Actifio Sky-A™

Actifio Sky-A
Actifio Virtual Data Pipeline™ for Business Agility
At A Glance
Actifio helps organizations accelerate their ability to deliver a platform
on which to deliver new applications rapidly while greatly reducing
infrastructure costs. Actifio Virtual Data Pipeline™ delivers instant
virtual copies of applications, databases, operating systems, and/or
virtual machines on demand. The result is a single, radically simple
solution—efficiently virtualizing images of production data for all of
your copy data needs all from a single platform, with a single tool.
Instantly provision virtual copies of data and drastically reduce
application development time
Accelerate time-to-market for new features and applications
Respond faster to the changing demands of the business
Actifio Sky-A is simply the fastest and easiest way to accelerate
application development by provisioning application data instantly for
application development and testing (dev/test) environments. This
virtual appliance is an on-premise solution to host a single golden
image of your production data and allow you to instantly allocate
hundreds of virtual images with the click of a button.
Control data access to distributed teams with centralized
access management
Integrate data masking software to obfuscate
sensitive data
Reduce storage costs by providing independent virtual images
without creating physical copies
Drastically reduce operating costs by automating
dev/test infrastructure
Business Agility with Actifio Sky-A
Instant self-service provisioning of virtual copies of application data
Centralized administration of access control
Workflows automate data masking
Incremental forever data capture
Wide platform support including physical and virtual environments
Provision additional virtual copies with minimal storage impact
Automated data refresh on demand or scheduled
Manage application data up to 30 TB
Key Benefits
Instantly provision virtual copies of data and drastically reduce
application development time
Accelerate time-to-market for new features and applications
Respond faster to the changing demands of the busines
Key Features & Capabilities
Instant copies for immediate use—instantly mount a virtual image
of a database or entire application on-demand.
Reduce physical copies—reduce all of your local database copies
including analytics, testing, development, and others to one golden
image. Mount virtual images instantly to many hosts simultaneously,
at any available point-in-time, saving storage costs and reducing the
wait times.
Refresh images—Provide fresh copies of data to developers
automatically. Images can automatically be updated and re-mounted
to all of your developers on a regular schedule or on-demand.
Native database tools—Actifio integrates directly with the
application to capture, on an application consistent basis, only
changes using the most efficient methods such as RMAN for
Oracle and VSS integration and changed block tracking tools with
Microsoft SQL Server.
Data Masking integration—Working closely with major data
masking partners, Actifio has integrated data masking into the
LiveClone and workflow features. This allows data to be de-identified
simply and easily, increasing security while providing storage
efficient copy data for development and testing.
Incremental forever data capture—Actifio Sky-A ingests data using
an incremental forever approach, even for large multi-TB SQL Server
and Oracle databases. This ensures lowest impact on production
applications and production storage.
A Better Way: Business Agility Cloud
golden copy of production
Environment Support
Support and Professional Services
Actifio Sky-A can capture and provide virtual images for application data
size of up to 30 TB and supports the following environments.
Actifio offers the following services for Sky-A:
Physical servers with Windows and Linux OS
VMs on VMware platform
VMs on Microsoft Hyper-v (non CSV)
Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle databases
Oracle database and business applications
Active Directory, Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft
SharePoint applications
Custom multi-tier apps built around Microsoft SQL Server
and Oracle databases
Sky-A download, installation and implementation
Design review and validation, project management, knowledge
transfer, operational readiness (alerting, monitoring, daily
administration, capacity management), and system integration
Add-on services - There are many optional, additional service offerings.
Please consult your Actifio representative for additional information.
Variable maintenance options are available ranging from next day to
same day premium service. Consult your Actifio Sales Representative
to determine the option that best matches your requirements.
On Premise System Requirements
About Actifio
Actifio Sky-A, VDP for business resiliency, is delivered and easily
installed on-premise as a virtual appliance in your existing VMware or
Microsoft Hyper-V environment. Local installation requires the following
VM capabilities for each Sky-A instance:
Actifio pioneered the industry’s first virtual storage system optimized for
managing copies of production data, eliminating redundant silos of IT
infrastructure and data management applications.
Up to 30 TB of protected data capacity
32 GB memory, 6 vCPU
Try & Buy
Actifio Sky-A is available from Actifio or through an Actifio
authorized reseller and can be acquired as a capital purchase
or on a subscription basis.
Provide your contact information here to be contacted
by a sales representative:
For additional information, visit Actifio at or contact
Actifio at [email protected] or 877.282.5373
Actifio One, Actifio Sky, and Actifio CDS platforms are based on patented
Virtual Data Pipeline technology (VDP), delivering dramatically enhanced
business availability by eliminating backup and restore windows and the
creation of virtual point in time copies of data-on-demand, for use by
any business application, integrating data deduplication, network and
processor utilization optimization. Actifio provides the most efficient way
to manage data growth while solving your biggest IT challenges around
information protection and availability.
For additional information, visit Actifio at or
contact Actifio at [email protected] or 877.282.5373
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