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Foothill student accepted to Air Academy
Aircraft Association, Inc.
proudly announces that
Lexus Bradshaw of Palo
Cedro, daughter of Kim and
Dave Bradshaw, has been
accepted to attend the EAA
Advanced Air Academy
2015 in Oshkosh, Wisconsin.
The EAA Air Academy
offers young people the
opportunity to meet and work
with aviation professionals
while living and learning the
arts, sciences, and lore of
aviation in both classroom
and workshop settings.
They join many other
young people ages 16-18,
in this aviation program.
Several days of the Academy
take place during the
world’s largest and most
exciting aviation event —
EAA AirVenture 2015.
Participants in the EAA Air
Academy come from around
the United States and several
foreign countries.
Academy activities will
include flight experience,
workshops, and classroom
study. EAA’s Directory
Education, Bob
Campbell says,
Air Academy
t e a c h e s
young people
a pride of
M o r e
importantly, it
develops their
potential and
broadens their
Lexi Bradshaw
Photo by Jeannie Hendricks Photography
The EAA Air
a benchmark of personal Aircraft Association, Inc.,
experience...and an aviation Resident Education Office,
experience that will last a P.O. Box 3086, Oshkosh,
Wisconsin 549003-3086.
Campbell added that Applicants
“those who are interest in be EAA members. The
attending any of EAA’s Air prime consideration is an
Academy Programs, should interest and enthusiasm for
write to: Experimental aviation.
End of school year filled with
activity at Millville School
There’s never a lack of
excitement at Millville School,
particularly in the last weeks of
On Friday, May 22, Millville
School celebrated its 14th
Wildflower Run and Mexican
Arts Day. As in years past,
the day began with a two mile
run down Brookdale Road
and back to school, which is
a favorite activity of students.
Sergio Ochoa, a sixth grade
student at Millville, said the
Chavez Run “ Was really fun
and you get some exercise.”
Jake Moon, also a sixth grade
student at Millville, gushed “I
always love this event.”
As students returned from
the run, they were greeted by
staff members with ice pops
and orange slices. After the
run, students created life sized
murals in vibrant colored
chalk throughout the parking
lot. The afternoon brought a
dance demonstration by the
Ballet Folklorico from Corning
High School, as well as many
booths offering an opportunity
for all students to try a variety
of Mexican arts, such as Flores
de Papel (paper flowers), Ojos
del Dio (God’s Eye), tortilla
making, Mexica masks and
Papel Picado (paper cutting).
began with the school’s
annual journey to the Oregon
Shakespeare Festival
Ashland to see Shakespeare’s
“Much Ado About Nothing.”
Over 65 students, staff and
parents attended this much
anticipated field trip. Two of
the play attendees, Terrence
Gamble and Cian Molz, both
agreed, “Ashland was so much
fun and the play was hilarious!”
The following day the
school took over the Redding
Aquatic Center to celebrate the
students’ efforts on the state
test as well as the end of the
school year. Students swam,
played volleyball, jumped off
the high dive and altogether
had a great time in perfect 90
degree swimming weather.
On May 28, Millville
School hosted Career Day, a
yearly stand out event. The day
began with the entire school
population in the gym for a
PAGE 4—June 4, 2015
NCCS’s Jeff Harris hired as
superintendent in Del Norte County
Following a series of allday candidate interviews on
May 8 and 9, the Del Norte
County Unified School
District Board of Trustees
has selected Jeff Harris as
the finalist to replace retiring
Superintendent Don Olson. Mr. Harris is currently the
of the North Cow Creek
Elementary School District. Prior to that, Mr. Harris
served as a principal in the
Corning and Delano School
Districts. He had prior
experience as an assistant
principal in the Visalia
Unified School District and
as a teacher in Delano. Mr.
Harris has a M.A. in English
from Cal State Northridge
and completed his credential
work at Cal State University
at Fresno. His teaching and
administrative experience
working in rural areas with
diverse students has prepared
him well for his work in Del
Norte County.
Mr. Harris was selected
as the finalist from an
candidates. The search
process included recruiting
and reference checking
by Leadership Associates;
two rounds of interviews
conducted by the Board;
regarding the three finalists,
and a site visit by two Board
members with staff, parents,
and other members of the
Cow Creek community
on Tuesday, May 19. The
next step in the process
will involve coming to
agreement on a contract. The Board currently plans
to take action to approve a
contract of employment with
Mr. Harris at its June 4, 2015
regularly scheduled Board
meeting. Jim Brown and
Dennis Smith of Leadership
the Board on their efforts to
reach out to the community,
study the applications of
each candidate carefully,
listen carefully to each
other’s views, and come to
consensus on the finalist.
