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Whatcom Weavers Guild Newsletter
W eavi ng in W hat com si nce 1971
May Newsletter
Here we are, closing in on the end of our 2013-2014 Guild year, and what a year it has been. Led so creatively by
our President, Sheri Ward, our wonderful Board has made it a very full and innovative year, with programs and
workshops the like of which many of us have not seen before. Congratulations to the outgoing Board for a great
year, and welcome to our new Board.
But still much happening - our first retreat for many years set for May 23-25 - read Jenni Jimmerson’s update on
page 4. The Annual Stash Sale at the May 14 Guild meeting - bring along your items for sale, or cash to buy - it’s
always a riot, and many fine items get taken to new homes. And the Wool Show in August 11-16 - stay tuned.
On a personal note, I would like to thank Maggie Weyers for her great efforts over the years as our Webmistress
(yes, that’s what we called her years ago!). Maggie filled this role when I first joined the Guild in 2004 and is finally stepping down from the job. That’s a long time to volunteer for the Guild, and her efforts have been much
appreciated. Enjoy that wonderful weaving and quilting time in Arizona, Maggie. It’s been great working with you.
And attagirl! to Sheri Ward for stepping into the role. I look forward to working with you.
Our family is in the throes of moving home, so Sheri is taking over sending out a short newsletter next month. I’ll
be back doing my job for the mid-summer newsletter, which will come out late July/early August. Happy summer
to everyone.
Pat Fisher, Guild Newsletter Coordinator. [email protected]
Guild Board 2013-2014
Programs for 2014
President: Sheri Ward / [email protected]
Past President: Karen Perry / [email protected]
Vice President & Programs: Marilyn Olsen / [email protected]
Secretary: JP MacConnell / [email protected]
Treasurer: Cathy Thompson / [email protected]
Workshops: Patricia Knight / [email protected]
Librarian: Megan Kinman / [email protected]
Membership: Toni Wade / [email protected]
Education: Barbara Snow / [email protected], Karen Perry / [email protected]
Hospitality: Donna Hunter / [email protected], Cathy Taggett
[email protected], Crystal Trunkey / [email protected]
Member-at-Large/ANWG Rep: Jenni Jimmerson /[email protected]
Newsletter Publisher: Pat Fisher / [email protected]
Wool Show: Niki Kuklenski
Fibers & Beyond Chair: Kathy Green, [email protected]
Web Site: Sheri Ward / [email protected]
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Meetings held at St James Church (lower level)
910, 14th St., Bellingham.
Second Wednesday of each month, September to June
6.30pm Social time
7.00pm Meeting start time
9.00pm Adjournment
May 14 - Stash Sale
June 11 - Show and Tell from Guild Retreat
July 26 - Dye Day at Cathy Thompson’s Studio
Guild mailing address: PO Box 403,
Bellingham, WA 98227.
Whatcom Weavers Guild
Weaving in Whatcom s ince 1971
President’s Message by Sheri Ward, Guild President
We have some wonderful events coming up soon! The stash sale at the May guild meeting, our guild retreat to the
North Cascades Institute May 23-25, the June meeting where we’ll feature some our projects from the retreat, and
then a July 26 meeting, a dye day at Cathy Thompson’s studio. The July meeting will be our first occasion to enjoy a day-long guild meeting, with hands-on activities. It should be great! Look for details for these events elsewhere in the newsletter.
Looking ahead a bit, we have been awarded the grant from ANWG (the Association of Northwest Weavers
Guilds) for a mini-conference in September 2015. We’ll be holding it at the Jansen Art Center in Lynden, in cooperation with the Peace Arch Weavers and Spinners Guild. Be sure to save the dates: Sept. 9-12, 2015!
At the May guild meeting, we will elect a slate of officers for the guild’s 2014-15 program year. These officers
will serve from June to June, starting at the June board, which is a joint meeting of incoming and outgoing officers. The slate is:
• President: Marilyn Olsen
• Past President: Sheri Ward
• Vice President & Programs: Kathy Hutchinson
• Secretary: JP MacConnell
• Treasurer: Rosalie Nast, with Cathy Thompson as back-up
• Workshops: Patricia Knight
• Librarian: Jane Coombs
• Membership: Marcia Ford
• Education: Barbara Snow & Karen Perry
• Hospitality: Carolyn Oltman
• Member-at-Large/ANWG rep: Jenni Jimmerson
• Newsletter Publisher: Pat Fisher
• Wool Show: Niki Kuklenski
• Fibers & Beyond Chair: Kathy Green
• Web Site: Sheri Ward
We appreciate the folks who have stepped forward and offered to serve on the guild board, as well as current and
out-going board members.
