St John’s Red Sweater Letter December 2012

St John’s
Red Sweater Letter
December 2012
Dear Parents,
Yet again this has been an amazingly busy term and much has been
happening as you will see from this letter.
We have had outstanding sporting success, not only in traditional events
but also in what some would consider as minority sports such as table –
tennis in which we are now County Champions. In addition to taking part in
such a vast array of sporting activities I am also delighted with the work
undertaken by our Young Leaders who take such a responsible and
proactive role in helping with numerous sporting events.
There have been many enrichment activities taking place within the
curriculum designed to enhance the children‘s learning. We have also been
testing and assessing the children as we near the end of this term to
ensure they are all making good progress and you will receive an interim
report in the early part of the Spring Term.
There has been a great deal of work going on behind the scenes with
regard to our conversion to an Academy. The set date for conversion is
February 1st 2013. Governors took the decision for both our school name
and trading name at a meeting in November. I am sure you will be pleased
to know that we will continue to be called St. John‘s Church of England
Middle School and only our trading name for business purposes will
contain the word ‗Academy‘.
I hope you will be able to join us at our annual Christmas Carol Service on
Tuesday 18th December at St. John‘s Church at 7pm and trust you all
have a very enjoyable Christmas.
Very best wishes,
Wendy Taylor
Table Tennis
On 3rd November, Nathan Buckley, Ed Groves, Dougie Bridge and
Danny Swann travelled to Blackminster Middle School in Evesham to
take part in the Worcestershire County Table Tennis Tournament.
They played extremely well and won the competition to go through to
represent Worcestershire in the Midland County Competition in January 2013 in Cirencester. Well done lads!
Mr C Silvester—Head of Boys PE
A team of Year 8 girls had a fantastic weekend at PGL
Liddington where they played a netball tournament which ran on
Saturday and Sunday 9th-11th November. They faced a selection
of teams from around the country and played exceptionally well in
every game.
The team won a place in the semi-final and played their best game
of the weekend—putting into practice all the skills they had
developed over that time. The final result was that the team came
a respectable 4th place out of 10 teams. Well done girls!
Josie Hiller—GS/GA/GK
Hattie Goff-GA/WA
Tammy Wilson-GA/GS
Bethan Newbold-WA/WD
Courtney Juggins-GK/WD
Jordan Brace—WA
Megan Hughes—C
Saxon Pemberton-WD
Izzy Quaynor—GD
Miss J Stenning—Head of Girls PE
District Celebration of Sport
On Wednesday 7th November a group of Year 8 pupils took part in the
District Celebration of Sport at the Ryland Centre. This was an indoor
sports event where the students were involved in a number of multi
skilled based activities. They competed against other schools and
achieved lots of first places.
Both our Year 8 and Year 7 Young Leaders received professional
coaching and were successful in gaining their qualification.
Our Year 7 Young Leaders helped out at the District Celebration of
Sport and were commended for their contributions and our Year 8 Young
Leaders helped out at the District Football event, running the line, refereeing and getting the equipment together. At this event our Year 8
pupils who took part were placed 3rd overall, a valiant effort.
Well done to all our competitors and Young Leaders
Mr M Moss—PESSCo
Sleeping Beauty
M & M Productions were invited into school on
Wednesday 7th November and KS2 pupils were
treated to a performance of Sleeping Beauty.
All pupils really enjoyed it, and we look forward
to welcoming them back next year!
Robinson Crusoe
Starring Brian Conley
Birmingham Hippodrome
Wednesday 23rd January
Year 6
Thursday 24th January
Year 7
Pupils go ‘South’ for French
A selection of Year 8 pupils were invited to a
‗Gifted & Talented Languages Workshop‘ on Friday
26th October at South Bromsgrove High School.
The afternoon involved our pupils participating in
various activities in several different languages
(including German and Mandarin!), led by SBHS 6th
Form pupils.
A big thank you to the chosen few, Charlie Wright,
Nathan Buckley, Ed Groves, Jonty Heslop, Millie
Smallwood, Becky Fieldhouse, Chloe Hargreaves
and Rosie Stanley.
