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Bookcliffs Arts Center
2015 Membership Application
The Bookcliffs Arts Center’s mission is to promote the arts and humanities throughout our Western Colorado region
through the development of programs and events which meet the needs of our artistic community while fostering stronger
public appreciation of arts and culture. The Bookcliffs Arts Center (Bookcliffs Council on the Arts and Humanities, DBA
Bookcliffs Arts Council) is a non-profit public charity operating under federal 501-c3 organizational status, FEIN 841087796
Become a member today and help support the arts and humanities - Gift memberships are available! Individual, Family
and Business memberships are pro-rated annually. Annual renewals for all categories of support will be emailed and
mailed to current members.
_____ Individual $24
_____ Family $36
_____ Patron - $500-$1000
_____ Lifetime – 5,001 – 10,000
_____ Business -$72
_____ Sustaining - $1,001 – 5,000
_____ Cornerstone – 10,001 +
Individual / Family / Business Name: ________________________________________Date ________
Mailing Address: ________________________________________________________________
E-mail address: __________________________________________________________________
Phone Numbers: (cell) ____________________ (home) __________________________________
Thank you for your support!
We respect your privacy and do not sell your private information.
____ Sign me up for timely e-mail updates and the electronic newsletter (produced digitally only)
____ No, I prefer not to receive updates or the newsletter via e-mail
Please place a check mark next to an area in
which you would like to volunteer
____ Hospitality (Greeting &
____ Show (Planning &
organization of shows)
____ Communication
(Emails, website, newsletter,
social networking)
____ Program (Educational programs,
student mentorship, workshops for
seniors, presentations)
____Building & Landscaping
____ Marketing ((Planning &
promotion & fundraising)
Please place a checkmark to the type of
Art you are most interested in
____ Graphic Arts, ____ Photography,
____ Sculpture ____ Dance,
____Music____ Theater,
____Fiction ____Non-Fiction,
____ Poetry, ____ Gardening,
____Knitting, ____Jewelry,
____Cooking, ____Other
Bookcliffs Council on the Arts and Humanities, PO Box 1295
1100 East 16th Street, Rifle, CO 81650, 970-625-1889
Please return this completed form and payment to BAC PO Box 1295, Rifle, CO 81650
Bookcliffs Council on the Arts and Humanities, PO Box
1100 East 16th Street, Rifle, CO 81650, 970-6251889