Epic Inserting System Brochure

Shipping & Mailing
Pitney Bowes Epic™ Inserting System
Fast. Smart. Accurate.
Insert at the
speed of right.
Pitney Bowes Epic
Inserting System–
Multi-formats in
one machine.
51% of consumers
pay more attention
to the information they
receive. Ensure content
and personalization
accuracy with high
integrity solutions.
Source: Epsilon Channel Preference
for Mobile and Non-Mobile.
Powering billions of
communications every day.
Pitney Bowes looks for ways to
help our customers add impact
and precision to their mail.
If you’re a high-volume transaction
mailer or service provider, you know
how difficult it can be to anticipate the
equipment profiles required to meet
your market’s fluctuating demands.
So our engineers simplified elements
of our globally respected inserting
systems to offer you a way to move
more fluidly from job to job and from
letters to flats.
The Epic™ Inserting System builds on
a simplified, industry-proven design
that lets you:
•Handle shorter runs more profitably
•Use automated steps to
simplify changeovers
•Switch quickly and easily between
letters and flats
•Lower labor costs while raising
operator productivity
•Book greater yields and
operational performance
•Simplify capacity planning
The Epic Inserter also delivers a
number of benefits that can lower
TCO and improve ROI. The innovative
engineering goes beyond speed
and automation to focus on more
productive uptime, diminished
labor and material costs and more
robust profits.
Speed without control is…
not much
For example, Epic delivers a higher
yield per operator thanks to a
flattened learning curve and
greatly reduced make-ready times.
Epic’s dynamic skew correction lowers
the risk of a stoppage. And fewer
mutes lessen the need for costly
reconciliation and reprocessing.
•Multi-format solution—no dedicated
systems or waits for availability.
•Extend uptime with easier access to
components and faster mean time
to repair.
•Simplified production planning—
increased capacity and better
asset utilization.
•Greater operational yield, especially
on complex transactional mail.
Multi-Stream merge
with auto
Greater application
flexibility and
faster changeovers
High speed, complex
Continuous Form and
Cut Sheet processing
Process wide
range of materials
with Rotary and
Friction Feeders
Speed up changeovers
with automated
setup features
Keep operators
on productivity
Ergonomic, high
capacity feeders
and stackers
High efficiency
Epic™ looks as good on a spreadsheet
as it does on your production floor.
High-speed yield—Epic’s
competitive advantage.
Fast is good. But not without accuracy.
Pitney Bowes’ precision material
control amplifies the yield of even the
most sophisticated mailing. Now you
can take on regulated (and more
profitable) SLAs with greater
confidence because Epic can:
•Process complex mail with real-time,
integrated, end-to end tracking
and control.
•Accurately and easily account for
all pieces within a job.
•Achieve higher yield and maximum
system uptime with Pitney Bowes
motion control platform.
•Reduce spoilage and job
reconciliation requirements through
on-the-fly corrective adjustments.
Will you meet your SLA today?
Thanks to EPIC’s revamped user
interface, operators can answer
that question at a glance. It’s on the
screen in bold color-coded displays
that show real-time progress towards
job completion. If a current job’s
completion status changes, the
operator is alerted, as are supervisors
monitoring production via wireless
devices. Operators can quickly check
a list of prioritized alarms to see
specific problems and take corrective
action, which will be reflected on
the supervisor’s screen as well.
It’s an engaging, modern and easy
to learn interface with SLAsaving advantages.
The intuitive user interface allows operators,
supervisors and managers to adapt to
changing conditions, which helps meet
SLA requirements and keep each work
cell productive.
You have options—good ones.
This modular platform can be
configured to meet your specific
needs and simplifies future upgrades.
Add productivity and revenue
enhancing capabilities, such as:
•Continuous form and cut sheet
input processing
•High-speed, multi-stream merging
with auto resynchronization
•Integrity scanning options
•100% variable full-color insert
and envelope printing
•Postal metering
•ADF Solutions
Global service and support.
You even have anytime, anywhere
technical support focused on
your success:
•Become productive quickly
with best-in-class installation
and integration of your Epic™
inserting equipment
•Maximize your investment
with optimum set-up of your
equipment to best process your
jobs and applications
•Track and capture production
data to help achieve the highest
levels of integrity and reporting
in your operations
•Optimize your SLA performance
as a result of production mail
environment process improvement,
saving you time and money
•Engage the right repair services,
technical support and parts
strategies to help optimize your
print performance and productivity
Achieve high productivity
results without having to
compromise high speed
letter processing and flats.
Max cycle speed
C6/5, DL, #7 3/4, #10
21,000 CPH
C5, B5, 6x9, Stretch/Brokerage,
18,000 CPH
14,000 CPH
Feeder types
Number of feeders
Friction, Rotary
Up to14
Cut Sheet/Continous Form
Single, Multi-Stream
United States
37 Executive Drive
Danbury, CT 06810-4147
For more information, call 877 406 7704
or visit us online: pitneybowes.com
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