Technical Newsletter General News September 2011

Technical Newsletter
September 2011 Issue 77
General News
Defra Statistics
In actual fact, against the figures for the previous
year’s annual statistics, the totally area of fully
converted organic land has risen by that 7.8% we
August saw the publication of the latest annual
statistics for UK organic food and farming which,
as ever, made for interesting reading.
The headline figures show declines in many areas
of the sector, with organic cattle and sheep
numbers demonstrating the only rise. But at
OF&G we had some serious issues with the new
stats, which we raised publicly (including on BBC
Radio 4) and with the Defra statisticians directly.
To us, the distinction is important. A marked
decrease sends the wrong message to farmers,
food processors and consumers alike, when the
reality is a solid rise in the number of actively
producing hectares! That’s not to say that the
figure won’t decline in future as less new land is
converted or as some farmers take land out of
Our initial, and main, concern was the delay in the
industry receiving the figures. They are based on
data that is supposed to be supplied to Defra by
all control bodies showing a snapshot of the
details of their licensees as at 31 December each
year. We consider the fact that the compiled
statistics are only made available publicly in the
following August to be unacceptable, putting a
huge barrier in the way of timely and effective
business planning for both farmers and food
processors, who need to see how demand is
moving on a far more regular basis.
We feel strongly that as an industry we should be
accentuating the positives, not repeating
inaccurate negatives!
OF&G has its teeth into the need for timely and
regular statistical updates in future and we will
keep you informed on progress. You can read our
original news release on this issue on our website,
by following this short link:
The good news is that the statisticians responsible
have taken our comments on board and assured
us they are looking actively at how they can
improve the situation, though they say there is a
lot of work to be done to reach that point. They
also took the time to praise the quality and
timeliness of OF&Gs’ data submissions.
Key Organic Event boasts heavyweight line-up
Wanted – Organic Farmers to host apprentices
Newsletter via email
Technical News
But timing was not our only issue with the stats;
we also believe the way the total organic land
area has been calculated is misleading. This only
became apparent to us on closer examination of
the breakdowns of the data. Crucially, we believe
the figure for total organic land area should show
an increase of 7.8% rather than the reported
decrease of 3%. Why? Because in arriving at the
figure showing a decline, the number-crunchers
added fully organic land to in-conversion land. A
current drop in in-conversion land drags the figure
Grain prices
OF&G/EU logo labels
Changing the procedure for returning RD9 – the
Inspection Summary Report
Update on organic feed regulations
Non-organic pullets
Control body/Authority codes for Canada
Natural & Organic Products Europe 2012
Licensees in the News, OF&G in the News,
Classifieds and separate Evaluation Scheme
Organic Farmers & Growers Ltd
The Old Estate Yard, Shrewsbury Rd, Albrighton, Shrewsbury, Shropshire SY4 3AG
Tel: 01939 291800 Fax: 01939 291250 Email: [email protected]
Page 1
Key Organic event boasts
heavyweight line-up
Building supply chain partnerships will be at the heart
of the discussion at our now annual processor and
retailer-focused event, taking place next month.
An impressive array of industry leaders have been
lined-up for the third Selling Organic conference, to be
held in Oxford on October 13.
The conference will see presentations from the likes
of Planet Organic founder, Renee Elliot, Arthur Potts
Dawson, founder of The People's Supermarket, Nick
Barnard, Managing Director of Rude Health, and
many more. The OF&G-backed event is run in
partnership with Organic Conferences Ltd.
Another first for this year's event will be presentations
on the benefits social media and mobile computing
can bring to forward-looking businesses. Delegates
will see the technology in action in the form of local
service, and gain deep insight from
leading social technologist, Christian Payne.
Other topics to be closely examined during the course
of the day will include farmer/consumer partnerships
and market intelligence, an update on the Organic UK
campaign and analysis of British grocery shopper
sentiment. The day will culminate with 'Organic
Question Time' giving delegates an opportunity to put
their questions to a panel of experts.
Places at Selling Organic: Building Partnerships are
limited by space, so anyone wishing to exhibit or
attend as a delegate should book as soon as possible
to avoid disappointment.
More information and booking forms are available
from the Selling Organic website:
The event is made possible with support from its key
sponsors: Moy Park, SAI Global, Doves Farm, Graig
Producers and Organic Places to Stay. The full
programme for the day can be seen at this page on
the Selling Organic website:
Wanted – Organic Farmers to host
To find out more visit the Organic Apprenticeship
pages at or contact Rachel
Harries at Soil Association on 0117 987 4601 or
[email protected]
Newsletter via email
In a drive to reduce costs and paper use we would
like to send this newsletter out via email if possible. If
you would like to receive an e-version instead of this
paper copy, please send an email to:
[email protected]. Thank you.