As always, we are open to nominations from the floor. Many thanks to Kathy Sano for her work on the nominating committee.
We have a few corrections to the guild directory distributed in early April, and a corrected version will be sent out
via email in early May. There are still some hard-copy booklet versions of the directory; we are asking for 25
cents each to offset paper and ink costs.
Board meetings are usually the Thursday one week after our general meeting, at noon, at my home. There will not
be a board meeting in May, and the next meeting is on June 19. My home is located at 809 11th St., almost straight
down the hill from St. James Church. Members are always welcome to attend.
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Whatcom Weavers Guild
Weaving in Whatcom s ince 1971
Program for upcoming meetings by Marilyn Olsen
The Guild year continues on with our wrap-up programs before the Summer break.
May: Back also by popular demand is our annual stash sale. For those of you who are new to the guild, the sale
provides an opportunity for members to turn yarn, roving, spinning wheels, books and a wide variety of other
items into cash, which, of course, can then be used to buy a new stash! Our meeting will start, as usual, at 7:00, so
if you have items to display, please bring them to the church by 6:30.
Also, be sure to check out information in this newsletter about the guild retreat to be held May 23-25 at beautiful
North Cascades Institute.
June: Our June program will highlight the ‘show and tell’ items created by our very creative members at the retreat workshops.
July: Cathy Thompson has once again invited us for a dye day at her home studio. Date to be announced later.
Daytime Weavers, by Sondra Rose
Daytime Weavers will meet Wednesday May 28th at the Roeder Home, 10:30 am - 1:30 pm. Bring show and tell,
lunch, something to work on, questions, answers, ideas, etc etc. See you then!
Sondra Rose, 360 676-6078. [email protected]
Calling all committee chairs for Fibers and Beyond. We will have a meeting at 6:15 on the day of the June
weaving meeting. Just come to the church early and we can meet. Not too much to do, just want to touch
bases with everyone and make sure we are on track.
Thanks, Kathy Green [email protected]
Fibers and Beyond News, by Kathy Green
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Whatcom Weavers Guild
Weaving in Whatcom s ince 1971
2014 Annual Retreat
Our retreat for May 23, 24, 25 located on the shores of Diablo Lake at the North Cascades Institute off Hwy 20
is coming together. We now have 17 attendees with their deposits. We do have a couple of extra spaces available. Of course let me know if you plan on a day trip, so we can make sure they have enough food for your
needed meal. Reminder; Day visitors will be able to participate in any of the workshops as long as there is
enough space and or materials, so if planning on coming, please contact that particular workshop leader for
your space. (see below)
***At this time we do need your final payment by May 14, at the Guild meeting or mailed
in to our P. O. Box prior to the meeting.
Our firm cost per night of a Double room $137.00; Triple $117.00; Quad $115.00.
Reminder: this includes 3 meals a day and good food!!!
11am suggested arrival time for attendees
12 Noon Lunch
1-4 pm Robyn’s afternoon workshop
3 pm Move-in
6 pm Dinner and Safety presentation by NCI (National Cascades Institute)
8-9 am Breakfast
9 am to Noon, Robyn’s morning workshop
12 Noon Lunch
1-2:30ish pm NCI naturalist walk with informed Lichen Dyer
3-5 pm, Beads by Jenni (limited to five); Twined Baskets by Cathy Thompson, running concurrently
6 pm Dinner and relaxing
8-9 am Breakfast
9 am to Noon, Dyeing by Toni Wade and Femo buttons by Marilyn Olsen, running concurrently
12 Noon Lunch
2-5 pm, Felted Bowls by Donna Hunter
6 pm Dinner and relaxing
8-9 am Breakfast
Check out by 10 am
Please feel free to contact Jenni Jimmerson with ANY questions
Phone: 360-220-0350 email: [email protected]
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Whatcom Weavers Guild
Weaving in Whatcom s ince 1971
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Whatcom Weavers Guild
Weaving in Whatcom s ince 1971
Whatcom Weavers Guild and Allied Arts of Whatcom County are hosting a series of “Small Looms Clinics”, through June 2014. Members and the public are invited to bring a small loom and weave, or just come
to observe, learn and have fun.
