Borough of Beach Haven Land Use Board Regular

The Chair Reserves the Right to Revise the Order of the Agenda
Borough of Beach Haven Land Use Board
420 Pelham Avenue
Beach Haven, N.J. 08008
Monday, May 4, 2015
Caucus Meeting
Sunshine Law: Pursuant to the Open Public Meetings Act, adequate notice of this meeting of
the Land Use Board has been given to three newspapers, filing a copy with the Borough Clerk
and posting the same in the Public Building.
Roll call:
James Kelly, Class IV, Chairman
Ronald McMenamin, Class IV, Vice Chairman
Gus Doyle, Class IV
Bonnie Lenhard, Class IV
James J. Kilcommons, Class IV
Joseph Pisano, Class IV
Thomas Lynch, Class IV, 1st Alternate
Bob Wynkoop, Class IV, 2nd Alternate
Kenneth Muha, Class IV 3rd Alternate
Edward Kohlmeir, Class IV, 4th Alternate
Dr. Nancy Davis, Mayor, Class 1
Donald Kakstis, Councilman, Class III
Richard Crane, Manager, Class 11
Frank Little Jr. P.E., Engineer & Planner
Stuart Snyder, Esq. LUB Attorney
Regular Meeting
Sunshine Law
Roll Call
New Business
Application 2015 – 06 FCBMT Realty, LLC 100 North West Avenue Block 141 Lots 1, 1.01 &
2.01 Marine Commercial District. Change of Use A new structure containing commercial use
at the ground floor on the bay, with parking at the ground floor level to the west and 4 single
family residential dwelling units on the second and third floors. Existing ticket booth to be
removed. Variance relief (Hardship) Variance relief (Substantial Benefit) This is a mixed use
project, with a new structure containing a ticket booth for the Miss Beach Haven, a takeout
food establishment, an office and storage on the ground floor at the bay: off street parking
on the ground level to the east and four single family residential dwelling units on the second
and third floors on the property designated Lots 1, 1.01, 2 & 2.01 in Block 141. Variance is
requested from strict compliance with the maximum impervious coverage provision of the
zoning ordinance. If the Board determines that a special reasons variance is required to
construct four dwelling units, then a special reasons variance is requested. Any other
variances, waivers or exceptions deemed necessary or appropriate by the Board will be
requested at the hearing. ( carried from April 6, 2015 meeting) New Site Plan received on
Friday, March 27, 2015 with change to disclosure statements and other requirements.
To be read into the record only (Minor Site Plan Committee 3- person committee)
Key West Skin Care & Gifts previous owner Silver Sun (jewelry) new owner Key West Crepes
and Sandwiches, LLC Louis Cordos & Mary Jo Postier located at 325 Ninth Street (approved in
Sea La Vie 211 N. Bay Avenue former business Belladonna (Donna Caccamo) new owner
Denise Giardina for a Boutique & Home Décor ( approved in committee)
Just Love ( Jewelry Store) 830 North Bay Avenue previous owner Nancy Bentz change of
owners new owner Aytac Ozgul. (approved in committee)
Beach Haven Laundromat 106 N. Bay Avenue Block 150 Lot 2 formerly Jack’s Family Billiards
Hours of operation will be 6:00AM to 10:00PM business owner Whitney Marshall & Jackie
Fife. (approved in committee)
The Woohoo, LLC. Meghan & Sean Kilroy new owners formerly The Frosted Mug Launa &
Ron Ruoff located at 221 South Bay Avenue Block 134 Lots 2 and 15 (hours of operation are as
follows 6:00AM to 10:00PM (approved in committee)
Bunkerfish, LLC, Bay Village Cart formerly E Cigarette Kiosk proposed use by Jesse Temple as
as Art Prints( original clothing line & Artwork ) One Article of Clothing may be displayed
Block 187.02 Lot 3) (approved in committee)
Bills and Minutes since April 6, 2015
Old Business