news27 - Mr. Cribbs Third Grade Class

Mr. Cribbs' Third Grade
St. Charles Elementary School
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St. Charles, Michigan 48655
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March 16, 2015
Volume 27
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Active Listening
Reading Workshop
"Lifeskill of the Week"
This past week, we continued our study of award winning
African-American picture books. Most of this week's
books were biographies of jazz musicians and one
regarding MLK Jr. Ask your child what he or she recalls
from the stories we read this past week.
Each week our school is discussing and practicing a
new lifeskill. Students will be nominated for
demonstrating the "Life Skill of the Week." These are
ideas we should all practice. Students are nominated
for school certificates and prizes. Encourage your
child to show their lifeskills at home and school.
March is Reading Month
This past week our school had an assembly to kick-off
the reading contest between boys and girls. Students
are encouraged to return their reading minutes each
day to be calculated for end of the day results. Each
Friday our school will have special dress days. During
the week, children can enter contests by guessing
characters of Dr. Seuss stories.
Word Study/Spelling
Each week our class will be studying word patterns and
vocabulary. These words will make up our spelling
lists for each week. Your child will be responsible for
weekly spelling sentences (due each Thursday) followed
by a test of these words. This week's words are:
New Class Reading Challenge
For the next three weeks students will track their reading
and achievement on comprehension tests of different
genres for our next reading club. Students are
responsible for tracking their progress by writing the
titles of 12 books and the corresponding AR scores.
Time to read these books is given each day and
students may read free-choice books at home. Our
class is striving for 100% of students reaching this goal.
Calling All ISP's
12. clear
13. cheer
14. steer
7. bedroom
12. popcorn
8. butterfly
13. everyone
9. grandfather 14. anyone
10. everybody
11. backyard
"Does Your Child Know...?"
"Does your child know...?" is a new feature in our class
newsletter. Each week, several questions will appear
in our newsletter to ask your child to demonstrate his or
her understanding.
Does your child know how to identify a noun, verb, pronoun,
adjective, and/or adverb?
Our class is still looking for students interested in
exploring a topic of interest on their own and presenting
it to our class. Some requirements apply, but students
can research their topic with little guidance and give our
class and education through an Independent Study Project.
Does your child know 5 or more strategies to solve a
multiplication/division problem?
Does your child know how to correctly identify a point, line, ray,
line segment, right, acute, obtuse, and straight angle?
Does your child know how to read with expression?
Building Reading Comprehension
P Preview book illustrations
P Make predictions-characters, setting, problem/solution
P Ask yourself questions-I wonder?
7. deer
8. stereo
9. fair
10. stairs
11. fear
Next week's words are:
Third Grade Writing
The past few weeks our class has practiced writing
short paragraphs with an emphasis on word choice,
organization, and conventions. This week our class will
extend these ideas to include multiple paragraphs to
form an essay. Students will be expected to transfer
our use of vivid vocabulary and concentrate on proper
sentence conventions (caps & periods) to complete an
organized essay.
P Read words surrounding an unknown word
P Infer-make reasonable statements from what you've read
P Make connections-text to self, to world, or to other texts