Bring your inkle, rigid-heddle, table loom, portable floor loom, frame loom, card weaving, kumihimo…
This is an opportunity for WWG outreach, as well as a time to weave, and enjoy time with other weavers. Spinners welcome too. Clinics are scheduled for the 4th Saturday of the month, 12-4, through June.
Allied Arts is located downtown at 1418 Cornwall, between Magnolia and Champion, near NW Handspun
Yarn, Dakota Art, plus numerous cafes and coffee shops. Parking is FREE downtown on the weekends.
Allied Arts is open 12-5 on Saturday. They have a variety of yarns for purchase, at their “Arts Thrift
Store.” Yarn donations as well as sales are encouraged.
For more information, contact Carol Berry, [email protected]
Note from Gloria Lebowitz
In light of our conversation at March's Day Weavers, I thought I'd send you the following information.
1) a 2 day workshop about carding/blending/garneting using the blending board, followed by spinning ... at
the Estes Park Wool Market. Here's the link to the event. Click on workshops for details ... http://
Workshops on Thurs/Fri, free open vendors on the next 2 days
2) MAWS Conference is, coincidentally, at the same time ... http://mawsonline.org/Conferences.html Their
schedule of workshops is not yet online.
I don't have the e-mails of all in the group.
I've been to both events before, more often to the Estes Park market. I remember it as a really nice conference
since animal judging goes on during the weekend.
Jansen Art Center - Lynden
Check the website for the Jansen Art Center in Lynden for upcoming weaving, spinning, basketry, felting
and knitting classes - www.jansenartcenter.org. Use this link to find the current catalog of fiber arts
classes - http://our.jansenartcenter.org/artistic-disciplines/fiber-arts.
Some classes are being taught by WWG members Donna Hunter, Jenni Jimmerson and Teresa VanHaalen.
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Whatcom Weavers Guild
Weaving in Whatcom s ince 1971
Macomber Loom For Sale:
Macomber Weaving Loom 8 harness floor loom w/extras, $800 obo.
Contact: Patricia Knight 360-927-4497
or [email protected]
Harrisville Loom for Sale:
Harrisville 8 harness 36” loom with bench and accessories (warping board, sectional warp beam, 3 shuttles,
threading hooks, bobbins).
$850 or best offer.
Diana Stewart. (360) 384 8064
Bench Carder for Sale:
Bench Carder by Fricke Enterprises. This chain driven carder is in
full working order. Perfect for creating bats from your own harvested
or purchased wool or other fibers. Original operating instructions
included. $375.
Contact Gail Harker ([email protected]) or call: (360)
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Whatcom Weavers Guild
Weaving in Whatcom s ince 1971
Barber skirt for sale
Paws Awhile, the “eclectic gift shop” of the Whatcom Humane Society, has a Barber skirt on offer. The donor of the skirt is hoping that someone who appreciates
the provenance of Barber skirts will come in and purchase it for $50. The skirt is
being held in the back of the shop, so you need to ask to see it.
The skirt is in reasonably good shape, but is in need of a few minor repairs – a
seam repair at the waistband and a fix of some snagged weft threads near the waist opening.
Paws Awhile is open 11 am to 5 pm every day, and is located at 1200 10th St, #105, in
Fairhaven, across from the Village Green. All proceeds directly benefit the animals at the
Whatcom Humane Society.
Happy clicking! Interesting websites and links
Blazing Shuttles (Warp source). http://www.blazingshuttles.com
Craftsy (crafts and sewing online classes). www.craftsy.com
Handweaving.net (zillions of drafts!). http://www.handweaving.net/Home.aspx
Syne Mitchell’s WeaveZine. http://weavezine.com/
Complex Weavers. http://www.complex-weavers.org/
Weave Tech. http://groups.yahoo.com/group/WeaveTech/
HGA (Handweavers Guild of America). http://www.weavespindye.org/
Webs (Yarns for weaving and knitting). www.yarn.com
Halcyon Yarns (supplies and yarns). www.halcyonyarn.com
Ravelry (knitting and crochet community). www.ravelry.com
Do you have a favorite you would like to share with your fellow members?
Send it to me—Pat Fisher, Newsletter. Contact: [email protected]
Upcoming Calendar Dates To Remember
May 14
May 23-25
June 11
July 26
August 11-16
October 10/11
May Guild meeting
Guild retreat
June Guild meeting
July Guild meeting (daytime)
Wool Show (at Lynden NW Fair)
Annual Fibers & Beyond Show
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