The Del Norte County
Unified Board selected
Mr. Harris because they
see him as an educational
leader who has a passion for
helping all students achieve
their full potential. He has
been a steady advocate for
the importance of teaching
and learning and keeping
everyone focused on student
success. The Board found
Mr. Harris to be the best
overall candidate in all
areas of school district
curriculum and instruction,
fiscal oversight, facilities
improvement, and human
resources. He is well known
and respected as a studentcentered leader who is highly
visible, approachable, and
accessible. They look
forward to his joining
the Del Norte County
Unified family as the
As part of his application,
Mr. Harris noted that
his primary purposes as
a teacher, principal and
superintendent have been:
1. To ensure that each
student has met or
exceeded learning targets,
participated as individuals
in extra or co-curricular
activities that help them
grow as individuals and
received the support
necessary, both in and
out of school, to reach
their maximum potential.
2. To empower staff to
utilize and expand their
passions and expertise
to realize fully their
goals and to engage all
students in learning.
3. To
involve parents and the
community so that they
understand the school
community, share in its
success, support it in its
areas of need, and work
with students, staff, and
Board to support our
4. To create a fiscally
sound and sustainable
He added that he and
his family were elated
when they heard of the
opportunity in Del Norte
County. As his own children
move into high school and
look forward to college, he
and his family want to be in
a community with a good
educational system for an
extended period of time.
Millville students sample homemade tortillas during the Cesar Chavez Day celebration of Mexican culture.
Beth Watt, Flight Paramedic, demonstrates how to use a
heart rate monitor on student Casey Sutton during Millville
School's Career Day.
presentation by Gene Alba,
owner/trainer of “Mutley,” the
scuba diving dog. Afterward,
students scattered throughout
the school to hear presentations
on a variety of careers, such
as a 911 dispatcher, Highway
Patrolman, a Registered Nurse,
an EMT, Cal Trans, PE teacher
and a Captivity Survival
Students appreciated the
opportunity to hear from such
a diverse range of speakers.
Tyler Wells, whose favorite
presentation was by the
Captivity Survival Expert, said
“It was exciting to learn about
other people’s careers.”
After Career Day, the
students visited their next
year’s teachers during “Takea-Peek Day.” “Take-a-Peek” is
intended to dispel any anxiety
the students may be feeling
about moving up a grade and
meeting a new teacher. During
“Take a Peek” students and
teachers do an activity together
that allows the kids to get
to know the teacher and the
teacher to get to know their
incoming students.
The week ended with
the eighth grade graduation
trip to Sun Splash in Citrus
Heights. Thirty students and
10 chaperones left in the early
morning hours of Friday, May
29 to celebrate the eighth grade
students’ upcoming graduation
from Millville School. Students
fund raise throughout the year
and make a group decision as to
where to go for their graduation
trip. This was the first class that
went to Sun Splash for its grad
trip. After six hours of water
slides, the students climbed
out of the pools, water logged,
exhausted and happy with their
The last week of school
brings Awards Night, eighth
grade graduation and the last
day of school. The last day of
school is another event filled
day with an all school barbecue,
a “Fear Factor” competition,
water activities, signing of
the school yearbook and teary
goodbyes for the summer.
Now accepting registration for
Transitional Kindergarten and Kindergarten
Also Announcing
The ALL NEW YMCA-NCCS Collaborative
Pre-School, which is now taking
applications and opening August 2015.
Contact us at 549-4488 or visit us on
the web at www.northcowcreek.org.
Classes are filling quickly &
space is limited. Students
are taken on a first come,
first served basis.
10619 Swede Creek Rd • Palo Cedro
Phone 530-549-4488 Fax 549-4490
Millville 5-17-15
Junction 5-21-15
Millville School Board determines goals, extends
principal contract and decides on later school start date
The regular meeting of
the Millville Elementary
School Board on May 17
saw the board review its
Self-Evaluation which included a determination of
board goals. The board had
met three times prior to tonight’s meeting at special
meetings in order to complete the self-evaluation as
well as establish goals. The
goals the board decided upon
include increasing involvement between the school
and community. To accomplish this goal the board is in
discussions regarding reviving a community event, Old
Millville Days, to take place
in the fall.
The board also reviewed
a proposal by Tony Baldwin,
Millville School’s technology consultant, to convert
part of the intervention
classroom into a learning
lab. The board decided to,
instead of putting their tech
money into a conversion,
purchase chrome books that
will be designated for the
upper grade classes. Additionally, the board voted to
purchase the math intervention program, “Wowzers”.
The school plans on using
the program to support its
summer school students.
