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Continuation of the ‘Jolly Phonics’ programme
Reinforcement of the letter
sounds— s, a, t, p, i & n
New letters — c, k, e, h r, m & d
Continued development of early
writing skills.
Sharing of songs, poems, rhymes and stories.
Please continue to visit your local library,
choosing fiction and non-fiction
books .
Traditional tales focusing on the
rhythms, similarities and
differences and morals.
Thinking Skills
This terms dispositions are:
* ‘Resilience’
*‘Imagination and
Continued development of mouse skills and control log onto purple
mash to help your daughter to practise and develop her mouse
skills at home.
Learning names of the parts of a computer.
Free access to the computers, the Interactive White Board and electronic
toys including camera’s,
Computer based activities that link to our topic, letters and numbers of the
week. Support her learning by making her aware of how everyday technology
works. Enjoy ‘Expresso’ with your daughters too!
Understanding of the World
Minibeasts and story animals - what
they eat, their habitat and work on
descriptions of animals.
People in the Community– including
teachers, parents, the police, firefighters.
Share factual stories about minibeasts and people in the community
Continue to share the
changes taking place
in the weather and
You are most welcome and we would like
to encourage you to share with us your
job or a hobby you may have with the
Personal, Social and Emotional
We continue to :
reinforce ‘good behaviour’ and remind
the girls of the ‘rules’
Circle time continues to take place
and focus on morals, feelings and self
reflection through stories and
* remind girls that using unkind and ‘rude’ words is
Physical Development
* The girls continue to have
weekly PE and ‘independent’ access to our Nursery garden
* Girls continue to share the Reception garden during Lunch
* Weekly ballet lesson
and Yoga sessions
* The girls are encouraged to utilise the outdoor learning on a daily basis.
*We continue to support your
daughters to develop their fine
motor skills through multisensory activities such as sand,
water, early -writing, play dough,
clay, painting and threading.
*Please reinforce correct pencil
grip and cutting skills at home.
No earrings or nail
polish please.
Longer hair should be tied back
with blue/black accessories.
Fleece hats and mittens/gloves
must be navy blue and named.
Only the school stripy scarf
from Pullens is permissible.
Please send one snack in a small
labelled snack box.
Please remember to return the
Nursery Bears promptly on a
Monday morning.
Register updated at 8.50 am
Girls learn about numbers through
games and fun activities, including the
use of computers and interactive
boards. Please reinforce this with
games at home.
We will continue to:
Learn to recognise and use numbers to 10 and counting to 20
Forming numerals 0-5 through
creative activities and using the
interactive white board.
Developing mathematical language of measures - tall/
taller, short/
shorter, big/medium/small
Girls will also be learning how to solve
simple practical problems.
Expressive Arts and
The girls continue to :
Have music sessions with specialist
Develop their imagination through
role play such as the kitchen; small
world play; Mr Maker’s Corner; free
painting; colour mixing activities and
multi-sensory activities.
Develop a love for singing and
acting out songs and stories.
Role play area - ‘Party House’