Technical News
Grain prices: courtesy of Simon Tubbs
Norton Organic: 01787 210899
Quality and yields have generally surpassed
expectations, but we are aware that harvest is by no
means complete throughout the UK. Markets have yet
to settle, but as usual, it is difficult to sell grain for
quick collection.
Feed wheat prices have been stable at circa £230 ex,
with barley trading at a £12 discount. Milling wheat
samples are averaging at around 11% protein, with
excellent specific weights and hagbergs. Premiums
are not yet established, but 11.5 protein has traded
spot at £278, but we are uncertain that this level is
sustainable since millers can turn to higher protein
imports as an alternative. Milling Oat prices have lifted
sharply from harvest to the mid £250s spot with good
carries possible further forward. These are at much
better levels than seen last season, and we feel that
autumn positions will soon be traded out. Early Beans
are valued at £265 spot and there looks to be good
demand up to December.
We feel current feed values may drift given the threat
of further recession and reports of reducing sales in
the UK retail market. Buyers remain very nervous and
therefore we would recommend some sales at these
levels if individual growers have not yet sold a
percentage of their produce.
OF&G / EU logo labels
Do you struggle to find committed, enthusiastic and
passionate staff, with experience of working on
organic farms? An apprentice could be the answer.
The Organic Apprenticeship Scheme is looking for
new farms to work with and inspire the next
generation of farmers and growers. With funding to
run agricultural modules we now have more
opportunities for livestock, dairy, poultry, pig and
arable farms. If you don’t need a full-time employee,
why not think about taking one on with a neighbouring
Page 2
Rolls of sticky labels are now available from OF&G for
UK Agriculture produce, priced at £3 per roll of 1000.
P&P is £2 for up to 7 rolls.
They measure 32mm x 22mm
and are freezer proof.
Please contact the office to
place orders.
Changing the procedure for returning
RD9 ‘Inspection Summary Report’
As part of our on-going drive to be ‘more green’ and
cut down on the amount of paperwork we have stored
in the office, we are in the process of moving to a
more paperless system. As part of this, when the
inspection process is complete and the certificate
issued, the inspection reports are being scanned into
electronic data storage. It has become apparent that
the yellow inspection Summary Report (RD9) that is
returned to the office with the inspection paperwork
does not scan particularly well due to its colour which
makes it extremely difficult to read once scanned.
In order to remedy this we are changing the
procedure for leaving copies of the RD9 with you, the
licensee. At present the top copy (white) and pink
copy are left with the licensee, the yellow copy is
forwarded to OF&G along with the inspection report
and the green copy is retained by the inspector.
From now on the inspector will do the following:
Top copy (white) – Return to OF&G with the
inspection report
Pink copy – Leave with licensee
proposes to introduce a requirement for 50% of the
feed to be produced in the region. It is unlikely that
the commission will finalise the new requirements
before November. However, as soon as we have
confirmation we will inform all licensees.
Non-Organic Pullets
In the last few Technical Newsletters we have been
keeping people updated on the situation with regard
to organic pullets and the ending of the derogation
allowing part organic pullets to be purchased prior to
1 January 2012.
This issue has been discussed by the EU
Commission’s Standing Committee on Organic
Farming but it has, as yet, not made any decisions on
the course of action to be taken. The Committee
does, however, acknowledge that with no national
rules for the production of organic pullets it will be
extremely difficult to enforce any regulation requiring
them and a form of extension to the deadline will be
Defra has confirmed that any operator wishing to
source ‘part organic’ pullets for introduction after 31
December 2011 can do without issue, provided that
the normal derogation procedures are followed. As
soon as this issue is resolved by the European
Commission and details of the new requirements
have been finalised, we will inform all licensees.
Yellow copy – Leave with licensee
Green copy – Retained by the inspector
Please note that the instructions on the RD9 will be
changed as soon as a new print run is needed.
If, in the mean time, you would like to discuss this
further, please contact your certification officer
Update on organic feed regulations
Control Body / Authority code
numbers for Canada
At the end of December 2011 a number of changes to
the feed regulations are due to take place that will
affect both pigs/poultry and ruminants.
