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Learner Fee Management
How can SAP® solutions enable you to change the game?
Solutions from SAP help institutions accurately calculate and manage student tuition and fees. Support for various fee types helps ensure that
all educational services are fully captured and accounted for, which increases service reimbursements. Having a single view of the student to
enable accurate billing and collections, coupled with graduation requirements, helps institutions enhance student satisfaction and service.
What do SAP solutions help customers do?
Key facts
Student billing and receivables
Integrate all student academic and financial data on a unified platform to provide a realtime view of costs, payments, and institution requirements for a clear path to graduation.
Enable self-service options with mobile support.
Cost reduction
In operations when the majority
of processes are standardized*
More time spent on
When systems can support historic,
current, and predictive analysis*
What are the benefits?
SAP solutions support better insights for decision making so institutions can achieve:
 Greater integration of education and financial data in real time for better tracking and coordination
 Full 360-degree insight into all relevant financial data and institution obligations for better planning
 Better identification of possible payment schedules with powerful predictive analytics and modeling
 Easier engagement of administrators and students with real-time alerts if delinquencies arise
 More robust support for self-services on an integrated mobile platform
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Why SAP?
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SAP solutions connect processes for industry value chains by integrating horizontal lines of business
with higher education and research solutions on premise, in the cloud, and through mobile devices.
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