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Newly acquired print titles on Counseling Psychology and Mental Health
Counseling and Therapy Skills (2011) by David G. Martin
This is a practical guide for beginning and experienced counselors. The author unravels the complexities
of the therapeutic process without condescension or intimidation, teaching helping professionals how
to invest themselves to make clients feel deeply known and accepted. The author also describes and
encourages the use of evocative empathy, an active process in which therapists listen to their clients
intended message so that they feel understood and gain the ability to be their own problem solver.
The book covers different therapy approaches, relationship building, the mind-body connection, ways
that therapy can cause damage, the therapeutic alliance, mindfulness and cross-cultural counseling.
Engaging with Complexity: Child and Adolescent Mental Health and Education
(2011) by Rita Harris
These are narratives of courage from the educational “coalface” in a variety of European settings. The
reader is engaged by observations of children, some of whom have been subject to unbearable loss
and terror. There are no quick fixes here. This is careful work based on psychoanalytical and systemic
principles. Through understanding past and present relationships staff and pupils are able to make sense
of otherwise futile or destructive obstacles to learning.
Child and Adolescent Psychopathology (2013) by Theodore P. Beauchaine and
Stephen P. Hinshaw
Child and Adolescent Psychopathology, Second Edition is the only comprehensive text on childhood
and adolescent disorders that addresses genetic, neurobiological, and environmental factors within a
developmental perspective. The new edition includes more on epigenetics, classification, culture and
context and emphasizes how, when, and why disorders emerge among young people and in what
ways symptom profiles change at different stages of development.
Mental Health Issues & the University Student by Doris Iarovici
Dr. Iarovici describes the current college mental health crisis and narrates how college mental health
services have evolved along with changes in student populations. She discusses students’ lifestyle
problems and psychiatric concerns, using case vignettes to explore a variety of interventions. Included
are discussions of substance abuse, relationship difficulties, eating disorders, depression and anxiety,
and culture clashes. Problems uniquely addressed in this book include sleep disturbances and
perfectionism. An essential component of the volume is a guide to making emergency assessments, from
risk classification and hospitalization to public safety and communication within and outside the campus