Brownies Can Do It! - Girl Guides Ontario

Brownies Can Do It!
November 22-24, 2013
Icebreaker Game: Huckle Buckle/ Riki Tiki
Putting the Girls First
-Involving the girls in the planning process ensures the girls:
1. do activities they enjoy
2. are engaged in the activities
3. develop planning skills
-How should a leader go about this planning?
1. In September, discuss with the girls ideas and record them on paper
2. Or, if you prefer to plan in advance, discuss this at a final meeting/camp
Communication Game: Picture Telephone
Involving the Girls in Meetings
-Gathering Activity
-Have a 2nd Year Call Group Names for Opening
-Have a girl in charge of collecting scissors, pencils, etc.
-Have girls plan a campfire to lead
-Tidy up tasks
-Reward System: Badge Bag
Cooperation Game: Mine Field
Cooperation Game: Sprinkle Tip
Building Confidence and Leadership Skills
-Code of Conduct
Trust Game: Tunnel Run
Bullying Activity: Toothpaste Squeeze
Special 1st/2nd Year Time
-Give special time to each age group (eg. Having the 2nd years get a unique event)
-Allows the girls to feel unique and appreciated
-Each age group gets appropriate challenges
Brownies Can Do It!
November 22-24, 2013
Encourage Independent Actions and Thoughts
-Triple Try: Try yourself, Ask a friend, then Ask a Leader
-Praise their efforts
-Don’t give immediate expected answers
-“Where should I put this piece of garbage?” “I don’t know, where should we put garbage?”
Trying Yourself Game: 4 Corners and a Rope (Asking for Help)
Other Ideas
Flowerpot BBQ
Sparks- Making your Own Bed Roll
Campfire Template
Poems for Ceremonies
Edible Bedroll and Campfires
Think Outside the Box –ex. Looking after an egg
Meal Headband Game
Positive Comments on a Page