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The 2015 Annual Architectural Model Exhibit
Statement: This year’s theme, FORM, is a word that can be used as either a noun or a verb, both a
thing and an action. FORM can be what exists in the world now and what is taking shape. When
paired with a range of prefixes and suffixes, FORM takes on new and unique meanings (reFORM,
inFORM, uniform). What does your practice add to the concept of FORM?
Deadline to submit: Friday June 5, 2015
Exhibit opening: Fall 2015 at a storefront space in Downtown Seattle.
2015 Entry Guidelines
 What entries will be accepted? Recent work in any medium that represents design practices
used by you: independent designers, firms and students. This could include hand-made
models, 3D printed models, hand-drawn sketches, digital renderings, data or site analysis,
plans, perspective drawings, interactives or photo documentation.
 Submit your entries through our online submission form.
 If you do not include a link to entry images in your submission form, send 1-2 images of the
entry to: [email protected]. In the subject heading of each email follow this
example: “SAF Exhibit _ Firm/Individual Name _ Entry # of total # submitted”
 Entries received after the deadline of June 5 may not be considered.
 Contacts notified of exhibit selections: June 24
 Please note: The Model Exhibit Committee will curate the exhibit at their discretion. Your entry
statement might be edited by the Exhibit Committee for length and for our target audiences
who are not necessarily designers or architects.
Entry Fees
If your entry is selected for this year's exhibit, you will be given instructions on submitting an entry fee
due by Friday July 10, 2015. Entry fees go directly toward the cost of producing this exhibit.
Large Firm (50 employees or more) - Each entry is $125
Small Firm (Less than 50 employees) – Each entry is $100
Sole Practitioner (Individual) – Each entry is $50
Student - All Entries are FREE
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