Mrs Bourne (very proud) Head of Year 8
On Thursday 22nd November we were very excited to
welcome the renowned TV illusionist and comedian John
Archer. He recently appeared on the BBC show ―Help My
Supply Teacher is Magic‖ and was one of only a few
performers who managed to trick the American magicians
on the ITV show ―Penn and Teller, Fool Us‖. He performed to all
year groups and followed this with a talk on ―Seeing is Believing‖ and
a question and answer session.
―John Archer did some fab magic tricks, he did some card
tricks and also swallowed a long balloon! The children went
crazy.‖ - Isabelle Gough 5KH
―The people in the audience had the best hour of fun‖ Sophie Birch 5KH
We had a wonderful day on Friday 23rd November. All year groups
followed a carousel of sporting activities ranging from heart rate
investigations to building an Olympic stadium. Children also took
part in a sponsored fitness circuit, and had the opportunity to meet
Rhys Williams, the 400m hurdler.
After their activities, the children all came together in key stages
to hear about Rhys‘ inspirational journey to becoming an Olympic
athlete as well as asking him questions.
We would like to say a huge thank you to parents and families for
supporting the event and congratulations to the children for the
money raised so far.
We are still counting the money raised and we will keep you
informed of the grand total on our website.
Rainforest Day
Our Year 8 pupils have been studying Brazil and the Amazon
Rainforest as part of the Geography curriculum.
On Thursday 8th November 2012 Emma from Zoolab came in to
deliver a series of workshops which gave the pupils a greater insight
into the sustainability issues facing the future of the Amazonian
They also saw first hand, creatures that call the
rainforest their home, such as a giant snail, a tree frog, a corn
snake, a giant African millipede and a cockroach.
―The atmosphere was a very excitable one. Personally my
favourite animal brought in was the tree frog, called Red! ―
Charlie Wright 8LL
Mr. Silvester really enjoyed holding the corn snake!!!!
Mr K Hirst
Christmas Dinner
Tuesday 18th December—Years 5 and 6
Wednesday 19th December—Years 7 and 8
Please note :
. only Christmas Dinner will be available on that day
. order forms will be sent out shortly and will be available on
the website. If pupils do not return their order form they
will not be able to have a Christmas lunch and will therefore
be required to bring a packed lunch from home on that
. pupils will also be required to bring in a packed lunch on
the day the other year groups will be having their Christmas
Church and Carol Service
Tuesday 18th December 2012:
for pupils:
Church Service St. John‘s Church
9:00 a.m.
for pupils and Parents/Friends:
Carol Service
St. John‘s Church
7:00 p.m.
Day of Kindness
On Thursday 18th October, a group of 12 Year 5 and
Year 6 pupils went into Bromsgrove Town Centre to
help participate in this year’s ‘Day of Kindness’. The
children wrote personal messages of kindness in their
PSCHE lessons and delivered these along with chocolates,
biscuits and flowers to members of the public. It was fantastic
to be part of such a community driven event.
Mrs C Hirons
The pupils of St. John’s
School raised
Children in Need
Friday 7th December 2012
7:00 p.m.—9:00 p.m.
Tickets £2.00
(available from Mr Ince)
At the moment the school is receiving a lot of calls from
parents with messages for their children. Unfortunately the
school would prefer not to receive messages from parents to
pupils if they are deemed non-emergency. Pupils do not return
to their classrooms at the end of the day but are dismissed
from their lessons. This means that office staff have to
interrupt a lesson to pass on a message which can cause quite a
lot of disruption. Therefore can we please ask that you
contact the school with a message for your child in the case of
an emergency only. Thank you for your support.
December 2012
Tuesday 4th
Yr 8 Ski Trip Meeting (parents only)
Friday 7th
Interhouse Cross Country
Yrs 5/6 Disco—7:00p.m.—9:00 p.m.
Tuesday 18th
Whole school Service at St John‘s Church—
9:00 a.m.—for pupils only
KS2 Christmas Lunch
Carol Service at St Johns Church 7.00pm—
for pupils, friends and family
Wednesday 19th KS3 Christmas Lunch
Thursday 20th End of Term
January 2013
Term Re-starts Tuesday 8th January 2013 at 8:50 a.m. for pupils
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