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Digital Policing
How can SAP® solutions enable you to change the game?
With SAP solutions, police departments gain the high-power process integration needed to gain a real-time, comprehensive view of complex
processes and movements throughout a community. With tools to sense and predict, police can act immediately with appropriate resources to
provide secure and safe communities for their citizens.
What do SAP solutions help customers do?
Intelligent operations center
Provide information and analytics
for a clear real-time picture of
Operational resource management
Improve performance by optimizing
and delivering resources in real time.
Key facts
Incidents, leads, and investigations
Manage the full investigative
lifecycle to efficiently solve cases.
+ 23%
Time for analysis
Of data for organizations where
query results are cached*
Predictive intelligence
Use predictive insight to expose
hidden threats buried inside vast
amounts of data.
Cyber resilience
Increase cyber security through
clearer insight and better planning.
► New York State Office of
Emergency Management
► Foshan City Public Security
What are the benefits?
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With SAP solutions simplifying operations, police gain resilience and insight to provide:
• A full investigative picture and resource optimization for better community protection
• Keener anticipation of threats, faster response, and improved performance
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Why SAP?
Real-time policing is reality with the SAP HANA® platform, which integrates every function to drive a
unified, comprehensive view that enables police departments to keep communities and citizens safe.
*SAP Performance Benchmarking
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