Maintenance in Operations and Exercises: A Defense

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Maintenance in Operations and Exercises
How can SAP® solutions enable you to change the game?
SAP software helps defense and security organizations plan, execute, and document maintenance tasks during deployments. Field technicians
can use distributed maintenance and mobile-based defense and security software to access work orders and manage maintenance tasks,
regardless of communications challenges and limited connection to the home-based enterprise resource planning system. Less equipment
downtime leads to greater force readiness.
What do SAP solutions help customers do?
Key facts
Distributed maintenance
- 13%
lead times*
+ 28%
Wrench time
Plan, execute, and document maintenance tasks during deployments and field operations
and share related data across multiple systems – a centralized ERP and multiple field
system with streamlined transacting capability online and offline.
Maintenance planning and execution on mobile devices
Access work orders, schedule maintenance tasks, perform jobs, and record results, all on
a mobile device – and all regardless of limited communications and connectivity. Streamlined mobile IT support for field maintenance processes during deployments and exercises.
By automating monitoring,
notifications, and resolution of
maintenance work orders*
What are the benefits?
With SAP software, defense organizations can better plan, execute, and document maintenance tasks
during deployments through:
• Increased ability to improve weapon system reliability, availability, and sustainability
• Heightened ability to gain better asset-readiness insight to increase asset utilization
• Immediate awareness into and execution of planned and preventive maintenance activities
• Increased ability to reduce unplanned downtime and outages
• An established process to execute equipment maintenance tasks at the right times, lowering costs
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Why SAP?
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SAP offers a comprehensive, tightly integrated portfolio of solutions for defense and security
organizations. The software helps the military focus on key processes and activities to fulfill its
missions efficiently, at home and abroad.
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