COA News - Volume 1 Issue 2015-03

IPCOA Newsletter
2014 in Review
Important News
The website is up!
*feedback is welcomed
You can now contact the board
townhomes to funnel water away from our foundations.
Down spouting was added to several Quincy Ave units to properly
handle rainwater. This will be completed for all townhomes as part of the
through a form on the website
homepage or by emailing
Driveways were paved and soil and mulch was added around the
maintenance schedule.
[email protected]
We received results from an engineering study and several bids for work
to be done to correct basement flooding in some Quincy townhomes.
Upcoming in 2015
Important Dates
Work will begin to correct basement flooding in some Quincy townhomes
Mar 18
UAJA Board Meeting
Continued exterior maintenance – sidewalks, minor repairs, etc.
Mar 28
Easter Egg Hunt
We will have a new vendor, DC Landscaping, for lawn care this spring.
Meet Teri Spence – our newest board member!
April 23 COA Meeting
May 16
Community Yard Sale
May 19
Bulk Trash Day
May 23
Pool Opening!
July 23
COA Meeting
The DEED to our common
property will be approved and filed
under the HOA name in Q1 2015!
SUMMER (TBD) Annual Block Party
Oct 22
There are some details left to
handle, but this is good news!!
COA Meeting
IPCOA Board members:
President – Randy Riesterer
VP – Charles Ferman
Secretary – Laura Henrickson
Treasurer – Deb Hassinger
Representative – Teri Spence
*Managed by Continental Real
Estate Management, Inc.
Everybody knows about the stink. Those who live in or visit our neighborhood
and the surrounding community can smell the odor from the UAJA and often are
unable to enjoy time spent outside because of it.
PLEASE contribute to the UAJA study and report every time you smell the odor.
The form is available online at > Downloads > “Odor
Observation Data Collection Sheet”.
5361 x 7706.
*Or you can call Jason Brown at (814) 238-