Mary Kay, Inc Marketing Plan Avenues of Income

Mary Kay, Inc Marketing Plan
Avenues of Income
1. Classes/Parties/Shows or Facials - 50% Commission
This is the highest direct sales commission paid in the United States. Sales
at an average class with (6) guests average approximately $300. Sales at a
facial with one or two people average approximately $100.
2. Reorders - 50% Commission
Our product is consumable, like bread or milk, so reorders become a large part of our income. An average
customer using the basic skin care, some glamour and body care items will reorder about $225 each year.
3. Dovetail - 15% Commission
With our priorities of God, Faith and Family when a consultant is unable to hold an appointment, another
consultant can take the appointment and pay the original consultant who booked it a 15% dovetail fee.
This allows us to keep our lives in balance and not disappoint a customer.
4. Team Building - 4% Commission with 1st active team member; $50 bonus for each
qualified ($600 wholesale) team member for your 4th and up. 9% Commission for
5th or more active team members. 13% Commission when 5 or more active team
members place minimum $200 wholesale orders during one month, plus your own
personal $600 wholesale order.
This commission is paid directly from Mary Kay, Inc. in the form of a commission check. It is never out of the
team members pocket. This continues to be paid on a month to month basis for as long as the team member
and recruiter are active ($200 wholesale once every 3 months) with the company.
5. Grand Achiever - White Chevy Cruse or $375 Monthly Cash Compensation
The Grand Achievers have use of the car for personal and business. The company pays a good portion of the
insurance and car licensing. You earn a new car every two years when maintaining performance requirements.
6. Directorship - 13% Commission and other great bonus incentives
This commission is paid on a monthly basis to the unit Sales Director from the company in the form of a commis
sion check. This check is based on the unit’s wholesale production. Directors may also qualify for unit and
volume bonuses and unit team building bonuses. Directors can also qualify to earn a Chevy Equinox or Toyota
Camary or a $500 monthly cash option. The ultimate Pink SRX Crossover or CTS Cadillac or $900 monthly cash
option. Directors can also earn a annual Top Director Trip all around the world provided by Mary Kay, Inc. and
includes your spouse, if married.
7. National Sales Director
National Sales Directors receive a Pink Cadillac of their choice with any options added or $1400 monthly cash
option. They are awarded an annual National Sales Director Trip all over the world with their spouse. And
uniquely to Mary Kay, Inc receive a fully-funded family security retirement program.
Mary Kay is a Dual-Marketing Program
Mary Kay, Inc. is NOT a pyramid or Multi-Level company. Here is what makes us so special and unique…
1) All wholesale orders are placed directly to Mary Kay, Inc. and shipped directly to consultant/director via UPS.
2) All consultants/directors earn the same discount of 50%. 3) You can advance the Career Path based on
your own efforts, no leveling, legs or tiers. 4) All commissions are paid to consultants/directors directly from
Mary Kay, Inc. through a check or direct deposit.
Tax Benefits and Deductions
As a self-employed, independent contractor, there are tremendous tax benefits with a Mary Kay business.
The company suggests that you consult a tax accountant concerning specific business expenses. Also suggest
getting a tax accountant that deals with small business and even better, knows the Mary Kay business. Here
are some deductions suggested. Mileage for business, telephone or cellphone, internet connection, postage,
skin care class supplies, office supplies, entertainment and travel, computer/ ipad/ laptop, home or rental
deductions and more.
No territories, No glass ceiling, No quotas, Full training program, Prizes, Tax benefits, Retirement for NSD’s
totally funded by Mary Kay, Inc.
Investment Required
$100 Starter Kit plus shipping and local sales tax, Inventory is optional, but recommended, 90% buy-back
guarantee from the company so there is No Risk.
Company Facts
Mary Kay is one of the largest direct sellers of skin care and color cosmetics in the world.
Mary Kay has a strong presence in more than 35 markets throughout Europe, Asia Pacific and the Americas.
With the largest markets in the United States, China, Mexico and Russia.
Mary Kay product line includes more than 200 premium products in five categories; facial skin care, color
cosmetics, body care, sun protection and fragrance.
Mary Kay global independent sales force exceeds 3 million.
The Mary Kay Foundation was created in 1996, and its mission is two-fold: to fund research affecting women
and to help prevent domestic violence while raising awareness of the issue. Since the Foundation’s inception,
it has awarded $31 million to shelters and programs addressing domesic violence prevention and $18 million to
cancer researchers and related causes throughout the United States (figures stated through 2012).
97% of all donations are used to support cancer research and programs
to prevent violence. Less than 3% goes to administrative expenses.
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