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Commercially-Ready Technology:
FacilityConneX by AutomaTech (Building Monitoring & Commissioning Software)
FacilityConneX is a software solution that delivers real-time equipment monitoring, fault detection &
diagnosis, and advanced building commissioning analytics to help significantly reduce a building’s
energy and utility usage. It enables customers to identify exactly which equipment, across their
facilities, are generating excessive energy waste, causing maintenance and operations efficiencies, and
leading to poor occupant comfort. Their parent company, AutomaTech, has been in business for 20+
years, and the GE software that FacilityConneX is powered by has been deployed to over 20,000
facilities across the globe.
The FacilityConneX platform has several major deployments at the Southcoast Health System group of
hospitals, several municipals buildings and schools, and several industrial manufacturers and OEMs.
The service is offered as an annual subscription and the company estimates 10%–30% reduction in
energy usage, often with simple paybacks of less than 12 months.
Target Customers/Possible Applications:
Buildings with existing DDC systems or with systems that are undergoing a DDC upgrade or new
installation. Having a team that can make adjustments to those systems is helpful.
The Commonwealth’s Accelerated Energy Program (AEP) stated goal is to “employ continuous
commissioning (a process that involves facility staff in regular review of equipment performance and
calibration) to improve facility operation and maintenance.” As such, and ideal host site for
FacilityConneX would be a subset of the AEP List of Owned Facilities that have a combined 100,000+
square footage of building space, including:
Higher education & campuses
Hospital and healthcare facilities
Correctional facilities
Large administrative buildings
Contact Information:
Marc Hodgson, Director
(o) (774) 283-6008
(c) (978) 580-6978
[email protected]