Preparing a Company Newsletter

7. make the following changes to the presentation:
a. Apply the Parallax design theme and the red variant (fourth
thumbnail in the Variants group).
b. Add the Switch transition (located in the Exciting section) with a
left effect to all slides.
c. Add the Camera sound to all slides.
d. Specify that all slides advance automatically after five seconds.
8. Run the presentation.
Preparing a Company
Planning and Designing the Layout
Planning a Newsletter
• Use pictures of different people from your organization in each issue.
• Distribute contributor sheets soliciting information from employees.
• Keep the focus of the newsletter on issues of interest to employees.
Planning a Newsletter
• Make sure the focus is on various levels of employment; do not focus on top
management only.
• Conduct regular surveys to see if your newsletter provides a needed source
of information.
Designing a Newsletter
• Consider the following elements when designing a newsletter:
White space
Directional flow
Designing a Newsletter
• Maintain consistent elements from issue to issue such as:
Column layout
Nameplate formatting and location
Formatting of headlines
Use of color
Creating a Newsletter Layout
• Choose paper size
• Choose paper weight
• Determine margins
• Specify column layout