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Home Relief Drop Teachers Hit Delay;
In^oarcPs Report
Union yeeterdas'
Tops-Pciak^lMjark protestedTeachers,"
t o Purchase Commissioner
Forbes against the-delay i n
puDlishlDf tthe 1835 report at t h e
for Boroi Queens Russell
Teacher* Retirement Board. I n %
.ppeai to women Felt
Urged as Fair In Sales at Auto Show
Relief Bureau
Official Airport O n e D e a l e r Says F e m i n i n e I n f l u e n c e C o u n t s 7 5 Emergency
I>ireclor Reports Assim-
j^ V -
Percent—Colors a n d S l e e k Styling A r e
Bids f o r F a i r S e x
F l a t b i i s h C h a m b e r Calls
on Ingersoil to Ask
for t h e Designation
E JUST wish we could us«
the full eight columns on
this page to tell you about
\ the magnificent new Salon of
; Helena Rubinstein, just, opened at
\ 115 Fifth Ave. in Manhattan.
. Every phase of beauty culture will
v be practiced here, and the staff
• engaged by Mme. Rubinstein i n \ eludes an impressive list of physio| therapists, gymnasts, dieticians,
• c o s m e t i c stylists, artists in the
V creation of coiffures, specialists in
• skin culture and the development
of personality. Can you possibly
picture seven floors devoted to the
beautiflcation of the face and flg!. nre? Well, it beats anything we've
, ever seen. The new salou repre• sents the most advanced and ar• tistic establishment of its kind in
the world, the decorations are exciting: and unique^ many of them
• entirely, new j f the world of
• beauty.{Visit .Helena Rubinstein's
' gorgeo\is\Jiause V£f beauiy" . . .
' you'll than^.me foW^migbiy good
The Rift counsellors at WM.
LANGBE1N it BROS. <atways
well informed
on the needs
for entertaining > personally selected the
Si U G A R A C
a n d
t h e
from the Kensington collection in time for
pieces are beautiful in design and
rhev h a r m o n i c perfectly with silver. Stop in at Langbein's at 161
Willoughby St. to see the Kensington line.
MACHINE . . . portable, sturdy,
and simple to operate. This practical knitting machine costs only
14.95, makes knitted fabrics for
rugs, handbags, belts, unique gift
;novelties, quality worsteds and
filler yarns. Stop in at Abraham
<fc Straus, Gimbel's or Bloomingdale's for demonstration, or write
to Ainslie Knitting Machine Co..
750 Grand St.. Brooklyn, for illustrated Booklet "E."
Re-establish muscle firmness by
scientific method.
No surgery, peeling or appliances.
Free skin analysis. Mile. Reif
at 1 W. 39th St.,
N. Y. C . PEnn.
^ 6-5080. or at 121
^Brooklyn, INgersoll' 2-6122.
WAY at MARIE ASBORN'S studio. By Swedish massage, ring roller (.works
like magic on hips and
thighs' and other scientific devices she gets
rid of p o u n d s and
i n c h e s . No starving
. . no medicines!
Reasonable rates, at
375 76TH ST.. cor 4th Ave. '71th
St.. station B. M. T.). PhODe ATUntie 5-43!i4.
Get out for a 3troll in the cool.
crisp air . . . instead of doing the
washing yourself. Send
the bundle of linen.
shirts, undies and other
household t-hings to the
UNIT SYSTEM, launcterers and cleaners, at
86B DeKalb Ave. It
costs less than washing
at home and they turn'
out everything bright and fresh,
sweet smelling, too. Phone NEvinx 8-6400 for. driver to call.
r' A C K-. Get
rid of it' Have
a chat w i t h
o n e of t h e
S A I. M A N S,
BropkHn'i oldest e i e e l r o i o g I * t s. at ifl
Court S t , or at
5! K. 4id St . New York
phone TRiangle 5-5560 or MUrray
Hill 2-5.110.
must Itnuw the latest
steps to be a popular
dance pannr-i
coing to the W K B E K
STUDIO, 489 WashingIon AVP.
i t , the
. finest school in Biooklvn
and has born alt ended
by wxjal
for a quaiiei of a ceti•
Phone PR aspect
Supei Muous hail? C'OIIMIH Ids
Ktsensteili, Brooklyn's electiolvsl.«
?pcc!ali?t. She ;<-!;.<. mr that hrr
mpihrxi (irai* up stubborn ca,«e.«
petma/tenlly aruf ha.* won the confldenre of hundied* of women.
vShe says no pain i.« felt and no
^Cftrs left to iliar Ihr skin
FSplanade .S -1 R4.S for ::<-p uiai
11>A R I S K N S T K I N I.I
looatod at 2I9.S Ocean Air.