Currently 50% of the feed for ruminants must come
from the own holding or be produced in co-operation
with units in the same region. On 1 January 2012 the
amount of feed from the holding or region for
ruminants will be increased to 80%.
Pig and poultry diets can currently contain a
maximum of 5% approved non-organic ingredients.
On 31 December 2011 this allowance is due to expire
and all feed ingredients should be 100% organically
However, due to issues with the
availability of organic ingredients (primarily proteins),
discussions have been on-going at a European level
as to whether 100% organic is achievable at this time.
It is expected that a revised derogation will be allowed
for a transitional period beyond the end date of 31
December 2011. The Commission is also looking at
whether to restrict any non-organic allowance to
protein crops and specific groups of animals (young
birds/pigs) only. At the same time the Commission
Page 3
EU Member States attribute a code number to each
organic control body and authority they have
approved to operate on their territory. You should find
this code number on every organic label.
example the organic control body code for OF&G is
GB-ORG-02. The code number is a sign that the
product you are buying has been inspected by the
control body or authority, which guarantees it was
produced or processed in accordance with the
organic Regulation. The European Commission is in
charge of allocation of code numbers to control
bodies and authorities performing inspections outside
the EU.
As highlighted in the OF&G July newsletter, Canada
is now an equivalent third country.
At the time of publishing the list of code numbers for
equivalent third countries had not been updated to
include the code numbers for Canada. This is now
available from this link
Please contact our office if you would like us to
provide you with a hard copy of this information.
line-up. The piece was published on 6 August and
you can find out more and browse the entire list here
Natural & Organic Products Europe –
OF&G invite you to join us at this excellent
Well done to both!
OF&G is once again organising a significant presence
at Natural & Organic Products Europe 2012 and
would like to offer licensees the chance to be involved
by joining us at this excellent event.
Our relationship with the event organisers means that
we are able to provide a number of options for
licensees to be represented and at a markedly lower
cost than standard exhibitor arrangements.
Natural & Organic Products Europe is one of the
premier events of the year for the sector and one we
have been delighted to support. It’s an excellent
opportunity to find buyers and suppliers, check out
your competition and feel the pulse of the organic
sector, with many thousands of visitors expected over
the two days.
A number of companies have joined us on our large
stand in recent years and the two-day show has been
a great success for them, with one reporting that they
generated 50 new sales leads at the event.
N&OPE 2012 will take place on 1 and 2 April, at
Olympia, London. If you would like to find out more
about the opportunities available to attend with
OF&G, please contact our Research and
Development Officer, Steven Jacobs, by email at
[email protected].
Places available on the stand are limited.
More details about the event are available on the
official website:
Licensees in the News
Winning ways at The Green Grocery
Congratulations are due to licensee, The Green
Grocery, for scooping a handful of accolades at this
year’s ‘The Green Parent Natural Beauty Awards’.
The hard work of the woman behind the brand, Skye
Connelly, was recognised with a win for its Kismet
Scrub, highly commended status for both its Honey
Lip Balm and Pregnancy Body Oil, plus taking the
Editor’s Choice title for its Love Letter Body Balm.
The Green Grocery has made a huge impact on the
organic cosmetic and body care sector, with a focus
on a product range that is not only organic and vegan
approved but environmentally sensitive in every way
Awards flow for Hunting Hall Farm
It’s probably the first time we’ve had cause to flag-up
an applicant farm, before it reaches the licensee
stage, but the work of Karen and Tom Burn, at
Hunting Hall Farm, near Berwick-upon-Tweed, has
earned the accolade.
The farm, currently in the latter stages of the
application process, has won two awards for its
contribution to the Northumberland Coast Area of
Outstanding Natural Beauty. Karen and Tom took the
Farming and Land Management Title, along with the
winner’s spot for Sustainable Tourism, with the judges
commenting that they were ‘individuals committed to
farming and managing the land in an innovative,
sustainable and wildlife friendly way’. The cottages
available to rent by tourists on the farm have
environmental sustainability built-in to every aspect
and were highly praised in the award citation. You
can read all the details here
In fact, even as this piece was being written we
became aware that the farm has also just won a
Britain in Bloom regional award for its Lowick
Community Orchard!
Our congratulations on all of these successes and we
look forward to welcoming Hunting Hall Farm as a full
First digestate licensee hits the airwaves
BBC Radio 4’s Farming Today programme paid a visit
to the first anaerobic digestion plant in the UK to be
accredited to the Biofertiliser Certification Scheme for
a guided tour of the facility.
