep insight in the possible future(s) of the cement sector and enables the to student understand the objectives of
industrial R&D and technology management. Furthermore, the student will create a knowledge base and a base document to organize the
knowledge he gathers and to make it accessible for others. In addition, the student will support the creation of templates for the project
management EU research and development projects, in order to enable a proper handling of such projects.
Since the student work close together with the supervisor the student will be naturally well guided and supported at all times during the
period of stay in CRG. However, there will be as well several opportunities to spend time with other areas within CRG and with external
persons for learning purposes.
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Student Compensations
CEMEX’s Research and Development Laboratory in Switzerland will provide the “STUDENT” with the following
 Travel expenses: round trip México - Brügg, Switzerland(flight + train)
 Lodging in a fully furnished 4 bedroom apartment rented by CEMEX. All related costs (electricity,
water, etc) will also be covered by CEMEX Switzerland
 Administrative costs related to Entry in Switzerland: VISA, work permit
 Food : up to 30CHF per day (max. 150CHF per week and per intern), upon presentation of receipts
 Bus Ticket for transportation between lodging facility provided by CEMEX and the workplace at
CEMEX’s research facility.
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Place, Schedule and Duration of the Professional Experience
 The establishment where "the STUDENT" will develop his professional experience will be the CEMEX
Research Group AG located in Brügg b. Biel
 The address of CEMEX Research Group is:
Römerstrasse 13
2555 Brügg (b. Biel)
Tel. + 41 (32) 366-7800
 The schedule of experience will be from 8:30 hrs to 18:00 hrs from Monday to Friday, which can vary.
 “The STUDENT” will have to fulfill a minimum of 40 weekly hours, with the exception of the holidays
given by “the COMPANY”. The legal Holidays that have been established for the Canton of Berne,
Switzerland for 2015, can be found in the in the following link:
 “The STUDENTS” activities in "the COMPANY" will initiate in June - July and will preferably last for one
year, although shorter internship stays of 6 months will be considered as well.
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