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 How to get the most out of Your Marketing System & Your National Wealth Center Business THE Network Marketers Survival
Hi, my name is Clarence Holmes the founder of and I created this site to help those who needed a turnkey solution for their national wealth center business. In order for you to get the most out of your new business I wrote this short tutorial that “if you follow” can help change your life financially. Before we begin I just want to warn you that Network Marketing is just not something you try. It is something you do. I stress this because too many people get into this business with the “Oh well I hope this works” attitude and 10 times out of 10 they will fail. You need to understand that this is something you make-­‐work. Through thick and thin, the good days and bad days. If you are truly committed to your success “ As most people say they are“ you will see that over time the bad days will come les and the good days will come more often. Here is what I recommend you do when starting with NWC and PMR FOLLOW IN THIS ORDER! 1st. Make sure that your profile is set up correctly in your National Wealth Center "back office meaning your email, contact and payment information. Make sure that your email address is something you check regularly as your notification of payments and new sign up emails get sent there. 2nd Learn more about National Wealth Center and the products and services they offer also be able to explain the reverse two up system. Go into the back office look at the products on the $25, $50 and $100 levels so if and when you do get calls about your business you can answer questions effectively. DO NOT just try to go off promoting something you know nothing about. People aren’t stupid and people want to do business with a person who knows their product. Roll play with a friend; get them to ask you questions about the business so that you are comfortable when its really game time. “This alone should take at least 3 days to do”. 3rd. Once you are comfortable with National Wealth Center products and services and can explain the Reverse 2 up Compensation plan then go to your Paymeresidual .com Back office and make sure you are set up correctly with picture, contact information, social links etc. You can also watch the “back office tour” video located in the resources section of your paymeresidual back office. 4th. VERY IMPORTANT : Watch the section on “MINDSET TRAINING” then choose your method of promotion start promoting and stick with that method until you get sales! This is very important, DO NOT try to use every method of advertising or promotion as it will do nothing but confuse you. Information overload is the #2 killer of network marketers. “The #1 being lack of motivation” and it will destroy you quick. The 3rd is trying to promote too many opportunities. Stick with only one method of promotion and opportunity and master it until you get results. As far as what method you should choose. Choose a method that feels right FOR YOU. Do not try to do what someone else is doing just because you think they are having success. The secret of their success with that method could be THEY ARE COMFORTABLE WITH THAT METHOD and have more experience in that arena. For instance “I’ve been building websites and making videos for Years even before I got involved with NWC so of course it was a good fit for me to exploit videos.” For some of you it may take days, others weeks, others months. This is why I stressed that Network Marketing is something you don’t try but something you do. If your serious about changing your life you will stick with it and have the results you want. Once you have mastered your method move on to the next and wash and repeat. Stick with it and DON’T GIVE UP or quit cause your not having a great month. You must understand this FACT. YOU are the only person who can change your financial future. NO ONE ELSE CAN OR WILL. If you stick with it you will eventually build a huge down line and have a huge bank account to show for it.. 5. Let our capture pages do the selling for you. You just need to be available to answer questions if a prospect calls you. We are always optimizing to give you the highest conversion rates. Look out for emails from as we only send out information that we feel can help you and keep you motivated. Join our Paymeresidual Facebook group to ask questions and help others. Attend Our Hangouts etc. You will quickly see that teaching is really when you start learning. That’s it folks, its not hard at all, There is no need to complicate things. Follow these steps and not only survive network marketing but thrive. To Your Success Clarence Holmes