Reporter, Sarah Swaddling, was shown around the
Andigestion Ltd’s site, at Holsworthy, Devon, by
managing director, Jake Prior. OF&G is one of two
UK bodies providing inspection and certification to the
BCS and, not only was Holsworthy the first certificate
issued by us, it was the first full accreditation to the
scheme in the country!
OF&G in the News
As our piece at the start of this newsletter might
indicate, we have been somewhat pre-occupied with
statistics since our last newsletter.
Farm shops make top 50 list
Two farm shops linked to OF&G licensee farms have
made it into The Independent’s list of the UK’s top 50
farm shops. The list was created by a panel of judges
who considered that the shops at both the National
Trust Wimpole Hall, in Cambridgeshire, and at Emma
Robinson and Ian O’Reilly’s Gazegill Organics, near
Clitheroe, Lancashire, had earned their place in the
Page 4
Our comments on the release of the latest figures by
Defra were well received by the farming press and
highlighted in a variety of publications, including the
Fresh Produce Journal, Smallholder magazine,
Farming UK and Farming Monthly. It also led to our
Chief Executive, Richard Jacobs, being interviewed
on Radio 4’s You and Yours, alongside one of our
very forward-thinking licensees, Suffolk arable farmer,
John Pawsey. This gave them both the chance to
address the latest statistics and for Richard to air our
concerns. We were very pleased that John was able
to join Richard on the programme (it was raining that
day!) because he is a very experienced and levelheaded exponent of organics who is proving year
after year that stockless arable on a large scale is at
least as profitable as farming non-organically.
latest Defra stats leading the news section, a promo
for our Selling Organic conference on the following
page and, in a separate piece, comments from our
CEO, Richard, on the boost received by the Welsh
organic sector with the announcement of continued
support under Glastir.
Richard was also interviewed extensively for a twopage feature in The Vegetable Farmer magazine’s
August edition, looking at the state, and the future, of
organics in the UK.
You can keep up with our latest news releases on our
website, via the front page or by clicking on the button
for the ‘news’ section. And for a more light-hearted
look at many subjects, don’t forget our blog at
We were also delighted to see an endorsement of
OF&Gs’ ‘high standards’ in a piece on The Ecologist
The various issues we've been talking about recently
also featured heavily in the autumn issue of Organic &
Natural Business magazine, with our position on the
If your business gets a mention in the news, or if you
see a mention of us we’re unlikely to know about,
we’d love to hear from you. Email any tips-offs to
[email protected].
Classified Advertisements
Advertisements are placed free of charge. Please note that purchasers should always check the current certificate and the status
with the vendor. OF&G cannot take responsibility for any stock, items or services sold through this service. Advertisements are
accepted at OF&G's discretion. To place an advert please either telephone us on 01939 291800 or submit an advert via the
OF&G website at
For Sale
Shearling Lleyn rams. Flock 10. Registered and unregistered. High performance figures. MV accr. Contact: Julia Evans Tel:
01886821431 / 07800770698. Herefordshire/Worcestershire border
15 shearling Lleyn ewes. Flock 10. MV accr. Signet Recorded. Contact: Julia Evans Tel: 01886821431 / 07800770698.
Herefordshire/Worcestershire border
Organic westminster spring barley. Approx 40 tonnes, will split. Access limited to 6 wheelers Contact: David Dayment Tel:
01364 72230 evenings / 07971 539027. South Devon
6 Bulling heifers and 4 Feb 2011 born calves. From our own Britsh Friesian herd averaging 6500l on grass silage low
concentrate on steep ground, good feet Contact: Grainne Lee Tel: 01749 880221 / 07813 050171. Somerset
Organic white faced mules regular ages Organic charollais cross yearlings Contact: Mark Davies Tel: 07931 444616.
25 Store Cattle. 15-17 months old. 400 kg plus TB pre movement tested clear. 5 LimoX heifers. 8 limo X . 7 brown Swiss X .5
British Friesian X steers Contact: Chris Wilson Tel: 01694 771204 / 07817 186990. South Shropshire
OAT STRAW. Fully organic. Clean, dry and baled well in high density 5' rounds. Excellent supplement for grazing stock where
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Glos/ Worc
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Organic barley, oats and triticale Contact: Peter Morrell Tel: 01984 667348 / 07718 319002 / [email protected].
