- METRO We kindly inform you that the easiest way to get around in Barcelona is certainly the
metro, it is very quick, quite efficient, and not too expensive. A single ticket is roughly
2 € per way, but you can also get a T-10, which cost does not reach the 10 € and is
valid for ten trips within the city area, and giving the possibility of being used by
two people, for example.
Nevertheless, the metro in Barcelona does not have a direct connection to the El
Prat (main one) Airport, so you would have to change, either from Aerobus (taken
from Airport terminals main gates) to metro, or from the Airport train to the metro. The
metro does work every day, on labor days starting from 5.30 a.m. until 12 midnight,
until 2 a.m. on Fridays and non-stop on Saturdays.
The nearest station to Hotel Grums is the L3 (green line) and L2 (purple line) station
called PARALLEL located at the also called Parallel Avenue. The area is residential
and safe, with plenty of restaurants and bars, just 5 minutes walk from La Rambla (one
of the best known streets in the city) and the Port. Even so, we highly recommend you
not to leave your personal belongings unattended and try to avoid crowds, especially in
the centre of town or the underground.
- TAXI If you come from the El Prat Airport (the main one), the most comfortable way to get
here is to get a taxi from the main gates of each terminal, which should be around 30 35 € and it would take about the same in time (30 minutes). If you need to reserve a
taxi in advance, please contact our reception via e-mail if it is prior to your arrival. Or, if
you want to reserve the service for your departure day, please do not hesitate to
contact the staff which is available for you 24 hours at the Front Desk.
You can also take the so-called AEROBUS at the main gates of each terminal at the El
Prat (main) Airport and step off at Plaza ESPANYA stop, and then take the metro,
green line (L3) direction TRINITAT NOVA, and step off at Parallel station (it is
only two stops from Espanya). From that metro station to our hotel, there is only a 3minutes-walk distance. The AEROBUS also stops at Plaza Catalunya (the very centre of
town) but we recommend you to step off at Plaza Espanya since the connection to come
to Parallel is easier with the metro there. The Aerobus costs 6 € per person and journey
(regardless of where you step off) and you must normally pay cash, so we recommend
you to make sure you have change available. Once you get to Parallel Avenue (or
Parallel metro station), we are at PALAUDARIES street, number 26, you can check
out the location map in our website, the one later attached to this text, or copy and paste
on the Google bar the link below (the blue square shows our exact location). Therefore,
once you step off the metro at Parallel, head to the port (sea) direction and you will find
our street on the right hand side after leaving to your right a park with three tall
chimneys. That very first street after that park is Palaudaries, where our hotel is located.
You will find us on the right-hand side going up as if you were heading to the mountain
and park of Montjuic.
Please find also, on the link below, a map of the city, in which our approximate location
is marked by a blue square. As you can see, it is very near to metro L3 and L2 Parallel
If you are interested in reserving a Private Transfer Service or a Pickup service (at
the airport) please let us know as soon as possible and we will send you the specific
information. The cost of this service is 65 € including taxes, for one way (either
pickup from airport to Hotel or Hotel to airport), and sitting up to 4 people.
If you decide to take the train, we inform you that you can take it directly from the
Airport (there is only one train heading to the centre of Barcelona so you won´t be
confused). And then you should step off at Sants Estació (which is one of the main
train stations in the city, which also has direct metro connection). Then you can change
directly there to the metro taking the Green line (L3) direction Trinitat Nova, until
our station, called Parallel. Please check the metro information given previously on this
document if this is your option.
Hoping all this information has been useful, we wish you a very nice trip and hope to
see you in our hotel in the near future.
Thanks for all of your attention