( O i l ) VVAVK ON lt.« w^> n » u
fn: tout
remodelrd i»\
I K K t
i he
well-known !ut
tiaftsman. Koi
%'ib he will refit.
:rpnif and irlitif with nrw
I I II i I) It.
clean j?ia/e and
arid new loops
a n d hut tons.
\dditional fur at IOWO.M rost Mr.
" '
-rnd a hooded me*-r.jf
Phone I Ark <-R78« oi
•iwjif •»• Mrr—— !*•.' I'rfii: It""- 1^1
K V 7th fiooi • op
r>/\M > !>y ;- 0 81 Mdt of M?f> A.
"Something.'! like here? Hmmm ', . . I'm only human/'
If you are discriminating about what you drink
sighs Mr, Average Visitor at the Brooklyn Automobile Show
you will cherish JOE SARTORl'S "private stock." It
is masterfully balanced to produce the perfect whiskey
Citing in glowing terms the ad- which entered it# fourth, day ajt the j 106th Infantry Armory,
and is obtainable in either rye or scotch at JOE'S vantages Floyd B e n n e t t Field holds Bed ford, and ; Atlantic Aves., today.
Yesterday "was Safety 3>ay*—
ST. We visited Joe's wine cellar recently and got the over every other airport i n the m e t at
Chamthrill of a lifetime feasting these bewildered orbs on
the rarest collection of vintages, liqueurs and whiskey ber of Commerce in a letter today Day. And fittingly so, Fbr, o n t h e road j tbftt; you would; .hate
we just wish YOU were with us to see t h e cases to Borough President Ingersoll asked when it comes^t^.tJ^e sale ot for the hontt. -Acei,denU axe fewer,It'betpiled up to t h e ceiling! Perfect temperature control
that he request t h e World's Fair cars i t appears that, t o a large e x - ter hlgb,w*y'»«UM^!^e ob»ejnfed.''
is maintained br an air-conditioning installation. T h e
tent, "it's u p t£- Use ladies."
• , Testa Brake Effktatey '-•
best is none too good at JOE'S, so stop in and do a authorities to designate the BrookOne car deafer" admitted last night
Shown for the first.time in-puhr
lyn field as the official airport for that woman's influence in car selllittle "tasting."
the coming exposition.
i ing is felt to t h e e x t e n t of 75 per- lie a t - t h e safety: booth afithaANew
York Police .Department, i n t h e
BE PROUD OF YOUR COMPLEXION! T o secure the results you
"Floyd Bennett transcends bv far i c* 0 '- C , U B > after reaching t h e stage show,'la * n e w machine known: a s
any airport in a n d near t h e city ot mechanical perfection, are being
are striving for . . . look into the safe, scientific
the recording decelerometer. This
method of GRACE DONOHUE. Her method defiwhich could be used t o accommodate built today with an appeal t o the device, about t h e SIM of a radio batnitely eradicates ACNE, PIMPLES. BLACKthe influx of passengers and mail eye. And it's woman's eye mainly tery, may be attached to t h e runHEADS, BLOTCHES and BLEMISHES . . .
the AVord's Fair" will-bring to New chat it is aimed t o please, he said. ning board of a car to record brake
Helene Carter, artist and secreyou actually step into a new world of beauty. And York." the letter said.
of t h e Society of Illustrators, efficiencey.
do let her correct nose-to-mouth Hues, jowls or a
Less t h a n 40 minutes would be
Visitors are testing their braking
a t the show, saw-the colors
ccepev neck . . . this beauty authority guaranrequired to transport passengers in
speed i n a n emergency a t .the r e tees results or refunds your money. Stop in for a
buses over existing routes a n d over of the 1837 models making a defi- action tester" which the Brooklyn
nite appeal to women. Likewise, the
sfcin and coutour. analysis, absolutely free of
our best highways from t h e airport
Edison Company h a s installed i n the
charge, or for a demonstration of the Grace
to the fair grounds, t b e letter s t a t e d . ' ffwouette, sleek appearance, flowing
Police Department display.