Taunton, Somerset
300 organic lleyn Ewe lambs for sale Contact: Peter Scott Tel: 07866 364844 / [email protected]. Jedburgh, Scottish
Organic Barley approx 40 tonnes surplus to requirements. Totnes / Kingsbridge area South Devon. May also be 10 to 20 tonnes
of oats after harvest. Contact: David Camp Tel: 07855774098. Devon
20 mule shearling ewes, fully organic. Contact: Norman Howl Tel: 07731 782861. Northamptonshire
15 organic mont /mont x dairy cows TB4 /lepto + BVD vaccinated. Also 10 in-calf heifers due April. Ceasing milk production.
Contact: John Addison Tel: 01931 714661 / 07775 314681 / [email protected]. cumbria
Pure bred organic Norfolk Horn sheep (all registered) Due to owner moving home, the following are 2 x 2year old rams 2 ram
lambs 7 female lambs 2 shearling ewes 17 2 year old ewes 1 x5 year old ewe. All lambs have raised lambs this year, some of
the sheep have been shown this year, one ram champion at East of England Show Need a quick sale Tel Dan or Linda 01480
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70 round bales of good quality organic haylage, suitable for sheep, cattle and horses Contact: A. Jones Tel: 01558685716 /
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Page 5
Pedigree Lleyn 2011 ewe lambs born April. Farm Assured. Contact: Arthur Williams Tel: 01285 740201 / 07728713271 /
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Small flock of pure Wensleydale Longwool sheep, 2 tups and 12 ewes, some pedigree, mixture of ages, will split into smaller
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Huntsmead Pedigree Simmentals. Well grown bulls available from 14 - 20 months. SAC Elite Health Herd. Contact: Charles
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For sale or exchange: 1 x Hebridean ram and 1 x Shetland ram as will otherwise run with daughters. Both organic, good tidy
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60 Welsh Mountain shearlings . Llandovery. Contact: A James Tel: 07974 820305 / [email protected]. Llandovery
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A reluctant sale. Contact: Laura Wallwork Tel: 01566 782939. Launceston, Cornwall
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1 Suffolk x shearling, recently wormed and first dose of foot vacs. Well presented sheep. Also this years Suffolk x pedigree
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Veterinary hardback ‘Book For Sheep Farmers’ by David C Henderson, £6.00; ‘Organic Farming’ hardback book by Nicholas
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Page 6
6 Stabiliser cross fully organic bulling heifers, 14 months old. 01490 420304 Contact: Alwyn Williams Tel: 01490 420304 / 07766
130601 / [email protected]. North Wales
Texel cross ewe lambs, draft blackface ewes, mule ewe lambs Contact: Charles Armstrong Tel: 07967 553454. Northumberland
30 organic improved South Wales Welsh ewes. Mix of yearling, 2 and 3 years. Contact: Mr Davies Tel: 07970 127728. Powys
60 organic cull ewes. Contact: Mr Davies Tel: 07970 127728. Powys
50 organic ewe lambs, Texel X and Charollais X out of improved South Wales Welsh. Contact: Mr Davies Tel: 07970 127728.
250 Store Lambs, mix and clean, all castrated. Texel X, Charollais X, South Wales Welsh X. Contact: Mr Davies Tel: 07970
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30 Lleyn shearling ewes, 10 Suffolk x Lleyn shearling ewes, well bred, born April 2010, fully organic. Price: £140 ono. Contact:
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Organic Big Bale Haylage . Good Quality Haylage. Collect from the farm or Delivery arranged. Contact: Simon Bennett Tel:
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2010 Organic Oats approx 10 tons available. 13 % Moisture good bushel weight. Contact: Owen Lort-Phillips Tel: 07976 647497
/ [email protected]. Pembrokeshire, West Wales
Organic Stubble Turnip & Forage Rape seeds for sale. Grass & clover seed mixtures ,please phone for a price Contact: Organic
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200 North of England mule ewe lambs, certified fully organic. Contact: Ray Calvert Tel: 01748 886412. North Yorkshire
Welsh mule ewe lambs, shorn, approx 200. Will split. Contact: Peter Wyatt Tel: 01598 763353 / 07878 647443. Devon
Beans - 10 tons Contact: Alan Smith Tel: 01584 711327 / 07971 086262. Herefordshire
Oat Straw. Fully organic. Clean, dry and baled well in high density 5' rounds. Excellent supplement for grazing stock where
grass is short or to compliment silage. £70/t collected Contact: Carl Gray Tel: 07771 985908 / [email protected].
Glos/ Worcs
Good organic square bale silage. Good loading facilities. Contact: Mr Robert Hamer Tel: 01743 860304 / 07985 941735.
