Offering Closed - Dakota Power Community Wind

Opening Round Investment
Offering Closed
What’s New?
Dakota Power Community Wind’s initial round investment offering came to its
intended close on December 31st, 2014. The project opened its South Dakota
resident only offering in May of 2014, and successfully broke their $1.5 million
escrow a short time later in September of 2014. The board of directors then voted
to keep the offering open until December 31st of 2014, when it would be closed to
further investment in the initial round.
The board of directors is happy to announce that upon the offering closing date;
just over $2.5 million had been raised for the project in under 8 months. Over 170
investors, including many of your friends and neighbors, chose to invest an average
of $14,000+ each in renewable energy on a local level. This investment will not only
help to reduce our nation’s dependence on fossil fuels, it will also bring additional
economic prosperity to Lincoln County, SD.
What’s Next?
DPCW will be erecting another group of Meteorological Towers for improved
wind analysis, and this Spring will kickoff several environmental studies including
additional avian & bat surveys, and wetland mapping.
DPCW continues to add additional land within the project footprint in partnership
with your neighbors. New landowners have continued to sign up after fully
understanding the value of this additional cash crop.
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