Donohue preparations for home treatments. All
lines and contours.
driver w h o is quickest to step on
service is rendered under the direct supervision of
Display Appeals to Women
Signed by B e n j a m i n j . King, ex- I Women looking over the fine car his brake is n o t always the safest,
Albert C. Thierer. B.S. Call or write GRACE
because h e relies too much o n v h l s
DONOHUE. INC., 640 MADISON A V E , N. Y. ecuUve secretary of t h e chamber, | display at t h e armory do feel an lrbrakes and does n o t take into conPHONE PLAZA 3-6520.
the letter recounts t h e numerous j resistible appeal for t h e offerings sideration the momentum of his car,
times planes have been fog-bound! that run the gamut of color, the police representative in charge
GOING PIJkCBS? Then be sure your coiflure is over Newark only t o find -Floyd B e n - j whether they be of sundown dusk,
a bit more distinctive and lovely when you get there. nett Kield bathed in. s u n s h i n e with i t«"P WQ od brown, midnight blue.
Sign Safety Fledges
DUART permanent waves are "headline news" at the
unlimltad*visibllity. I t \ cites a l s o ! old wine or t h e aristocrat in black,
pledges were signed by visOPPENHEIM COLLINS BEAUTY SALON, so phone the seaplane ramp on the Jamaica I l l ** s*' 0 T
the Police Department's
TRiangle 5-4700 to book an early appointment in ! Bay side of the field which will ac- i
e equally enthusiastic
-time for holiday galas. The Duart method is x h e commodate ocean-going transports ! last night as they looked over the f « f « * * . - W ^ S W S ? ? ; M a n y w c
hoice of Hollywood stars, and with smart New Yorkand other amphibian craft..
| "covered wagons," or trailers, on dls- j l£vlW--l>y Ifcpujy Police Inspector
ers i t s a "MUST." Follow the well groomed woman to | The btw route suggested by the P l V and found them "adorable." « u « h Q. w " ^ * t o . s ! ? , i * 1 c o p i e ?
the Oppenheim Collins Salon . . . the charge is ?10. ! chamber extends from the airport Sven hubby remarked that the I o t t h e N e w Y o r k »Ute Vehicle and
Traffic law a t the boptb.
Your hair will daxzle with beauty.
down Fiatb;jah Ave. to Kings H i g h - ' P r i c e w * s " n o t so bad."
A survey of cars on the-ermory
way. to Eastern Parkway, to t h e I n - 1 u w a s R b u y l n j crowd in- a buy
floor showed that many advances
Taste "PRIDE OF terborough l^arkwav and to the fair in K m o o d o n t h e armory floor,
.Drink more RKNKEN'S Mll.K
have been made by the automotive
NAPLES" tomatoes site in Flusnlng Meadows. .
The spirit of the gathering
during cold weather . . . it's good
industry in the interests of safety-today" .
for you. It provides practically
you'll k n o w why
lad seated at the wheel of a touring from the chassis- down to t h e last
all of the food elements the hu,fine detail of equipment, much
in runnymede green. / .
man bodv needs. Phone MAln
progress has been made,
2-6740 HEgeman 3-6212, HOUis
deBodies Built of Steel
this!" he exclaimed.
5-7650. or Rockville Centre 1400 to
licious brand. "Pride
More bodies than ever are built
Variety of Models Offered
place your order at the M. H.
Dr. J. C. Hodge of the Babcock <k
of Naples" tomatoes
entirely of steel a n d the steel roof,
RENKBN plant. \
Style leaders, richly appointed
are luscious, rich in I Wilcox Co., manufacturers of boilthough n o t y e t universal, i s e m »
flavor, the cream of
ers, was the principal speaker at the models, cars that may be chauffeur ployed quite extensively, RemarkOh. madam! Are you nervous
the crop! ,
second of a series of ten lecture* on or owner driven, cars t h a t are built' ably strong though moderately light
and overweight?
