How to Write a Pitch Letter

How to Write a Pitch Letter
These days, most pitch letters are sent via email so I will use this as an
example. If you need to send in letter format this formula is easily
Pitch letters can be used to contact the media directly. If you have a press
release you can include in your media kit or as a link in the email. A well
crafted pitch letter can be used in lieu of a press release.
Things to have in place before you get started:
Media Kit (online link – no attachments)
Media List
Outline of what you are pitching
Call to action, what do you want the media to do?
Structure of a Pitch Letter:
1. Subject Line of Email
 Be original.
 Grab the reader’s attention, media folks get massive amounts of
email and the goal is to stand out in the crowd.
 If the media person you are contacting is looking for something
specific or has asked for something specific – include in the subject
 Do not include your name or company name in the subject line,
especially if you are not well known.
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Sometimes the subject line will come to you after you write the
pitch, don’t let this block you or keep you from sending out your
2. First Paragraph
 Be brief, direct and get right to the point, pitch your company or
product right up front.
 Include a summary of why your offerings would be of interest to the
editor’s audience.
3. Second Paragraph
 Address the who, what, where, why and how of your business.
What do you do. What you offer. Where you can be found. Why
your product/service is special. Who you serve. How your
product/service is delivered.
4. Third Paragraph
 Add additional information about your work and background.
 Work in a great, relevant, and genuine testimonial.
5. Fourth Paragraph
 Offer something to the editor. If you are an author, offer to send a
book. If you are a coach or consultant, include a link to a free
report you have written. If you have a product based business offer
to send a sample of once of your products. (Check on the
publication’s policies on returning review samples. Some will return
after 30 days, if it is a higher priced item, but for lower priced items
you should not expect to get them back).
6. The end…
 Say thanks!
 Add a call to action click links below, contact me, etc.
 Include contact information – name, email, website, phone.
 Include a link to your media kit, a book excerpt.
DO NOT INCLUDE ATTACHMENTS – the email will likely not be opened
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If it has to do with building, managing and leveraging a service based business;
[NAME] is the go to resource and she would love to share her insights with your
In her practical and enlightening new book, [BOOK TITLE] she guides seasoned and
budding entrepreneur’s on how to build systems and automation into their
businesses so they are not run BY their businesses.
[FIRST NAME] has a proven background in working with entrepreneur’s, in addition
to [BOOK TITLE], she has also authored and co-authored several books. Cofounded the [BUSINESS/ORGANIZATION NAME / BRIEF DESCRIPTION], and is the
CEO of a very successful virtual training and consulting company. [ADD QUOTE
We would be happy to send you a book for your review. [ONLY IF BOOK OR
Thank you for your consideration, to learn more about [FIRST NAME] and [BOOK
TITLE], please visit the links below, or contact me at the email or phone number
Website: [include link to media kit]
Media Kit: [include link to media kit]
Book excerpt: [include link to book excerpt]
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