CUSO Workshop: The Changing Value of English Studies

CUSO Workshop:
The Changing Value of English Studies
Sunday 26 April, St Ours
Seminar 1: The Value of English Studies
Discussion of the distributed texts with the three keynote speakers: Prof.
Laura Brown (Cornell), Prof. Stefan Collini (Cambridge), Prof. John Joseph
Questions for discussion:
Given the appeals to Socrates, Humboldt, Newman, Arnold and Mill in the
current debates, where is the change in the value of English Studies (or the
humanities)? If there are changes, are they changes in extrinsic or intrinsic
value? Are English Studies headed for extinction? Or just in ruins? What kind
of “value” are we talking about? Economic metaphor or Saussurean sign
(texts: Martha Nussbaum, from Not for Profit? Why Democracy Needs the
Humanities (2010), Stefan Collini, What Are Universities For? (2012), Helen
Small, The Value of the Humanities (2013), J.M.Coetzee, “Universities Headed
For Extinction” (2013))
10:30 Coffee break
10:45 Seminar 2: Changing Values and Paradigm Shifts
Question for discussion: Are paradigm shifts within the discipline of English
Studies related to public debates about the value of the humanities?
12:00 Lunch
13:00 Group Workshop: Practical rhetoric
How do I define and defend my own PhD project in relation to the changing
valuations of my field?
14:00 Coffee
14:30 Individual presentation of “What is the value of my PhD project and how
does it contribute to the academic field?” (with feedback)
16:00 approximate end-point
Student preparation: Read the distributed texts and prepare a 5 min. presentation of
“the value” of your PhD project as it relates to your general academic field.