Let Christine
i the fundamentals of welding spon- for dependability, safety, roominess in Weight; the steel frame affords
Midskaug help you to
sored by t h e New "York Chapter of and comfort are everywhere to be j better protection In case of accident,
get rid of two to
four pounds daily by
the American Welding Society and found among the some 300 cars and the survey revealed.
chassis on display.
The designers of the new models
workouts and masBrooklyn Polytechnic Institute, held
Ralph De Palma, the Brooklynlte have taken definite steps to insure
sages at the Swedish
at Poly T e c h last night. J. C. Scott, who burned up t h e track in early against accidents with the use of
Massage Institute at
chairman of the education commit racing days, in giving his views on wider and higher windshields, af427 Platbush Ave. Extee of t h e chapter, presided and I safety yesterday, said, "My slogan fording better vision. Drivers' seats
tension. Phone NEvmore than 350 attended
is courtesy first. Have t h e same that m a y be adjusted to ease each '
ins 8-2344 for appointment.
letter t o Commissioner. Forbes, B r ling Tholfsen, chairman of t h e
union's pension committee, pointed
out tbat such report* were alwaya
released heretofore i n September
nlulion Into Industries. and said that teachers were "vitally
concerned In the material contained
Reduction of the home relief ca*e in the report."
load in Brooklyn ^tnd Queens
through placement i d private i n dustry reached a 1&-J6" peak lsust
month, Miss Charlotte K. Oarr, executive director of t h e Emergency
The annual freshman-sophomore
Relief Bureau, announced today.
dance of St. John's College will be
More than 4,100 otheiJ home relief
held tonight, in DeOray Hall, Lewis
cases' were also removed from the
and Willoughby Aves, T h e event
c i t y list- during the moqth. Of this marks t h e close of the ^basing" p e group 1,867 were transf ef-jted t o WPA, riod for the members of the freshli[W were removed because of i n - man class. George McMahon of t h e
surance adjustments, 17^ were able class of 1939 is chairman of t h »
t o drop relief because of pensions, dance committee.
and t h e remainder either left the
city or their cases were \ taken over
by private agencies-or relatives.
During October t h e bureau gave
home relief to. 69,656 Brooklyn and
Queens cases representing 230,643
men, women and children i n the
two <boroughs. Of this total >,493
cases were i n Queens.
— i
St. John^ College
To Conduct Dance
Individual operator Into the most efficient driving position; defrosters
which work from t h e car heater and
keep frost from forming on tbe
windshield in sleety weather; wider
front seats, so t h a t the driver is not
cramped if three must be accommodated and vastly improved brakes
are other improvements, the survey
" ;
~ -
" ^
W . * ^
'6 95 UP
Ti»« Mark fit* thoft* to conlorta
oxactly with th« sliapo of the
loot . . . distributtag t o d y
w*ight lo gira ubsolut* comfort.
8 Delancey St.. N. Y.
-- Ss
A New Personal Credit Service
now available to salaried men and women, buslnea*
and professional men, partners and corporation!
Welding Expert
lectures at Polv
Loans $50 to $2,500
Monthly payments up to 15 month*
No deduction of interest • No charge for insurance
L*<*rvj may b< arranted at any effic* of tht
B A N K of the M A N H A T T A N COMPANY
l f M
Xl«»tl*r federal Deposit Jjuvrena* CWj>0f«rim
COFFEE on Thanksgiving Day
... . .
f a m i l y arid
love its de* H I I !**>
licious goodness and mellow f l a v o r .
E h 1 e r s Is a
m a tc h1 ess
blend of coffee
r o a s t e d to
perfection by an exclusive method,
making more cups per pound.
Save the coupons to get six-cup
porcelain J1.25 Drip-O-Lator for
only four coupons and 60 cents.
LOSE W E I G H T and Jnche?
without diet or drugs at SKULDS.
Brooklyn's swanky body
beautiful salon. Two-four
treatment, *2.50. Electric
cabinet, blankets, lamp
baking, facial, exercises,
b o d y massage.. Concession on a course. Enroll
now. SKULDS. 44 BUTLER PLACE tcor. Sterling
Place between Vanderbilt
and U n d e r h l l l Aves.",
Phone STerling 3-9450.