80 big round bales of good quality, high dry matter organic haylage. baled 28th July 2011, available straight off the field.
Contact: Irwel Jones Tel: 01558 650361 / 07834 551126. Carms
35 Lleyn shearlings, and 15 Suffolk x Lleyn shearlings, fully organic, born April 2010. Contact: Catalin Constantin Tel: 07747
606649 / [email protected]. Crawley, West Sussex.
1 aberdeen angus x steer and 17 british friesian steers all out of strong beefy british friesian cows, all born between 04/09/09
and 13/12/09. Ideal for fattening this winter or next spring. Ran out all last winter on hill farm Contact: Greg Wheeldon Tel:
01298 85206. Derbyshire
Jersey Heifers, in calf to Angus, due soon Contact: G J Bowles Tel: 01373 830 957 / 07771 900 288 /
[email protected]. Frome Somerset
Good quality meadow hay for sale - MF187 bales(1200x875x2500). Approx 200t - Good access. Contact: Clive Slatter Tel:
07710 783683 / [email protected]. Gloucestershire
Bucket Brush and Bucket. Sutton rotary brush on 7 foot Strimech bucket with cone and pin fittings. Brushes and collects debris
from yards, roads, grain stores and tracks. Bristles will soon require replacement but all working. Pictures available by email.
£775. Contact: Carl Gray Tel: 07771 985908 / 07771 985908 / [email protected]. Glos/ Worc
Items wanted
Organic welsh mountain broken mouth ewes. Contact: Richard Jones Tel: 01239612553 / 07837408659 /
[email protected]. West Wales
Mule ewes fit to tup north of england Contact: Richard Hirst Tel: 07808 613026. Skipton
Organic Straw Wanted - Any size bale. Good Prices Paid promptly! Nation-wide collection. Contact: Jeff Tel: 07977 268113 /
[email protected]. South
Sheep keep required for up to 200 ewes from Nov - early Feb. Contact: H. Brown Tel: 07883 014449 /
[email protected]. East Sussex
30 – 100 acres of organic well drained light land for pig herd occupation ideally post this harvest. Preferred in East Anglia, but
we will consider all parts of the country. The land block would ideally be a minimum of 1km from the nearest pig. The land could
be used for either the breeding or the finishing herd or both and the number of pigs would be circa 200 sows and 1800
piglets/weaners/finishers. The landlord would rent the land to us who would farm the pigs, no pig involvement required by the
Page 7
landlord. If you require any further details then please call. Contact: Paul Arundel from BQP Tel: 07802 596692 /
[email protected]. Preferably East Anglia but all parts considered
Organic Forage - Preferably Grass Silage but any considered. Meaningful quantities and realistic distance from WR8 postcode
Contact: Oliver Surman Tel: 07788 441612. Worcestershire
Wanted every month for our sales of organic stock at Exeter Livestock Market all classes of organic cattle & sheep. We have
keen buyers looking and many more needed to supply demand. Contact: Liz Bulled Tel: 01392 276668 / 07843 287302 /
[email protected]. Devon.
Organic black welsh mountain , shetland or similar ewes or ewe lambs. West Wales only. Contact: Ruth Cressey-Rodgers Tel:
01994 448404 / ruth_cressey_rodgers. Carmarthenshire
Organic suffolk or similar type young ewes (suitable to go to a suffolk ram). West Wales only. Contact: Ruth Cressey-Rodgers
Tel: 01994 448404 / [email protected]. Carmarthenshire
Wanted - Organic cattle to grow on, pref. continental or crosses. We are TB4, so I prefer to buy from non TB area (apologies ).
Anything from weanlings to heavier growers considered. Contact: Richard Mortimore Tel: 01444 400391 / 07768 106926 /
[email protected]. West Sussex, near Gatwick Airport
Organic wintering for up to 60 ewe lambs Contact: Geraint Jones Tel: 07971 080067 / [email protected]. Gwynedd
Corns(Barley/Wheat) , Oats, Beans and Peas. To make winter ration for 120 ewes. Can collect Contact: Peter and Amanda
Shaw Tel: 01977 683304 / 07768 835059 / [email protected]. Yorkshire
Grazing for organic ewes in Yorkshire region till October. Contact: Peter and Amanda Shaw Tel: 01977 683304 / 07768 835059
/ [email protected]. Yorkshire
Breeding Sheep wanted, mules preferably and fit to tup. North of England Contact: Richard Tel: 07808 613026. Skipton N.Yorks
Farm land wanted in quiet rural area, 3 to 5 acres, North Wales, prefer Gwynedd or Llanfihangel Glyn Myfyr, price up to about
£20k, required by private buyers for organic, low impact, forest garden project. Contact: Alicia Tel: 01476 552469 / 07530
227628. Lincolnshire
Winter grazing for 200 sheep. Distance no problem. Contact: James Irving Tel: 01697 371217 / [email protected].
