Revelwood Warmblood Stud 2014 SERVICE CONTRACT ABN: 43598548854

Revelwood Warmblood Stud
ABN: 43598548854
Amanda & David Shoobridge
Konda Rd
Phone: (02) 4372 2011
Fax: (02) 4372 1887
Name of Mare Owner:__________________________________________________________
Postal address of Owner: ______________________________________Post code_________
Telephone Number:
h) _____________________
w) __________________
m) ____________________
fax) _________________
Email address_______________________________________________________
Name of Mare: _________________________________
Year of birth:__________ Sire:___________________ Dam:______________________
Mare status (please circle)
foal at foot
Name of inseminating vet:_______________________________Phone:_______________
Address for semen delivery ___________________________________P/C_____________
Please send semen with
o Qantas Freight (same day $250 to airport)
o Toll (overnight $85 to street address weekdays only)
o Pick up from Revelwood Stud
Smash Hit
Ferrero Rocher
o Quando-Quando
o 00 Seven
o Noble Dancer
Plus collection & chilling costs ($250 per collection)
Service certificate type-:
select one only
o ACE (All Stallions)
o AWHA (all stallions excl Noble Dancer)
o Hanoverian (all stallions excl Noble Dancer and Smash Hit)
Signature of Mare Owner:___________________________
For bank deposit: Revelwood Warmblood Stud BSB: 082 201 Acc: 531638740
Credit Card Payment o Visa o Master Card o Bankcard
o Service fee, first collection fee & transport of semen
Card No. __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ Expiry Date: ___/___
There is a 2% Credit Card fee payable on all amounts charged to cards.
Name on Card: ………………………… Cardholders Signature: ………………………
Service fee, collection fee and freight must be paid in full before any semen will be dispatched.
1. All service fees are to be paid in full prior to collection or dispatch of any semen
2. Service fees are non refundable and non transferable (can not be sold to another party).
3. One service certificate will be issued per service fee paid. In the case of Embryo Transfer, If two
mares are bred with one insemination dose and both are pregnant, a second service fee is payable. If two
embryos are positively transferred from one breeding, a second service fee is payable for the second
4. Collection of and transportation costs for the semen are payable by the Owner.
5. In the case that the selected stallion is unavailable due to injury or competition, the service fee may be
transferred to another stallion available through Revelwood.
6. Mare owners are advised that a live foal guarantee does not guarantee that a live foal will be born by the
mare being bred. This term entitles the mare owner to a return breeding for the same mare to the same
stallion, in the subsequent breeding season. This applies only in the case that the mare should a) fail to
conceive, b) abort the foetus or c) the foal die within 24hrs of birth. A veterinary certificate must be supplied.
7. Should the mare owner fail to have a veterinarian examine the pregnancy for twins or abortions at
or before eighteen days (18) after insemination, and between forty (40) and sixty (60) days after
conception, the live foal guarantee will be void. It is the responsibility of the mare owner to assist in
maintaining the pregnancy with regular veterinary checks. Revelwood Warmblood Stud will not honour Live
Foal Guarantees when the mare owner has neglected to undertake appropriate examinations.
8. The stud must be notified within seven (7) days of the results of the pregnancy test as outlined
above (point 7) or the live foal guarantee will be void.
9. The Stud will not honour Live Foal Guarantees when the mare loses a pregnancy due to poor health
caused from owner’s neglect. Appropriate feed, water and shelter should be available to the pregnant mare
at all times.
10. A $250 rebreeding fee will be charged upon exercising the Live Foal Guarantee. This also applies
to any mares needing to be rebred for subsequent seasons.
11. The breeding season will commence on 1 September and close on the 31 of March each year. Mares
must be bred within this period.
12. The Stud exercises the right to refuse any mare for breeding for whatever reasons.
13. Mare owners are advised to have their mares assessed for breeding soundness before breeding by an
appropriately qualified veterinarian.
14. All accounts are to be paid in full before service certificates will be issued.
15. Service certificates cannot be issued without appropriate registration papers or proof of identity.
16. Semen can be collected and shipped on any day of the week however additional transportation fees
apply to Monday, Saturday and Sunday deliveries.
Acknowledged by: ______________________Signature _________________ Date__________
Please enclose a copy of the mares registration papers, pedigree and markings.