Safety Basis Workshop
26 February, 2014
Panel Purpose
• Changes to DOE O 420.1C and
expectations for effective Implementation (HSS)
• Sharing sites experience during implementation,
both challenges and successes
Survey Stats
Adopt 420.1C
Impact Analysis
Added to Contract yet
Implementation Plan required
Completion of Implementation Plan
7 yes
1 maybe
7 yes
1 na
3 yes
1 yes major mods 4 no
6 yes
1 no
1 na
most 2014/2015, one up to four years
Survey Key Items
• STD 1020
• Developing probabilistic hazard assessments for wind,
precipitation, flood and volcanoes will require time and effort.
• New NPH for Volcanic.
• Shifting of PC to SDC/Limit States – not a clean crosswalk.
• Requirement of deformation limits for Criticality Safety.
• STD 1066
• DOE STD 1066 invokes the American Glovebox Standard (AGS)
that is very onerous relative to FHA/FSA for gloveboxes.
• Implementation of STD 1066 is considered the most difficult given
the confusion on applicability to existing facilities … we will have a
revised contract appendix defining our fire protection requirements.
• Design
• For design, most issues relate to the implementation of the national
standards added to the order.
Alternative Approaches
• Quantitative analysis is only being applied to new facilities
and major modifications. Otherwise, the qualitative
analysis required in 420.1B is being grandfathered.
• … a requirements analysis and documented the
alternative approaches … whereas following a
“requirement” (e.g., shall statement) in 1066 would not be
realistic and/or very costly without any fire safety benefit.
For example, using the current versions of all codes and
standards which is a departure of how the building code
(IBC) is supposed to be administered.
Locations to Share Information
• HSS Website Frequently Asked Questions from
rollout (
• EPWOG ftp site (Tobin Oruch, [email protected])
• SAWG Website
The complete Survey inputs will be placed on the
EPWOG and SAWG sites
• Pranab Guha, HSS
• Jerry Hicks, NNSA
• Julie Cordero, SNL
• Rob McKeehan, ORNL
• Larry Goen, LANL