Have you ever wondered why it is so

Connecting men in the
workplace with our
Heavenly Father...
and one another.
Have you ever wondered why it is so
difficult to consistently live out your Christian
faith in your personal and professional life?
Can you imagine what life would be like if you did...
Take a break. Pause….and listen to God in the
beauty of His creation.
Disconnect from the things that wear you downemails, voicemails, deadlines, and the expectations
of others. Discover joy, peace, and encouragement.
Imagine an experience so simple, yet so profound and
powerful, that when you re-enter your daily routine,
you feel good about life again. Take an opportunity
to examine your life and your priorities. Reconnect
with God and enjoy the fellowship of other men who
desire the same.
The result? Conversations, connections,
dreams, reflection, and encouragement. Your
faith will be renewed and your relationships
will never be the same. Join us for an
extraordinary two days.
WHEN: Friday May 4th 12:30 PM to Sunday May 6th 2:30 PM
LOCATION: Strong Rock Retreat in Cleveland GA.
COST: $199 per person
REGISTRATION: www.soulybusiness.org
“I’ve never been part of anything
like Souly Business and came to the
weekend not knowing what to expect.
I was moved, uplifted and spiritually
renewed. so much that I’ve already
been back...four times!”
–Dave Stockert,
CEO, Post Properties
Wh at i s S o u ly Business?
Souly Business is a two day men’s conference. Your weekend will
include servant leadership, fellowship, worship, music, humor and
personal reflection, which together will make for a unique and transforming
experience. God will touch both your heart and your mind and bring you to a
deeper understanding of how we have all been called to ministry within our personal
and professional lives. The weekend will include eight speakers from the business
community whose talks will be followed by discussion among your small group.
Topics & Speakers Include:
Faith and Work
Brian Purcell
Director of Sales,
Savvis Inc.
Servant Leadership
Rob Dugas
VP of Supply Chain,
Rob Consoli
Executive VP of Sales,
Liaison Technologies
The Cross
Darrel Rewis
Corner-Stone Church
Identity in Christ
Todd Griffin
National Tax Credit
The Resurrection
Paul Trotti Sr
VP of Human Resources,
Finishing Well
Sonny Newton
VP Chick-fil-A (Ret)
For more information contact:
Kevin Latty
[email protected]
“I learned that I share my faith at work
by serving others, by doing my job
with excellence, by displaying Christlike character, and by working for an
audience of One”.
Brian Purcell, Savvis Corp.