25 Things You MUST Know BEFORE Traveling To Thailand

25 Things You MUST Know BEFORE Traveling To Thailand
By Kings of Thailand
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Tip 1 - Bring Your Own Condoms
Tip 2 - Thai Currency
Tip 3 - ATM Access
Tip 4 - Language Barrier
Tip 5 - GoGo Bars
Tip 6 - Thai Food
Tip 7 - Spicy Food
Tip 8 - Cheapest Hotel Prices
Tip 9 - Ladyboys
Tip 10 - Safety
Tip 11 - Taxi Tip
Tip 12 - Tuk Tuk Scams
Tip 13 - Massage
Tip 14 - Drugs
Tip 15 - Bottled Water
Tip 16 - Ice
Tip 17 - Prostitution
Tip 18 - Tipping
Tip 19 - School Girls
Tip 20 - Get a Thai Phone Number
Tip 21 - Bangkok Hotel Placement
Tip 22 - Age of Consent
Tip 23 - Negotiate
Tip 24 - Sex Fact
Tip 25 - Tailor
The idea behind this book is a simple one, “What are the 25 things I wish I knew
about Thailand before arriving for the first time.”
The book may be short, but it answers this question in a useful and practical way
without any fluff.
A few questions answered in this book:
- How to save money booking hotel rooms in Thailand
- Popular Thai Scams that you must be aware of
- Advice about sex in Thailand
- How to safely attain drugs in Thailand
- Is the water safe to drink
- and much more…
What makes me qualified to write this book? Well, besides living in Thailand for
the last 4 years, I also created and currently manage the popular Thailand travel
website: www.KingsofThailand.com
This website is designed to offer free information to make sure your time in
Thailand will be FUN, SAFE, and MEMORABLE!
Tip 1- Bring Your Own Condoms
Almost every foreigner complains about the condoms in Thailand. They are
small and far too thick. Double your pleasure by bringing your own condoms.
We recommend Trojans.
Tip 2- Thai Currency
The money currency in Thailand is known as the Thai Baht. The standard
exchange rate is around 30 Baht to one United States dollar.
Tip 3- ATM Access
There are ATMs everywhere in Thailand. So accessing your money is very easy.
All the ATM’s have the same fee of 150 baht (5usd).
Tip 4- Language Barrier
You do not need speak Thai to visit Thailand. Almost everyone you meet with
have a basic understanding of English.
Tip 5- GoGo Bars
GoGo Bars are strip clubs. Unlike in western countries, in Thai GoGo bars the
girls are available for sex.
The three most popular Redlight Districts in Bangkok filled with GoGo bars are:
Nana Plaza, Soi Cowboy, and Patpong Road.
Tip 6- Thai Food
If you aren’t familiar with Thai food, you can never go wrong with ordering:
chicken fried rice, chicken pad thai, or Pad Krapow Gai (chicken made with basil
and rice). Three great meals which can normally be found for under 2usd.
Tip 7- Spicy Food
Traditional Thai food can be quite spicy. When you order your food, be sure to
say, “not spicy.”
Tip 8- Cheapest Hotel Prices
Nine out of ten times, you will receive the cheapest hotel prices by booking your
hotel through http://www.Agoda.com
Tip 9- Ladyboys
Around tourist hotspots, you will probably see Thai ladyboys. Protect yourself
from the classic Hangover 2 mistake by memorizing this article:
Tip 10- Safety
It’s very safe for a foreigner to travel to Thailand. Robberies and other kinds of
crime found when traveling to third world countries are virtually non-existent in
Tip 11- Taxi Advice
Some taxis in Bangkok will try to overcharge you by trying to charge a flat fee
based on your destination. Do not accept this, all taxis are based on a taxi meter
system which is very inexpensive. You can get to most places within Bangkok for
under 4usd.
Tip 12- Tuk Tuk Scams
A tuk tuk is a three-wheeled open-aired vehicle. They are a fun option for an
adventurous taxi ride. However, a common scam is when the driver will offer you
a free taxi ride if visit their brother who owns a suit making shop.
Don’t agree to this, the shop is filled with high pressure salesmen charging 3 times
the standard prices.
Tip 13- Massage
In Thailand you can get a very professional massage for 6 – 9usd an hour. One tip,
the best massages usually come from the women between the ages of 30 to 50
years old.
However, the sexy women in their 20’s can be far more fun :)
Tip 14- Drugs
A common mistake tourists make is buying drugs from Thai men in tourist areas
like “Khao San Road” in Bangkok. Then to find out that the Thai man is a police
officer. Now the tourist is faced with the choice of $3,000 fee or Thai prison.
If you want drugs in Thailand, get it from “Thai girls”. Go to a bar with bar girls
or strippers, find a girl that you like, and tell her you want to party. She can
arrange anything you want. The three most common drugs in Thailand are:
Marijuana, Cocaine (low quality), and Ice (meth).
Tip 15- Bottled Water
Only drink bottled water in Thailand. Never drink the water from the faucet in
your room.
Tip 16- Ice
The ice used in every restaurant in Thailand is safe. So don’t be afraid to have ice
with your cola.
Tip 17- Prostitution
Prostitution is acceptable in Thailand. Read this article to find out the standard
prices for Thai Hookers: http://www.kingsofthailand.com/how-much-does-ahooker-cost-in-thailand/
Tip 18- Tipping
Tipping in Thailand is not the same as in western country. After you pay your
bill, it’s common only to leave the remaining coins or a 20 baht note. Most of the
time your tip will not exceed 1usd.
Tip 19- School Girls
If you love sexy Asian school girls, make sure she is in university, not high
school. One simple tip about Thai school girl uniforms: University school girls
wear black skirts while high school girls wear blue skirts.
Tip 20- Get a Thai Phone Number
Buy a Thai Sim card so you can make phone calls within Thailand without
outrageous international calling fees. The cost of a Thai Sim card is between 1 –
3usd and can be bought at any mobile phone store, shopping mall, or most 7
elevens. I recommend using the company DTAC.
If your phone is not unlocked or does not have an option of a Sim card, buy a
cheap phone in Thailand. A basic phone costs about 20 – 30 dollars. You won’t
regret it.
Tip 21- Bangkok Hotel Placement
When you stay in Bangkok, you’ll want your hotel’s location to be in the most fun
area of Bangkok. Between Sukhumvit Soi 1 and Sukhumvit Soi 30.
Tip 22- Age of Consent
The age of consent is 18 years old in Thailand. Never go younger.
Tip 23- Negotiate
Nearly everything is negotiable in Thailand. This goes for shopping and women
alike. Never accept the first price offered.
Tip 24- Sex Fact
Thai women who are 30 years of age or older, tend to fuck better. However,
sometimes it’s more fun to take a 19 year old.
Tip 25- Tailor
Get a suit or a few nice dress shirts made in Thailand. You’ll be surprised how
much better you look when you wear nice clothes specially tailored to your body.
Good quality suits can be made for 150usd while a nice dress shirt can be made
for 20usd.
Read and become familiar with http://www.KingsofThailand.com
This is an invaluable website for real information about Thailand!
This was a short read, right? Hey, there’s more information and books from
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While this book was short, it was also to the point with no fluff. The idea was to
share with you the 25 things I wish I knew about Thailand when I stepped off the
plane for the first time in Bangkok. The information shared in this book will
better prepare you for your Thai adventures.
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