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Parish Secretary Edward Parent
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Office Hours: Monday / Wednesday / Friday
9:00am until 3:00pm
Deacon Donald Philip
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Business: (413) 736-4071
FAX: (413) 734-5484
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11/12 OCTOBER 2014 — Twenty-Eighth Sunday in Ordinary Time
Daily Mass — 7:30am, Monday through Friday (Chapel)
St. Jude Novena with Mass — Tuesdays, 7:15pm
We are a diverse Roman Catholic faith
community proudly located within the
Merrick Section of West Springfield. Our
Lord calls us to reach beyond the care
and support of each other to foster an
active Apostleship with our neighbors.
We strive to lovingly trust in the power of
the Holy Spirit. Through the Eucharist
and Daily Prayer, we seek to accept within
ourselves the profound love Jesus has for
us individually, joyfully expressing this
gift with every person we meet. We strive
to consciously live out the words of
Christ:“love one another
as I have loved you!”
Saturday Vigil — 4:00pm (Church)
Sunday Masses — 8:30am and 10:30am (Church)
Confessions — Saturday, 3:15pm (Church)
Baptisms — Please contact Celeste Labbe for details.
Sacrament of the Sick — Please contact the priest.
Funerals — Normally Monday through Saturday;
please contact the priest.
Weddings — year round! Please contact the priest
with advance notice (normally one year).
Generations of Faith — Six Saturdays;
please contact Celeste Labbe.
Home Visits — always! Please contact Deacon Philip
or Francesca Brandt; always private and personal!
“When Jesus returned, the crowd welcomed Him for they
were waiting. And a man named Jairus, an official of the synagogue, came forward. He fell at the feet of Jesus and begged
Him to come to his house because his only daughter, about
twelve years of age, was dying. So Jesus went, and the crowds
almost crushed Him . . . While Jesus was speaking, someone
from the synagogue official’s house
arrived and said: ‘your daughter is
dead; do not trouble the Teacher any
longer.’ On hearing this, Jesus replied:
‘do not be afraid! Simply have faith
and she will be saved!’ When Jesus
arrived at the house He allowed no-one
to enter with Him except Peter, James
and John, as well as the child’s father
and mother. All were weeping and
mourning. Jesus said: ‘do not weep any
longer! She is not dead, she’s only sleeping!’ And the people
ridiculed Him for they knew she was in fact dead. Then Jesus
took the girl by the hand and called out: ‘Child, arise!’ Her
breath returned and she immediately arose. Jesus then directed
the parents to give the child something to eat; and her parents
were utterly astounded!” (Luke 8:40-42; 49-56)
My dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ:
Alleluia: God is good all the time, because all the time God
is good — Amen!
Since I am preparing for Deployment, the US Air Force is
requiring me to make a fresh “Will” (with Executor and Power
of Attorney) as well as formal “Medical Proxy” (regarding
Hospital and Burial decisions). This is standard practice. It is
also a fresh blessing, for it gives me the “oomph” to talk about
important matters that I have been ignoring for too long . . . .
1) What is the Church’s position on Cremation? Fully
permissible as long as the person’s remains are treated with the
same dignity as a non-cremation. In other words: social respect
and formal burial. If a family wouldn’t leave a casket in a living room or toss a loved one into the wind, neither should they
do so with the final elements of the same person and casket.
2) Is a person sinning by not leaving their body to science or donating their organs to a living person? Probably
not. As stated above, our body, whether with our soul or without our soul, is a mighty gift from God and should be consistently treated as such. If the medical field can share our soulless body with others in a way that does not compromise its
innate dignity, this is fine. Perhaps even noble? Yet my body is
a personal gift from God to me, and I do have the final say in
how I believe God wants it to be shared.
3) If I leave money to the Church, do I have any control
over where it goes? Absolutely! This is known as a “Themed
Donation” or “Guided Bequest”. For example, in your Will
you can appropriately say: “I leave St. Frances Xavier Cabrini
$20,000.00 for the painting of the church Sanctuary, with my
family’s named included on a plaque”; or, as a second example, you can appropriately say: “I leave the Diocese of Springfield $20,000.00 for an annual scholarship for Parochial
School Students living with a single parent”; etc.
11/12 OCTOBER 2014
4) Is “life support” necessary? This is a “gray area” because our earthly existence, tragically, is composed of very
little “black and white” realities. In other words, continuous
and prayerful discernment with the Lord in the present moment
remains essential for holy decision making! Please be aware
that sometimes people on “life support” do in fact recover.
Sadly, most do not. Regarding FOOD and WATER, it is my
understanding of the Catholic Faith that these MUST be provided at all times since they are basic necessities of human life,
as designed by God, not an “extra-ordinary circumstance”.
5) Isn’t the intentional death of any human being always wrong? Not necessarily. For example, the Fifth Commandment states: “Thou shall not kill!” This entails unjustified
killing, such as through a fit of rage. It does not apply to justified killing, such as through personal self-defense (stopping
someone from hurting my family while we sleep) or communal
self-defense (stopping someone from hurting an innocent while
we are awake) or national self-defense (such as the Nazi’s invasion of Poland) or allowing nature to naturally take its course.
This Sunday we joyfully welcome two new members into
our Church and Parish — Alleluia! Father
Longe will be Baptizing Hannah Rose
Quisto Roy & Sophia Marie Quisto Roy
at 11:30am. While stationed at St. Mary’s
in Westfield, he Married the ecstatic parents
of these gorgeous (twin) Gifts from Heaven
back in 2010 — Praise the Lord!