Take heed if you're clever, of fhe
distinctive service at DOUBEK'S
beautiful sal o n » l 660
Flatbush Ave.
Phone INgetsoll 2-5808 to
book a perman e n t waving
a p p o I n iment .
. a
w e l l I lained
operator will design a coiffure,
more lovely, becoming and lasting.
Then consult this master hairdresser about a becoming new
a retouch or finger wave.
Get r o n r i e l f a
smart looking warm
coal at. the AI.BKE
STUDIO for as Utile as $15 . . fur
coal* start at $35.
Most ar« m o d e l s
used for posing and
come in all sizes
Run into Suite 407
at 1 DeKalb Ave.
• Aloee
t.uilding^ MIV dav up to 9 .p.m.
Select » frw ridinx
logs at the TRIANGLE
I8'i Flatbush Ave.
Black and blown
boots In all wanted
.«l7.e.« ate as low as
I.V9.V W h i p cord
b ; r e i, ti e s ran^e
from tl 89 to M.86
and wniiple riding coats aie as
lo» *<H9h
Luxurious Interiors
F e a t u r e New Buieks
Luxurious interiors chat ac.tei tze
ihf 193'i Buichs wit. martceri «o
»ances in trim, moldings and fillings
Window and door moldings
HIP locked In place bv Invisible
clamps, fliniiiiating Hie usual pir.ence of .icrew heads. All trim is o(
fisvi Active walnut finish in hannonv
»iiti :ne costly upholstering ano
altiaclivt mteiiot hardware.
\ new instrument panel of atnactive design is edge lighted, with
the iiiMiiimeni cluster plated ai i l u
iefl in front of the driver and -r,
r\c< \nc. clock mounted in ihe n(y>;
of t.he glove compartment at
In additiot. grille and panel
aie -provided in Hie ceilid <"•'
Ht.-tninieni hoard foi >hr mo
. o f loud .-.prater1! and ladio».
• •V-
W h e n y o u c o m p a r e cars, compare not
o n l y p r i c e s , b u t what you fet for what ,vo«
pay. A s k t h e q u e s t i o n * b e l o ^ r , a b o u t a n y
car y o u are considering.' T h e a n s w e r *
w i l l g i v e y o u t h e itnixtrtant
fact? a b o u t
the n e w 1 9 3 7 a u t o m o b i l e s .
Ask this
a bout
Does the ear you are looking at "almost
dn»e itself"? • Can it offer yon the latest
and greatest 1937 driving advancement,
»hjch enables you to shift gears . . . at any
apeed you desire . . . without ever pulling a
jear lever or poshing a dutch pedal? • Can
you drive it all day without ever taking
either bajvd from the steering wheel? • Has
it a lover center of gravity? A solid, onePK'ce front axle, and long leaf front springs,
wholly free from steering and braking strains?
Wvdwn clone ton o n m e r "YES" to efl rfe**e
A s k this
la its style tompietMy >»*« . . . with longer,
lower, more graceful lines? • Is rt ww.frU style.
»ith no sacrifice of roominess and comfort?
• Have wheelhaaes been increased to 122
*nd 129 inches? • Are bodies wider . . . front
arata a full 56 toeoes wide? • Is there more
We*d rocnn, shoulder room, k-fc room? • la
tbe rear floor leeeJ (no hump}? • Can vrw
have a front floor eieor of brake and g*»«r
VeretW? • D« fabric*, tailorinj: and e^nioment eompare farrorably vith the costliost
"hixnry" rara?
Hwd»en o k n * can untwr "TtT" to all n%**«
tcfl» y o u ho-w far t h e s e n e w
all n e e d f o r u s i n g t h e g e a r s h i f t l e v e r o r
Theft visit t h e ' n e a r e s t H u d s o n a n d Ter-
1937 H u d a o n « h a v e s t e p p e d a h e a d of all
c l u t c h p e d a l , y e t l e a v e s y o u f r e e to s h i f t
raplanc s h o w r o o m , and drive a duplicate
t h e r e s t i n t h e t h i n g s that c a n b e .teen a n d
g e a r s any time
of the r e c o r d - m a k i n g H u d s o n , t h e t w e n t
you pleaae.