In other news, the school
board voted unanimously to
extend the contract of Millville’s superintendent/principal, Mindy DeSantis, for
four years. “The board’s decision to offer me a four year
extension to my contract is
humbling,” DeSantis said in
response to the news of her
extension. “I’m extremely
appreciative of the board’s
confidence in the direction
the district is moving and
very excited to continue to
work at the finest school in
the north state!” This school
year concludes DeSantis’
twelfth year as an administrator at Millville Elementary School, three as principal
and nine as superintendent/
At an earlier meeting,
Millville Elementary School
Board voted to change the
first day of school start date
for the 2015-2016 school
year from August 17 to August 24. “It makes more
sense for our school to start
later in the summer. We have
several teachers participat-
ing in the STEM grant as
well as other professional
development events, so starting a week later allows them
to complete these trainings,”
DeSantis stated.
In addition, the board
voted to provide professional development half days every Monday through the 1516 school year. “With new
math curriculum this year
and newly adopted language
arts curriculum next year,
having every Monday a minimum school day is a generous gift the board has offered
to our teachers,” DeSantis
concluded. “Minimum Day
Mondays will provide time
for our teachers to become
adept at the new curriculum,
prepare lessons and attend
Professional Development
events in order to continue to
provide top-quality instruction to our students.”
In other areas, DeSantis
reported upcoming events,
such as the annual trip to the
Oregon Shakespeare Festival, as well as the student
reward trip to the Redding
Aquatic Center, Career Day,
Peek Ahead Day and the
eighth grade graduation trip.
NCCS 5-19-15
NCCS Board bids farewell to retiree Jan Clipper
The Board of Trustees
for North Cow Creek
School District recognized
retiring teacher Janice
Clipper at their May 19,
2015 meeting of the board.
They applauded Janice for
her 27 years of service
with North Cow Creek
School and estimated that
she has taught over six
hundred students in her
Jeff Harris said that many
families have come to
NCCS just to have Janice
as a teacher. The Board
also hosted a reception for
Janice that was attended
by former students and
programs, and personnel.
NCCS is currently above
expected enrollment and,
based on preliminary
up almost 10% above
enrollment estimates for
next year.
The Board
was informed that there
were still a few openings
in the new Transitional
but that enrollment for
2015-2016 was more
than double expectations.
that the YMCA-NCCS
Collaborative Pre-School
was moving forward,
as was the new music
it was noted that the two
new teaching positions
and aide position were
that hiring would be
completed by the June
Board meeting.
The Board approved
the 2015-2016 school
calendar. The first day
June 4, 2015—PAGE 5
Board recognizes
school secretary
Vicki Lowes
The Board of Trustees for Junction School
District recognized the
hard work and dedication
of school secretary Vicki
Lowes, who left her comfort zone as middle school
secretary, to become secretary for both schools,
grades K-8, this year. Superintendent Rich Gifford
wrote in the agenda that
“the effort that Vicki has
put into this new position
and all that it entails (and
always with a smile on her
face) does not go unnoticed.”
The Superintendent reported that Junction will
host a YMCA Summer
Camp this year from June
8 to July 3. The camp will
be open all day, but students may attend on a drop
in basis. Parents interested
should contact the YMCA
directly for costs.
Gifford also reported
that the District was restructuring its special education program due to a
decline in the number of
Special Day Class (SDC)
students. They no longer
have enough students to
run an SDC Program, but
since their teacher has both
an SDC and a Resource
Junction Superintendent/Principal Rich Gifford presents
school secretary Vicki Lowes with a Raider Treasure certificate
in appreciation for her efforts on behalf of the District.
credential, they can combine some of the students
in one class.
The Board voted to give
classified, confidential and
administrative employees
the same compensation increase that they gave to the
teachers at the April meeting.
In going over the District’s Local Control and
Accountability Plan with
the Board, Gifford said
he would like to get the
teachers involved with the
North State Writing Project, using an anti-bullying
program called “Second
Step,” and a behavior modification program called
“Capturing Kids Hearts.”
He would like to invite
Girls, Inc., to conduct
lunchtime workshops on
campus and would like
to have No Excuses University present a staff development workshop next
fall. The Board balked
at spending $65000 for a
one day training, but Gifford said they could invite
other schools to attend to
help defray the costs.
The teachers proposed
a Student Handbook revision banning candy, sodas
and caffeinated drinks on
campus. The Board will
vote on the changes in
Oak Run 5-20-15
Oak Run School recieves two large grants--$90,000
from First Five Shasta and $50,000 from McConnell
Board of Trustees President Eileen Travis presents retiring
teacher Jan Clipper with a plaque honoring her for her 27 years
of employment at North Cow Creek School.
of school will be August
19, 2015. The calendar
is online at www.
At a special meeting
on May 26, 2015, the
approved creating a .75
position for a Computer
and Technology teacher
advertise for applicants
for the position. Trustee
Cindy Butler asked if the
District could sustain the
costs over time and Harris
said that it could based
on the generous increases
in funding expected from
the state now that the
recession is over.
voted to hire a full time
Technology Coordinator
instead of contracting
with Anderson Union
High School District or
the Shasta County Office
of Education for those
services. The cost to the
District will be the same.