Organic finished beef and store cattle, cull cows/finished lamb and store lambs/cereals. Top Prices Paid Graig Producers
Independent Organic Livestock Marketing Group Contact: Gareth Lewis Tel: 01597 851704 /
[email protected]. Powys
Organic poultry manure in Shrewsbury area Contact: Gwyn Evans Tel: 01691 870617. Powys
Winter sheep grazing. Contact: Ray Calvert Tel: 01748 886412. North Yorkshire
Grazing wanted for sheep within 15 mile of Exeter Contact: Adam Pitts Tel: / 07855 841320 / [email protected]. Devon
Pigs Finished pigs, weaners, in- pig sows and gilts or litters Contact: Justin Scale Tel: 01437 781247 / 07831 721852 /
[email protected]. anywhere
If anyone reads this who has or sells round bales of hay, I'm after 60 rounds, maybe more if we can come to a bulk deal. Must
be weed free, such as ragwort, as will be used for horses. Payment will be cash in hand. And also will need delivery and a
tractor to stack but will pay for that also as long as not too expensive. Kent area - but would consider other areas also. Contact:
Emma Tel: 07800 889866 / [email protected]. Kent
Miscellaneous Items
Work required: I am looking for work on an organic farm, preferably an apprenticeship type of position altho I do have a few
years livestock experience mainly pigs but also sheep cattle and poultry. I have just finished a season being a rouse about for a
shearer working with llamas, alpacas and sheep. I am competent in tractor, telehandler driving and currently saving to do my
hgv licence. I have chainsaw tickets and St Johns first aid certificate. Contact: Jamie Taylor Tel: 01206 250185 / 07814 204269
/ [email protected]. Essex
Work required: I have spent my whole working life (over 20 years) associated with organic farming- in particular on a 120 acre
farm in Oxfordshire. (Charles Bennett - Sandy Lane Farm). Experience: working a flock size of 80-130 sheep (without dogs!),
600 free range laying hens, planting, weeding and harvesting organic vegetables on a field scale, 15 acres of thatching straw,
pasture maintenance, cut and dried hay for the baler before stacking in barns, operating tractors & implements. My most recent
job was at Shillingford Organics in Devon, (Martyn Bragg). Experience: production of organic vegetables, salads and herbs
grown to supply a box scheme, farmers markets and other local outlets. We've recently started looking for land to buy - probably
in Devon. We (my partner and two year old son) intend to farm incorporating all the organic principles. I'm available for work
from mid- September until April. So if you need pickers or general help with your organic farm or woodland over the winter then
give us a shout! Also required: Cheap and basic accommodation needed, looking for somewhere warm and dry, with a
possibility of internet connection, to use as a base this autumn and winter while searching for land to buy Contact: Al Bryer Tel:
07817 423554 / [email protected]. Devon (but open to offers in other counties)
Work required: Married couple seeking agricultural employment for 2012 (preferably starting mid-March). Amy has diploma in
farm animal management and both Amy and Brian have international experience volunteering on eight organic farms, working
with vegetables, fruit trees, and animals. Salary negotiable, particularly with inclusion of room-and-board package. Brian has
professional experience as graphic designer and cook and is interested in helping in these capacities as well. References and
more info available upon request. Currently volunteering in County Cork and plan to be in Ireland until end of October, so it may
be possible for us to visit your farm and meet you. Contact: Amy Gardner Tel: 07960 629731 / [email protected]. Ireland
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OF&G Technical Newsletter
September 2011 Issue 77
Evaluation Scheme
The following products have recently been accepted into the OF&G Evaluation Scheme as ‘Product Approved for
Use in Organic Systems’ or ‘Product Approved for Restricted Use, Derogation Required’.
