British Craft Breweries Export Project/iNet
• Developing a framework for breweries to export to
• Our objective - to deliver a plan that identifies a
structured approach to the product, process and
marketing required to sell craft beers to China.
British Craft Brewers Export Project Partners
Clements Marketing Ltd, Nottingham. Project management, business plan, branding,
marketing and commercial issues
Thornbridge Brewery, Bakewell. Key lead brewer being Interested to sell into China
University of Nottingham Food and Biofuel Innovation Centre in the School of Biosciences.
Shelf life, Product groupings and knowledge of brewers. List of export ready brewers
UKTI: Market research, regulatory aspects, shipping, import regulations, packing and
Consult: Food and Drink Export Federation, China-Britain Council. Asia Business Centre,
British Pub and Brewery Association
Project Deliverables
China Market – market conditions, demand, demographics and taste,.
current suppliers and distribution options
Product Development
List of export ready brewers. Which beers? Product concept, technical
and regulatory issues
Brand Development
Brand concept and identity
Sales and Marketing
Marketing plan: packaging, promotion, event, website, sales channels
Shipping, import agents, regulations, customer service
Business Case Development
Costing model – cash flow
Offering the finest new Craft Beers from the UK to China.
A range of high quality beers, combining a strong heritage with
fresh and exciting flavours for the premium market.
Chosen Breweries for China Sampling
Chinese Beer Market
• China is the largest beer market in the world.
• Worth 450 billion litres per year – 25 % of global beer consumption.
• Market value of RMB 454 billion – a 63% increase over the past 5 years.
• Premium products occupy 15% market share.
• Asian-Pacific region of the premium beer market has a capacity of 13.5 million
Chinese Beer Domestic Brands
• Snow
• Budweiser
• Corona
• Tsingtao
• Harbin
Price point in supermarkets:
4-10 yuan (40p to £1)
German Imported Beers
Paulaner, Wittinger, Erdinger,Benediktiner etc.
Price: Supermarkets – 15-20 Yuan
Bars – 30-70 Yuan
Belgian Imported Beers-Duvel, Hoegaarden, Chimay
Fruit Beers—Lindemans Framboise and Kriek
UK Imported Beers
• Greene King
• Fullers
• Wells and Young
• Brewdog
Price: Supermarkets – 11-20 Yuan
• Samuel Smiths
Beer Import Legislation
When importing beer into China, there are in total of eight steps. These are
summarised as follows:
Registration of the Exporter with the Certification and Accreditation
Administration of the People’s Republic of China (CNCA)
Recording of labels with the local Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau
Receipts Examination before beer arrival at port of entry
Customs Declaration
Examination of Product and its Release
Customs Clearance
Legal Commodity Inspection
Expense settlements for the importation process
Beer Labelling regulations in China
Name of the Beer in Chinese
Ingredients list including which can be titled as Raw materials or Raw and auxiliary
materials (in Chinese). The list of ingredients must appear as percentages in
descending order of content. Processing aids should be excluded from the
ingredient list.
Alcoholic Strength; including Alcoholic percentage
Original Malt Extract Content; with unit symbol of Plato (°P)
Name and address of manufacturer and distributor;
Date labelling; must include both the date of packaging as well as durability
information; the date should be ordered as year, month and date (2013/03/05,
hence illustrating the beer
Imported Beers-Labelling Regulations
Beer brands taken to China for tasting sessions and samples
Chengdu tasting session
Ningbo tasting session
Chengdu tasting session—Peak Ales-Gardeners Tap
Chinese Beer Tasting Feedback
British beers are special and innovative.
High alcohol content: Chinese people don’t like to get drunk in front of their families.
Ales were too bitter (hoppy in after taste).
Prefer the easier drinking more balanced ones.
Meantimes bottles thought attractive and were popular.
Thwaites Tavern Porter bottle looked distinguished
Females found the alcohol levels too high, but loved the fruit beer.
The milder dark beers were liked universally
Preferred beers were:
• Peak Ales Gardener’s tap
• Windsor & Eton Windsor knot
• Thornbridge Wild Raven
• Thwaites Tavern porter
• Thwaites Wainwright
• Thwaites Nutty black
Is there a market for British Craft Beer in China?
Yes, the time is right but things are moving very fast.
The Belgians and Germans have a strong foothold but have created the market. British have
no image.
Expats and western visitors, business men.
Young educated wealthy Chinese
Aspiration middle class
Women (with food?)
Connoisseur drinkers
Sell to:
Hotels, Bars, Restaurants
Smaller supermarket chains
Companies-Corporate Gift packs
Target Market---- the red wine drinkers
Selling Platform for British Craft Beer in China?
British brewing tradition
Innovative new flavours
Premium British image?
Quality and provenance assured.
Natural ingredients.
Different flavours for different food
Safe and hygienic products
Breweries Readiness for Export
Clear beers with a 12 month shelf life
Sufficient production capacity
In-house or bulk bottling: 330ml/500ml bottles
Regular and flexible production schedules of 330ml bottles
Willingness to give free samples and marketing materials
Keen Prices
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