Mother's Day
Father's Day
Graduation and
Gifts for Teachers
To thank those who take quality
care of us please consider:
• Rice bags for neck/shoulders/
back 25% goes to One Safe Place
• Flax Eye bags for eyes that sometimes just feel tired or strained
Oak Run Elementary
School District Board of
Trustees President Angela
Simonis announced at their
meeting on May 20, 2015
that the District had received a three-year $90,000
grant from First Five Shasta to purchase classroom
Montessori materials and a
$50,000 grant from the McConnell Fund of the Shasta
Regional Foundation to
enlarge and remodel the
school’s kitchen over the
summer. The grants were
written by Cristan Norman,
the District’s new Montessori Director, and Rosie
Baugh, who wrote the grants
to fund the greenhouse and
chicken coop. The Board
authorized Superintendent
Frank Adelman to put the
kitchen remodel project out
to bid.
Simonis also announced
that she had attended a conference in Portland on how
to set up a public Montessori School and came home
with lots of useful tools and
information about how to
set up Montessori’s unique
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“learning spaces.” She said
that most public Montessori Schools were charters,
but she learned that they
have some “unique funding
problems,” so she is glad
Oak Run decided not to pursue that route. Due to the
fact that the school has 66
students signed up for next
year, it will move up from
Level 2 to Level 3 of the
Necessary Small Schools
Funding Program.
The Board recognized
the hard work of the District’s Interview Committee,
which has conducted three
interview sessions over the
past six weeks, one on a
speaker phone, one via Skype and most in person. They
interviewed 10 Montessori
teacher candidates, including one from Spain and several from the Bay Area; and
10 candidates for the cook/
bus driver position. Simonis said all the teacher candidates were phenomenal
and they were now in the
process of “vetting” the finalists and negotiating their
Adelman gave the Board
a rundown on the costs for
setting up a second bus run
to Palo Cedro to pick up students from Redding in the
morning and return them in
the afternoon. The District
would need to retrofit one of
its older buses so it would
pass a smog test and install
some new seatbelts, but he
estimated the total cost to
put a second bus in service
would be about $20,000.
The Board voted to approve
the second bus run.
PAGE 6—June 4, 2015
Region 18 wraps up Spring Bling Gymkhana Series
Region 18 of the California State Horsemen’s Association concluded its Spring
Bling Gymkhana Series on
May 30th at Bobby Jones
Arena in Cottonwood. The
that posted the fastest times
over the five show series
was Cody Foster of Anderson riding her Palomino
Quarter Horse Charming
Force in Division 2.
The other series winners were: Katie Denson
riding Bella in Division 4;
Julie Bey riding Ranger in
Division 5; Heidi Erickson
riding Patrone in Division
6 with Cassie Meyer and
Chloe hard on her heels; (at
the start of Saturday’s show,
there were only two points
between them); Naomi Bey
riding Iroc in Division 7.
Sadie Lewis rode her new
horse Lily to win the high
point award in Junior Open,
but there was no series winner in the Senior Open Division because none of the
riders competed in the required four of five shows.
The daily high point
winners on Saturday were:
Division 2—Cody Foster
and Charming Force; Division 4—Jana Sylvester on
Savy; Division 5—Darryl
Deaton on Dusty; Division
6 Heidi Erickson on Patrone; Division 7—Naomi
Bey on Iroc; Junior Open—
Hannah Wayne on Junie;
and Senior Open—Terri
Uhlir on Tracker.
Cody Foster and Charming Force begin to put on
the brakes in preparation
for turning around the pole
in the Single Stake Race.
The speedy pair posted
a blazing 10.115 seconds
over the course and won
the high point awards for
the day and the series in
Division 2 at Region 18's
Spring Bling Gymkhana on
May 30th at Bobby Jones
Photos by
Sharyn Cornelius
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Heidi Erickson
round the pole
and head for
home in the Single Stake Race
at Region 18's
Arena on May
30th. The pair
took high point
for the day and
for the series in
Division 6.
Deschutes Self Storage
EST. 2000
Unit sizes
from 5’x10’
to 11’x30’
RV & Boat
Storage 11’x30’
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Palo Cedro’s Full Service
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SCR to hold back-to-back gymkhanas
The Shasta Cascade Riders will hold back-to-back
California Gymkhana Association (CGA) shows on June
13 and 14 at their arena on
Old Forty-four Drive in Palo
Cedro. Riders must be members of CGA to compete. An
individual membership is
$25 and a family one is $50.
Cost is $5.00 per class
plus a $5.00 grounds fee per
entry. Riders must wear long
pants, a button or snap front
shirt with a collar, belt and
boots. Those under 18 must
wear a helmet. Sign-ups start
at 8:00 a.m. with the first ride
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