High School Summer Team Flyer

 Hard 90 College Prep Summer Teams
We are looking for high school players ages 15-18 interested in playing at the collegiate
level. We are offering a comprehensive workout and practice plan through out the
summer (June 1 to August 10) along with multiple competitive tournaments.
Teams will participate in each week:
! 2 two-hour outdoor practices
! 2 speed/agility post practice sessions
! 2 one hour team strength and condition training sessions with
Specialized Fitness
! 2 one hour hitting sessions with coach
! Full access to the Hard 90 facility
Full access to CBP’s reports
3 Consultations w/ College
! Contact coaches for players
You will have access to
College Baseball Prep’s firsthand information gathered
from talking to college
coaches. Our goal is to provide
you with the best opportunity
to play in college and put you
in direct contact with college
coaches. For more information,
visit their website at
Opportunity to cut the cost Work at Hard 90 summer camps to have a chance to cut your cost for the whole Summer College Prep program. For more information, give The Clubhouse a call at (916) 365-­‐4977