You’re Invited to Audition for the Acting for Film and... Niagara College!

You’re Invited to Audition for the Acting for Film and Television Program at
Niagara College!
Thank you for your interest in the Acting for Film and Television program. We are excited to offer you an opportunity to
audition for the most comprehensive, practical and real world ‘acting for recorded media’ program in the Canadian
college system today.
Check out our website for more information on our acting program and be sure to view the brand new video created by
our own Acting for Film and Television students at:
Here’s what you need to do next:
Book an on-camera audition appointment time on line. Go to to select and
confirm your audition time.
If you are a student with a disability and require accommodation to complete this testing, there will be a “Pre-Admission
Testing and Accommodation Request Form” that should be completed at the end of the online registration form. More
information can be found at
After you book your audition time, you need to:
Choose two contrasting audition pieces that are 1 to 2 minutes in length and commit them to memory.
Choose a joke to tell.
Write a cover letter and create a resumé.
Request letters of reference from people you know (other than family members) who can speak to your character
and the qualities you have that support your goal to be a film/television actor.
Put the cover letter, resumé and letters of reference together in a “resumé package” that you will bring with you to
your on-camera audition appointment.
Attendance at the Audition session is essential if you wish to be considered for the Acting for Film and Television
program. Please notify us in advance if you find it impossible to attend on the date and time schedule. You must
complete an audition to be considered for admission. An alternate date cannot be guaranteed at this time.
Should you need to, please contact us at the email address or telephone number below at your earliest possible
Thank you once again for applying to Niagara College’s Acting for Film and Television program. We look forward to
meeting you. And then the excitement really starts.
Martin Doyle
Coordinator, Acting for Film and Television
Tel: (905)735-2211 ext. 7394
Email: [email protected]
Robin McCulloch
Tel: (905)735-2211 ext. 7205
Email: [email protected]
"Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler." -- Albert Einstein
Audition, Cover Letter, Resumé and Reference Letter Guidelines
Prepare Two Audition Pieces:
Your audition should consist of two contrasting pieces (e.g. comedic, dramatic,
stylized/fantastical, real, etc.), 1 to 2 minutes in length, taken from a film or television program, a
book or play. You should also prepare a joke to tell. Original material, you have written, as well
as Shakespeare or other ‘classical’ monologues are not permitted. Impersonations of actors (such
as Jim Carey) performing a scene for which they are famous is not considered appropriate as an
audition piece. You will be asked at your audition to identify the source of the material and may
be asked to provide some story background for the scene before you perform it for the camera.
The characters you perform must be your age or close to your age.
Create a Cover Letter and Resumé
COVER LETTER, RESUMÉ and REFERENCE LETTERS should be targeted to Niagara
College and our program, establish an OBJECTIVE that is also targeted to Niagara College and
our program, and should be free of spelling and grammatical errors. (Why do you want to come
to the Acting program at Niagara College?)
Your Resumé Should Include:
Related Interests/Experience: Arts background (High School drama/theatre, dance, band/music);
Community theatre; private training (drama/theatre, acting, dance, singing, music, band); paid
work (union or non-union) as an actor in a commercial, television or film project; work in a
movie theatre or video rental store.
Teamwork: Face-to-Face people contact via customer/guest services employment,
coaching/refereeing experience and/or membership in school or community groups, noted
volunteerism beyond the basic 40-hour minimum required in High School.
Leadership: Student Council President or President/Coordinator of any other High School or
community group or a Manager/Assistant Manager/Shift Leader at a place of employment (part
time or Summer employment). High School Project Leader or Sports Team Captain or other
leadership role(s).
NOTE: These are “guidelines,” not criteria. If you don’t have some of the experiences that are
used in these guidelines as examples then look at the interests and experiences that you have had
and ‘creatively’ make a connection to what you believe we are looking for. Not all of your
experiences and skill sets may be obvious when it comes to acting for film and television.
Selection Criteria for Acceptance
Required Senior English grade of 60% (minimum) in order to qualify to
Please prepare two contrasting audition pieces each approximately one to two
minutes in length to be recorded on camera at the audition. Also prepare a joke
to tell. You may pre-record your audition pieces on DVD to present at your
audition time. Please be prepared to do your audition pieces “live” if you are
asked to do so.
The essay topic will be given to you after your audition session; no specific
preparation is required.
Please include: 1) a cover letter outlining why you are interested in our
program, where you would eventually like to work; what assets you will bring to
the industry; why you will be successful in our program; 2) your resumé
including acting-related and non-related employment and volunteer experience;
3) letters of reference. Some suggested guidelines for creating your cover
letter, resumé and reference letters are attached.
What makes the Acting for Film and Television Program at Niagara
College so unique?
REAL WORLD EXPERIENCE: You will have the opportunity to interact and work with student
directors and crews on common production assignments such as short films, commercials, music
videos, and more.
REAL WORLD EQUIPMENT: Unique production facilities with state-of-the-art media
recording equipment will provide you with a “professional” acting environment and experience
as close as it gets to “real” world of the recorded media/entertainment industry.
REAL WORLD EXPOSURE: Your teaching and training, coaching and mentoring will be
delivered by professional actors and leading practitioners.
REAL WORLD TOOLS: You will have the opportunity to assemble a state-of-the-art, personal
marketing kit to successfully launch your career.
REAL WORLD REWARDS: As a successful graduate of Niagara College’s Acting for Film and
Television program you will be entitled to apply for your first qualifying credit toward full
membership in ACTRA (Association of Canadian Television and Radio Artists).
Well-trained actors in recorded media have a wide range of exciting and dynamic fields in which
they can work. Motion picture, television, radio, Internet and other production companies offer a
multitude of employment opportunities. In the entertainment and creative sectors of Ontario’s
economy the increasing convergence of culture and techno-logy is expected to generate growth.
In addition, the self-employment and entrepreneurial skills associated with acting training have
distinct advantages in these changing times.
Niagara College has established itself as a leader in student satisfaction. The facilities, learning
experiences, and passionate staff all contribute to this success. You now have the chance to
“play your part” in this continuing success story!