Emmaus of SE Michigan

Emmaus of SE Michigan
Wm Maxwell - Registrar
PO Box 701968 - Plymouth, MI 48170
[email protected]
June 17, 2011
Dear Emmaus Walk Candidate,
You are invited to attend the Walk to Emmaus #155 (MEN) or #156 (WOMEN), to be held on October
13th – 16th, 2011 (MEN) or November 3rd – 6th, 2011 (WOMEN) at Aldersgate United Methodist
Church in Redford, MI.
Checklist of what to do:
_____1 If you can attend without conflict please email the registrar at [email protected] to
confirm your participation. If you do not confirm, you will not be registered for the Walk.
_____2 Bring comfortable clothes to last from Thursday through Sunday. Bring your own toiletries,
washcloths, towels, and bedding (sheets, blanket or sleeping bag, and pillow) – a mattress and
sheet is provided. Don’t forget to bring any medications you need. It is very important to have
no interruptions (phone calls, visits, or business matters) during the entire three days, please
plan accordingly.
_____3 Complete the Medical Form found on the web site emsem.org and give it to the registration
table on Thursday night when you arrive at the Walk. At the same time, payment will be
received for the balance of expenses due (a total contribution of $70.00 per Pilgrim).
_____4 Your sponsor will make arrangements to pick you up on Thursday evening and take you to the
church that will be hosting the Walk. Your sponsor will make similar arrangements for your
return trip on Sunday evening.
_____5 Leave your cell phone at home. Instead, provide your family with your sponsor’s phone number.
He or she will assist your family with any need that may arise during the weekend and can
contact someone at the Walk if contact with you becomes necessary.
_____6 You may consider bringing funds to purchase a new book, as there will be a book table
The Emmaus Community is engaged in extensive planning, preparation, and prayer for your Walk to
Emmaus. We are excited to have you become a part of the weekend! Remember, please email
[email protected] immediately to confirm your place on this Walk.
This is the only correspondence you will receive. If you do not confirm, you will not be registered
for the Walk. If you have any questions, please contact your sponsor first. If you still have a concern,
please feel free to contact me at the email listed above.
Yours in Christ,
Wm Maxwell
Emmaus Registrar