Director of Operations

Director of Operations
First Access, Inc. is a New York based data analytics company that sells an instant risk
assessment tool to financial institutions worldwide. First Access is hiring a Director of Operations
to lead its operations team. The right individual will be part of a world-class team that is
passionate, driven, collaborative and energetic. The Director of Operations is responsible for the
coordination and logistical management of First Access, primarily in the realm of operations,
finance, legal, and human resources. In addition, the Director of Operations will contribute to
critical strategic and financial planning for First Access. The Director of Operations must
identify, plan and implement strategic objectives for First Access and will report directly to the
Chief Executive Officer.
Manage the operations and development of First Access
Supervise and manage the duties of a part-time Operations Assistant who provides
administrative and logistical support
Conduct regular strategic planning sessions with the CEO and help implement decisions
Liaise directly with the Board of Directors and other investors to provide them with
monthly and quarterly reports
Communicate effectively and constantly with the entire team, including international
staff in different time zones to ensure seamless operations
Ensure compliance with all regulatory and legal requirements in the United States and
countries of field operations
Manage First Access human resources, including compliance, recruitment, performance
reviews, contract negotiations, and establishing effective systems and processes as
Help manage financial planning aspects of First Access, including maintaining Excel
spreadsheets and utilizing cloud-based tools like QuickBooks to track costs on an asneeded basis
Work closely with CFO, financial advisors, bookkeepers, and accountants to ensure all
financials are in order, including timely payments on bills and taxes
Delegate responsibility to appropriate staff members to ensure that day-to-day functions
are carried out for a growing and dynamic business
Personally contact the CEO as needed before problems arise and escalate
Provide guidance, training, direction and expertise to any employees and encourage the
professional growth of the staff
Master’s Degree from accredited university in Economics, Business, Finance, Management,
International Affairs or a related field. Bachelor’s Degree from accredited university in similar
fields. Experience
A minimum of four (4) years of successful experience in developing, implementing and
managing programs in the private sector and/or with start-ups; tremendous organizational skills
and attention to detail; experience in operations, accounting, business development and office
management; strong knowledge of entrepreneurship, human resources, finance and banking,
accounting, legal regulations and economics. Understanding of micro and SME financing and
development, microfinance, mobile technology, and experience in developing countries are a
significant advantage. Requirements
Passion, motivation, and a genuine interest in First Access, its mission, objectives,
methodology and product
Highly personable and charismatic, able to interact with various partners at any given
time; able to construct and maintain strong working relationships and navigate situations
to negotiate successful solutions
High proficiency in the microfinance and mobile technologies industries; knowledge of
key players, companies, and individuals is preferred
Strong leadership, management and organizational skills, as well as understanding of
multi-disciplinary approaches to managing situations
An ability to integrate and harmonize diversified functions, including the administrative
functions as needed
Effective consultative skills as well as executive and managerial skills
Understanding, influencing and working well with others are important attributes
The ability to select, develop and motivate people and create a positive work environment
The ability to resolve problems quickly and effectively, and determining appropriate
courses of action using sound judgment for the company
Must display a high degree of emotional maturity while keeping difficult situations in
proper perspective. Must be flexible and have well-developed interpersonal skills.
Must excel in personal interactions with clients, partners, and employees at all levels
Must have strong finance, accounting, economics, legalese, and management skills
Must have speaking, writing and reading fluency in English
Must be a citizen or permanent resident of the United States Salary and Benefits Package
The Director of Operations will be paid a competitive salary for a growing startup. Benefits will
Health, dental and vision insurance
401K plan
Transportation reimbursement
Unlimited paid vacation time
An influential position in the company, and an opportunity to shape the role, future team,
and the direction of the company
About First Access
First Access is pioneering the first instant risk scores and data marketplace for emerging
economies, enabling the next 2.5B people to build financial identities using their mobile phone
Our award-winning credit scoring platform turns prepaid mobile records into personal financial
profiles for people who have never had a bank account. A private, for-profit social business
founded in 2011 in New York City, the company's mission is to reduce the cost of lending and
borrowing in informal markets around the world.
The First Access software platform is accessible to retail financial institutions in the developing
world and allows loan officers, credit committees and other employees to request and retrieve
instant loan recommendations from any phone, any time, anywhere. First Access risk models
have the highest reported accuracy of any in the developing world, and have been validated for
business, housing, agriculture and distributed energy loans in collaboration with institutions
serving over 30 million people. Our NYC headquarters are located at the Center for Social
Innovation in Chelsea, and African operations are located at the Commission for Science and
Technology in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.
To Apply
To apply for this position, please email your resume/CV and a thoughtful cover letter to
[email protected]. Interviews will begin on a rolling basis.