how to ship with

how to ship with
to ship
how to how
ship with
how to get contact
PT.CMA business covered CMA CGM, ANL, DELMAS,
CNC. You need to contact our Sales or Customer
Service of each services
how to send my Booking
how to get my quotation
we prefer to receive your e-booking via
eChannel (CMA CGM Web site / INTTRA /
CargoSmart / GT Nexus) you can register by
online or you can send your booking by email to
our customer service
you need to have valid quotation to cover your
shipment. Please ask our Sales to give you SQ
reference by email. Check the rate mention in SQ.
Ensure SQ reference are indicated on your booking
to our Customer Service.
Informative data i.e SQ reference, parties,
vessel, pol /pod/ fpod, quantity, equipment, HS
code, commodity, payment term, special cargo
(DG/OOG) need to be mention on your booking.
please see contact information
• Quotation
• Vessel Schedule
• Booking and Bill
• Container Tracking
how to ship with CMA CGM
how to get my schedule
Contact information
to get the schedule please send email to
[email protected] or go to our website or
how to register CMA CGM eCommerce
Customer Service Export
Contact Center
6221 28546980
• Jakarta
• Surabaya
• Semarang
• Medan
• Panjang
• Makassar
Document Centre
Office Contact
: 6221 2854-6800
: 6231 293-1800
: 6224 351-7071
: 6261 415-5095
: 62721 474-720
: 62411 330-613
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
 A Company may have more than 1 user ID
 Takes sometimes to process registration
 You will Notify by email for Account activation
 User ID and Password will be sent to user email
 Please contact [email protected] for
how to ship with CMA CGM
how to ship with CMA CGM
how to get my Booking Confirmation
how to ship with CMA CGM
 Once Booking sent, you will receive Booking
status notification from INTTRA.
 Booking Confirmation (BC) will be send to your
email by our Customer Service.
 In some area BC can be use to pick up empty
container but some area need Release Order,
please ask our customer service.
 Bring your booking confirmation to stack at CY.
 Please read 2nd page of our BC which consist of
important information for you
how to send my final SI & get draft BL
We only received 1st Final SI via our eChannel or You need
to send Final SI with accurate data maximum 1
day before vessel departure on weekdays and
Friday for weekend vessel. Manual Processing fee
will be apply if you send your Final SI manually.
unless you need to revise your BL, you can send
draft BL revision with email attachment to
[email protected]
Your BL will be serve base on queing system
how to stack my container
To ensure data accuracy, switch container are
not allow. Stacking only valid for particular vessel
state in Booking confirmation
Please follow stacking period provided by CS.
Extended closing time not allowed.
 Please ensure PEB information state in Final SI.
Document cut-off please refer to Manifest
submission cut-off time.
In order to process your Booking / Shipping
Instruction we need your cooperation provide
 Documentation
 Shipper Name, Consignee Name & Notify Party Name &
Address (mandatory if Consignee is shown as "To Order";
EORI # whenever available) Acceptable Goods Description
(e.g. Refrigerators should be stated instead of “Appliances”)
6-digit HS commodity code (though EU requires 4-digit Code,
CMA CGM highly recommends the 6-digit Code for better
data quality & reduce risks of ENS rejection) Package type &
Number of Pieces Container number Seal number Cargo
Gross Weight (in kg) UN code for Dangerous Goods
 Term of payment (Prepaid / Collect
 BL type for USA (Automatic/Non Auto)
 Place of BL issue
Special Units
 Dangerous Goods (DG)
 Provide MSDS 2 weeks before booking sail
 Provide DG declaration to enter CY
 Follow Terminal & Syah Bandar regulation
 Reefer
 Do PTI carefully
 Do not do hot stuff (will effect temperature setting)
 Contract Reference & Specific Request
 SQ
how to get loading information
Trace your loading information through our web site
how to ship with CMA CGM
Trace your shipment through our web site or
how to pick up my BL
 ensure you have confirm the BL to
[email protected]
 Our Bank Account state in Invoice. Invoice
inquiry please send email to
[email protected]
 Local charges apply at CMA-CGM please
refer to
 Late payment will be charge for BL pick up
more than 7 days after departure
Quotation reference (SQ reference)
 Specific request
Specific request for BL, Free time Demurrage & Detention
Should be provide as per CMA CGM format for cargo
Flexitank / Flexibag / Marble / Iron steel / Scrap / Cocoa
butter / Drum / DG
 Manifest Submission
 Cut-off time Manifest for Indonesia Custom
You need to provide latest Final SI as per vessel closing date
Vessel Closing on Weekday : @ 16.30 LT
Vessel Closing on Weekend : Saturday @ 10.00 LT
For Destination USA and via USA
For Destination Europe
For Destination China