The South Island Warmblood Championship Show Sunday 2 November 2014

The South Island Warmblood
Championship Show
Sunday 2nd November 2014
Held at NEC - McLeans Island
Rules & Conditions of Entry
No Dogs on Grounds
All horses are to be registered with a recognized Warmblood Association i.e NZWHA, TBNZ, NZHS,
HHAANZ etc. Registration numbers to be on Entry Form or entries will NOT be accepted. (NZWBA ID
registration accepted)
The New Zealand Warmblood Association Committee reserves the right to make any alterations to the
programme or any class as it sees fit.
1. Judging commences at 8.30am Sharp. Exhibitors must be ready to enter the ring when the class is
called. Note: If you are entered in more than one section, the Main Ring will take preference as no late
exhibitors under any circumstances may enter the ring once judging has commenced.
2. Colts (Youngstock) and Stallions Must be bitted and their Handlers Must be 18 yrs & Over
3. The Show is open to Stallions, Mares & Geldings.
Ridden horses must be 3yrs & over.
4. In all sections the winners of the Best Presented class are NOT eligible for the Championship.
5. For the Championship classes 1st place getters are required for judging with 2nd place getters to be
standing by for Reserve if required by the judge.
6. A Novice is defined as a horse that has not won 6 Conformation classes i.e Maiden, Novice, Open,
Ladies or Gents Hack in any breed or open section at any A&P or Breed Show.
7. Novice horses may enter Open classes.
Protests: All protest must be in writing and be lodged with the Secretary within 30mins of the incident
occurring. All protests must be accompanied by a deposit of $50 which will be refunded only if the protest
is upheld. The decision of the Protest Committee will be final.
The New Zealand Warmblood Association Committee will not be responsible for any accident, loss or
damage that may be caused to or suffered by any exhibit, person or property. It shall be a condition of
the signed Entry Form that each exhibitor shall hold the Committee indemnified against any claim in
respect of any such accident, damage or loss.
Entry Fee for all classes:
Members: $10 Non Members:
Late Fee of $10 applies to all entries received after close of entries
Cheques made payable to South Island Warmblood Show or via internet
banking with payment showing by Wednesday 29th October 2014.
01 0141 0050693 02
A Member is an exhibitor who is a paid financial member of the NZWBA.
Questions or enquiries? Email [email protected] or Phone Michelle Zielazo between 5pm & 9pm on
0272 540 574
Entries Close: Wednesday 29th October 2014
Prizes & Trophies:
Bryan Perpetual Trophy
For the winner of the
Ridden Performance Showcase
Dress Rugs to winners of Supreme Led,
& Supreme Ridden
NZWA Champion Classified
Horses eligible for the NZWA Classified classes must have been through the NZWA classification
process & passed inspection. This will be verified by the Registrar. The champion from this
section is NOT eligible for the Supreme Inhand.
BBQ and other refreshments available to purchase on the day – cash only.
Main Ring – commences at 8.30am
Senior Section:
Class 1 - Best Presented Senior
Class 2 - Pony Gelding 4yrs & over
Class 3 - Gelding 4 – 6 yrs
Class 4 - Gelding 7 yrs & over
Champion and Reserve Gelding
Class A – Classified Gelding
Class 5 - Pony Mare 4yrs & over
Class 6 - Mare 4 – 6 yrs
Class 7 - Mare 7 yrs & over
Champion and Reserve Mare
Class B – Classified Mare
Class 8 - Pony Stallion 4yrs & over
Class 9 - Stallion 4 – 6 yrs
Class 10 - Stallion 7 yrs & over
Champion and Reserve Stallion
Class C – Classified Stallion
Class 11 – Best Walking Senior
Class 12 – Best Trotting Senior
Junior Section:
Class 13 - Colt & Filly Foal (winner eligible for relevant Junior Male or Filly championship)
Class 14 - Best Presented Youngstock
Class 15 - Yearling Gelding
Class 16 - Yearling Colt
Class 17 - 2 yr old Gelding
Class 18 - 2 yr old Colt
Class 19 - 3 yr old Gelding
Class 20 - 3 yr old Colt
Champion and Reserve Junior Male
Class D – Classified Junior Male
Class 21 - Yearling Filly
Class 22 – 2 yr old Filly
Class 23 – 3 yr old Filly
Champion and Reserve Filly
Class E – Classified Filly
Class 24 – Best Walking Junior
Class 25 – Best Trotting Junior
NZWA Champion Classified Warmblood
To be Judged between the winners of the Classified classes.
NZWA Supreme Led Warmblood
To be judged from Senior Gelding, Senior Mare & Senior Stallion
& Junior Male & Junior Filly Champions
Judging in Dressage arena’s from 10.00am – 12.30pm
Dressage Tests from NZEF Dressage Book 2013
Note: Insufficient entries may cause the deletion of classes
Class 26 - Level 1 – 1.3
Class 27 - Level 2 – 2.3
Class 28 - Level 3 – 3.3
Class 29 - Level 4 – 4.3
Class 30 - Level 5 – 5.3
Judging in Dressage arena 11.00am – 12.30pm
“Bryan Perpetual Trophy”
Presented by Jack & Berenice Bryan
This class will be Judged on Horse’s Trainability & Comfort of Movement.
Horse’s are to be ridden for approximately 10 mins by the Guest Rider. No times
will be given and exhibitors are encouraged to present horses as early as
Class 31 - Ridden Performance Showcase
Main Ring – Approx 1pm start
Class 32 - Best Presented Horse & Rider
Class 33 - Novice 0 – 3 wins (Snaffle Bit)
Class 34 - Novice 0 – 5 wins (Snaffle Bit)
Champion & Reserve Novice Ridden
Class 35 - Open Pony
Class 36 - Open 3 & 4 yr old (Snaffle Bit)
Class 37 - Open 5 & 6 yr old (Snaffle Bit)
Class 38 - Open 7 yrs old & over
Champion & Reserve Open Ridden
Class 39 - Best Paced Warmblood
Class 40 - Best Mannered Warmblood
Class 41 - Suitability for Dressage
Class 41 - Suitability for Jumping
Class 43 – Suitability Eventing
NZWBA Supreme Ridden
Judged between Champion Novice & Champion Open