Earth Rangers How-To Guide: Membership Sign Up

Earth Rangers How-To Guide: Membership Sign Up
Thanks for helping to Bring Back the Wild!
Here is a step-by-step guide to signing up on
To get started, go to and
click “JOIN” on the top right corner
STEP 1: Choose which animal you want to protect
Check out the different animals on the left
You can learn more about the animals we’re
helping this year by clicking the “WATCH” icon,
plus the exclusive online rewards you can earn
by clicking the “COLLECT” icon
When you’ve decided, click “PROTECT” on the
right side.
STEP 2: Select the goal you want to reach to help
protect your animal.
The more you raise, the more rewards
you will earn!
Don’t worry, you can always change your goal
later and you will not be required to reach the
goal you select.
Once you’re selected, click “CONTINUE”
STEP 3: Now create your own avatar: choose your
hair, hats, shoes and more!
You can also click the “RANDOMIZE” button
for a randomly generated avatar.
Once done, click “SAVE”
STEP 4: Fill out your info on the sign up form.
Ask your parent or guardian if you need help
filling out this page
Don’t forget to write down your username and
password and save it in a safe place! You’ll
need this again to login in the future
Once done, click “NEXT”
STEP 5: Fill out your parent’s email address and a
few other details to finish your sign up.
Choose if you want to become an Official Earth
Ranger and get a membership card
You must get your parents approval to get
your card, so make sure you enter in the
correct email address
Once done, click “FINISH”
That’s it! You’re all signed up!
If you requested a membership card, ask your parent or guardian to
check their email so they can approve your request.
Once you’re signed up you’re ready to start your first mission to protect
animals and their homes. Check out the Donation Page How-To Guide
on our Getting Started page for steps on how to use your Bring Back the
Wild donation page.
Your Donation Page
Other questions?
Check out our Frequently Asked Questions or contact us at [email protected]