Doea it merely claim performance and en*nrajvco, or haa it pror+d them in the m<»t
ptmirthing »<<x>k car "torture \**XJ of all rime
. . . covering 2fM miles in ?.< honra at 8T.fi7
mitoa per hour? • XI new official recorda
made by 1937 ear* ! • Has it prortd g*.<>oline
economy of 20.02 mile* per gallon, at th#
everyday apeed of 30 miles an boor . .
uwtead of offering only aomeone'a ert^avarrant e«timHt*? • Are all the*« teats oflicytlly
t+riifitH by the American Automobile A»aociatioti ?
Hwdton «rtoo« cam entwef "Yl$" to •*! to<»*«
bodies, on wheelbaae*
1937 o a r s c a o g i v e . T h e q u e s t i o n * at t h e
to 122
a n d 129 i n c h e s . Y o u find interior.* e q u a l l y
left b r i n g o u t s o m e
md roominess
that a c t s * n e w r e c o r d e v e n for H u d s o n .
f o r m a n c e , e n d u r a n c e a n d e c o n o m y faott.
Y o u c a n r e l a x in a 5S~i*ch
S e e t b e s e n e w H u d s o n S i x e s nmi R i g h t s
far a h e a d in l u x u r y
front seat, with
m o r e h e a d r o o m , m o r e leg room,
N«w Selective Automatic
t i l l h*tt»ri
n i l 0 » » » r Ulafil A»«.
**t a»th s».
AMITTvtt 1 r -rm»ti M*ur a»u.
SAT SRORR—Vl«t*f t. Ca«». »»«.
r«sT HAMrroK--r»«t*t T « . I «
r«SMTvnnAi.t—K»«t Atl* k<*ta>«. U>.
1<* M«rrt/A V n x l
»A< W. V»l»< .*«.
Of«t»T>.r»»4 l . i f i i
C»«AH« S<
n o S A I . f « » S - -T»»>»r * T » » t » S , I n t .
i i i s a n s f . -f,.«M. A n**»\. in*.
Thomas M. Tryniski
309 South 4th Street
Fulton New York 13069
r » r r l m l « « at.
and economy
Untitled Document
1 O.NO I ' l ' ' "
•Wet «>-»g»><U wfHt^vl *»•»* W * * * l - M >
tbe A u t o
feature . . . H n d n o n ' s S e t o c t i v e Anton-mtic
« c t r a ) . It
a r e the
ing test e v e r g i v e n a s t o c k c a r .
f*ow*f incr«x»*d to 101, 107 m4 1M tm**ih henw«
se«»M • DovbU C«rVw»*k»n to 5fao* tn w*ll m El^nts
• Bodto* 6tocW« wkto/ * Lo«*»««' contor of groYfty • N«*f
f>ovbto-Drop "S-X" frowa « B«d5*« oil of ito*{ *n'\
*+om\*n »(«*( foofa j * Dwo-Av^osqotk Hydeowlto
frak* • Rodiol Sototy Cexrfrol • Hydroaftc Hfft-HoW
(o^ op*(o»ol «Ytra) k*-*p-« r°«f cor Ir&m rolling bocV
wl»«i »*opp-cJ &n sp-jpoxto*.
c a r t i n all h i s t o r y w i t h p e r f o r m a n c e , e n -
A n d y o u d i s c o v e r a w h o l l y nevr d r i v i n g
(an optional
of t h e s e vital
It H e v e r H a p p e n e d B©for®
a i . r f . 1 4 M . l . r »at*»
h e s e e n , H u d s o n g i v e s y o u Proof n o o t h e r
r » u « « A«t« 1t-f«»i»»»a
2104 m i l e s in 2 4 , h o u r s in t h e m o s t p u n i s h -
a rceointfced style loader. lx>wer, w i d e r
Raas*4 M-«-r«
W h e n it o o m e s t o t h e t h i n g s that
Y o u t e e b e a u t y »till f u r t h e r r e f i n e d , in
Aftk this
y o u p l e a s e , at any
by the A m e r i c a n
irtnxT *»Y H U D SOiNi
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