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How to Improve Your Vacation
When it comes to travel, advice can be invaluable and sometimes even be the difference between a good holiday and a better one. One thing
to consider is space. A compact piece of luggage is something that will always come in handy, both when on the plane and when
transporting it on the ground. Make out a list of all the essential items you will need to take with you and include different lists for particular
destinations. While travel-size toiletries often seem like a good idea, ones that are sample sized and fairly small will travel better than the
ones with huge tubes, which may end up not even being allowed through security anyway. The start of a trip can be made or broken by the
flight. To ensure a good flight bring a few items to make the flight go smoother, be it a couple of good books to read or a pillow or blanket
to make it easier to relax. It is also a good idea to make sure that midway through the flight you take a break and walk around in order to
stretch your calf muscles and Achilles tendons.
From the desk of
Brian Dunleavy
President and CEO
Something you may not know about me is that in the summer of
1991, I was a member of the Crossmen Drum and Bugle Corps.
The Crossmen were but one of many drum corps organizations
that competed all across the country for the entire summer. Our
rehearsal season actually started Thanksgiving weekend and
continued though the beginning of June. Once June started, the
touring/competition season began which typically ran through
August 15.
During my time with the Crossmen, the corps traveled to or
through nearly 35 states and even managed to travel to Canada
on 2 occasions. Can you imagine 4 bus loads of youngsters
ages 16-21, traveling cross country to perform and compete? It
was no small task. Yet, that organization operated with the
efficiency of a well trained military unit. I learned discipline and
determination from those people who were our teachers and it
was an awesome experience.
Today, there are roughly 50 of these drum corps traveling cross
country to perform for fans, all of which are non-profit entities.
So, if you want to do something different this summer, consider
taking in a drum corps show and show your support for these
young people. If you’re interested, you can check out the full
drum corps schedule at . I plan on
going to the Allentown shows later this summer; maybe I’ll see
you there!
How to Improve Network Marketing
Starting a home business is never
easy to begin with but you can
learn how to make use of network
marketing in order to assist and
communicate with people as an
independent agent and make more
money in the process. One good
tip is to draw up a vision board to
assist you with focusing on your primary goals for your network
marketing strategy. What are your dreams for your business? Do
you want to own a mansion, a yacht, a racing car? If you are
intending to use network marketing in a campaign then you
should compare all of the different compensation programs that
are currently available and decide which one is worth putting
your time and effort into.
Social areas including the likes of online forums are excellent
places where you can learn via participation. Such forums can be
a superb source of free exposure and advice. To maximize your
success you should focus on a short timescale. Your long term
goals may be several years away but checking your progress
every few months makes it easier for you to implement changes
that will aid you in achieving those long term aims.
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