How to Complete YOUR 5D Self Study

How to Complete YOUR 5D Self Study
To prepare for the self-study, orient yourself to the 5Dimensions of Teaching
and Learning Framework 4.0. Review the Glossary. Keep it close for
1. While using highlighting protocol across 5D+ rubric:
a. Align specific examples of practice to dimensions using 5D in My
Classroom graphic organizer.
b. Self-assess for each indicator.
2. Use Unpacking the 5D+ graphic organizer to:
a. Create goals aligned to 5D+ indicators.
b. Identify evidence / artifacts that would demonstrate growth along the
5D+ rubric for each goal.
3. Collect identified evidence / artifacts throughout remainder of the year.
Current Three (3) District Goals of the 5D Learning Year (2012-13)*
By June of 2013, every TPS teacher will:
1. Self-reflect and align instructional practice to the 5D+ rubric.
2. Set goals to improve instructional practice aligned to the 5D+ indicators.
3. Practice generating and collecting evidence to demonstrate growth along the 5D+ rubric.
Five 5D Essential Documents of 5D Learning Year (2012-13)*
By June of 2013, every TPS teacher will have been provided at their school site:
1. CEL 5D Glossary
2. CEL 5D Instructional Framework 4.0
3. Evidence of staff work with Instructional Framework (“5D in My Classroom Practice Graphic Organizer” or suitable substitute)
4. CEL 5D+ Rubric
5. Evidence of staff work with 5D+ Rubric (“Unpacking the 5D+ Rubric” - or suitable substitute)
*Although not required, we believe (based on current knowledge of 5D and the TPEP process) that teachers who engage in self-study of the Five Essential 5D
Documents AND accomplish the Three 5D Goals will possess the tools/strategies to improve instructional practice and feel comfortable during the transition to
the new evaluation system.
- Rachel Smith-Mosel and Ryan Prosser, 5D Instructional Facilitators
Content Area: _______________________________________ School:_______________________________ Revision Date: __________________
Student Engagement
Curriculum and Pedagogy
Assessment for Student Learning
Classroom Environment &
Resources / Strategies
TPS tool designed to support staff self-study of the 5D™ Instructional Framework 4.0. The 5D™ Instructional Framework 4.0 and 5D+ Rubric, © 2012 University of Washington Center for Educational Leadership, is used under license with University of Washington Center for Educational Leadership.
Version 2.0
Professional Communication and Collaboration
Name: ______________________________________________ Dimension:_________________________________ Date: ________________________
Learning Target: I can unpack the 5D™ rubric; reflect on my current practice, articulate short and long term goals, collaborate with peers and leverage resources to attain my goals.
Short Term / Long Term Goal
Resource(s) / Next Steps(s)