Animal Feed
DOSTO Liquid
Rockies Natural
Red Rockies Mineralised
Salt Licks
Yellow Rockies Mineralised
Salt Licks
Rockies Mag Rich
Mineralised Salt Licks
Rockies Phos Rich
Mineralised Salt Licks
Baby Rockies Pure Salt
Copper Cobalt Selenium Lick
Iodine Cobalt Selenium Lick
Animal Feed
ICS Plus Lick
602 Organobloc Universal
603 Organobloc Magnesium
601 Organobloc Universal
604 Organobloc Dry Cow
610 Orgarlic Universal
611 Orgarlic Cattle
620 Organomin Universal
621 Organomin Cattle
CCS Plus Lick
Orgo Neem Cake
Omex Organic Foliar Feeds
Suspension Fertiliser
BioFert SW
Organi Kelp
Whole Pink Himalayan Food
Dostofarm GmbH
Dostofarm GmbH
Tithebarn Ltd - Rockie & Farm
Tithebarn Ltd - Rockie & Farm
Tithebarn Ltd - Rockie & Farm
Tithebarn Ltd - Rockie & Farm
Tithebarn Ltd - Rockie & Farm
Tithebarn Ltd - Rockie & Farm
Tithebarn Ltd - Rockie & Farm
Tithebarn Ltd - Rockie & Farm
Tithebarn Ltd - Rockie & Farm
Tithebarn Ltd - Rockie & Farm
Tithebarn Ltd - Rockie & Farm
Tithebarn Ltd - Rockie & Farm
Tithebarn Ltd - Rockie & Farm
Tithebarn Ltd - Rockie & Farm
Tithebarn Ltd - Rockie & Farm
Tithebarn Ltd - Rockie & Farm
Tithebarn Ltd - Rockie & Farm
Tithebarn Ltd - Rockie & Farm
Nico Orgo Manures
Omex Agriculture Ltd
Omex Agriculture Ltd
Omex Agriculture Ltd
Omex Agriculture Ltd
Omex Agriculture Ltd
Omex Agriculture Ltd
Biotechnica Services Ltd
P.P. Products
P.P. Products
+49 4488 8459 0
+49 4488 8459 0
01606 595000
01606 595000
01606 595000
01606 595000
01606 595000
01606 595000
01606 595000
01606 595000
01606 595000
01606 595000
01606 595000
01606 595000
01606 595000
01606 595000
01606 595000
01606 595000
01606 595000
01606 595000
91 2699 244903
01526 396011
01526 396011
01526 396011
01526 396011
01526 396011
01526 396011
0118 951 5605
01603 784367
01603 784367
The Salt Seller
01981 580587
Page 9
Insect Control
Pest Control
Plant Health
Silage Additive
Vitamins &
Exomite Apis Hive Cleanser
Exosex CM Auto-Confusion
Exosex SPTab
Gard-S Granules
Garland G
Bactolife Activate SD
Algaflex 30
Bactolife AZ
Cool-it for Cereals/Cool-it
Cool-it for Grass/Cool-it for
Cool-it for Maize/Cool-it
Cool-it for Proteins/Cool-it
Biomex Booster, Biomex SA,
Biomex Foliar
Biomex P
Biomex Starter
Biomex Duster
Biomex FZB
Exosect Ltd
Exosect Ltd
Exosect Ltd
Omex Agriculture Ltd
Omex Agriculture Ltd
Omex Agriculture Ltd
Omex Agriculture Ltd
Omex Agriculture Ltd
Biotechnica Services Ltd
Biotechnica Services Ltd
Biotechnica Services Ltd
Biotechnica Services Ltd
Biotechnica Services Ltd
Biotechnica Services Ltd
Biotechnica Services Ltd
Biotechnica Services Ltd
02380 603939
02380 603939
02380 603939
01526 396011
01526 396011
01526 396011
01526 396011
01526 396011
0118 951 5605
0118 951 5605
0118 951 5605
0118 951 5605
0118 951 5605
0118 951 5605
0118 951 5605
0118 951 5605
Agri Prep Ltd
Agri Prep Ltd
02920 674090
02920 674090
Agri Prep Ltd
02920 674090
Agri Prep Ltd
02920 674090
Agri Prep Ltd
Agri Prep Ltd
02920 674090
02920 674090
Omex Agriculture Ltd
Omex Agriculture Ltd
Omex Agriculture Ltd
Omex Agriculture Ltd
Omex Agriculture Ltd
01526 396011
01526 396011
01526 396011
01526 396011
01526 396011
DOSTO Mineral
Dostofarm GmbH
+49 4488 8459 0
Organic Farmers & Growers Ltd
The Old Estate Yard, Shrewsbury Rd, Albrighton, Shrewsbury, Shropshire SY4 3AG
Tel: 01939 291800 Fax: 01939 291250 Email: [email protected]
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