Pro-Life Reflections
From today's Second Reading: "I have learned the secret of being well fed and of going hungry, of living in
abundance and in being in need." (Phillipians 4)
Need, is the driving force that drives individual toward
mistreatment of one another, while the greatest need of
all is fulfilled in seeking a relationship with God!
We have entered our second weekend of
collecting practical items for our annual
Bethlehem House Collection. The director, Pam Hibbard, informs me they remain
in desperate need of 1) Unscented Baby
Wash & Lotion; 2) Socks & Diapers for
Newborns; 3) Plastic Baby Bottles; 4)
Newborn Outfits & Sleepers; 5) Gift Cards
for “Babies R US” (for specific needs).
Sunday Offerings (10/05): $ 3,543.30
Needed Each Week: $3,400.00
Difference (10/05): + $ 143.30
Many thanks for loving and supporting our parish!
We strive to use all donations with wisdom and prudence.
Barry Kingston, of New Spirit Ministry,
Inc., will present "Messages from Heaven:
A Musical Journey through Medjugorje,"
a reflective concert and personal story, on
Sunday, Oct. 26 at 3 p.m. at Our Lady of
Mt. Carmel Church. All are welcome. Free
will offering. Refreshments follow in
Marian Hall. For more information, call
Kathryn Seward at 413-736-1649 or
Joyce Rosati at 413-734-5433.
Our beloved West Springfield Knights of Columbus will be
offering Tootsie Rolls this Weekend
(11/12 October 2014) in honor of their
excellent ministry with children and adults
with mental and physical limitations. No
donation is necessary, though all donations gratefully accepted — please be generous! Also, please thank the Knights for
being Knights; their masculine witness to
Christ remains profound!
Do you faithfully read the West Springfield Record? Hope
so! In its delightful pages this coming Thursday/Friday will be
a public acknowledgement of our Parish “Take; Leave; Share”
library and pantry (tangible food for mind,
body and soul alike — Alleluia!). Although
we don’t intend to refuse anyone, these
items are explicitly for the use of our Faith
Community. If you feel called by the Lord to
“Take; Leave; Share” then please do! Pope
Francis has already reminded us, more than
once, that our world doesn’t lack sufficient
food or education; what humanity lacks
most of all is the Virtue of Generosity . . . .
“But the Levites were not numbered by
their ancestral tribe along with the others.
For the Lord said to Moses: ‘Only the Tribe
of Levi shall you not number, and you shall
not take a census of them among the People
of Israel. Instead, appoint the Levites over
the tabernacle of the testimony, and over its
furnishings, and over all that belongs to it. They are to carry the
tabernacle and all its furnishings and they shall tend it, and
shall encamp around the tabernacle’.” (Numbers 1:27-33)
CCC ¶1544 “Everything the Priesthood of the Old Covenant
prefigured finds its fulfillment in Christ Jesus, the ‘one Mediator between God and man!’ ¶1545 The ‘ministerial’ or ‘hierarchical’ Priesthood [of Ordained Clergy], with the Common
Priesthood of all the Faithful, participate ‘each in its own
proper way in the one Priesthood of Christ’. While being
‘ordered to one another,’ they differ essentially . . . For the
‘ministerial priesthood’ is a means by which Christ unceasingly
builds up and leads His Church, hence it is its own Sacrament.”
11/12 OCTOBER 2014
How do we make a return for all the gifts
that God Has given us? One way is to respond to His call to live the vocation He
has in mind for us. If you feel that your
vocation is to religious life or priesthood,
call Fr. Gary Dailey at (413) 452-0811
[email protected]
West Springfield’s Ecumenical Outreach’s
free, hot and delicious meals are being served
at the First Congregational Church of West
Springfield, 20 Lathrop Street. Breakfast will
be served next on Saturday October 25th,
from 9:00am until 10:00am, sponsored by the
W. Spfld. Rotary Club & the Lion’s Club; The
next Supper will be offered on Wednesday October 22th,
from 5:00pm until 6:00pm, sponsored by St Thomas School
Staff & W. Spfld. Methodist Church. Free clothing and limited
groceries will also be offered for those in need. Please come
and bring many loved ones — God cares and so do we!
Many thanks are being offered to all the
kind souls who donate to our Parish
“Poor Box” (at the main entrance of the
church). With your generosity, I recently
donated $90.00 worth of supplies to
Bethlehem House as well as $60.00 in
food supplies to a local homeless man.
Also, we have 4 practically new refrigerators in the
parish school, waiting for adoption. All are thoroughly clean
and operational. If any ACTIVE PARISHIONER needs one for
their home, please contact Mr. Larry Kelly.
ICC Brunch Honoring our 2014 Serviam Award Recipients
Come join us as we honor our 2014 Serviam Award recipients Lena DeCarlo and Joseph Liquori and celebrate our Italian heritage at a brunch at St. Anne Country Club, 781 Shoemaker Lane, Feeding Hills, MA, on Sunday, October 26,
2014, at 11:30am.The Serviam Award is given to individuals
with Italian ethnic heritage who have devoted their lives to the
betterment of society through community service and have enhanced the Italian-American community. This event is open to
the public; reservations are required. The cost is $35 per person. To make reservations for this special event, contact
Nancy at 413-827-9350. Deadline is October 10, 2014.
Out of concern for the well
being of our Parish, our
office hours will be 9:00am
— 3:00pm on Columbus Day
Monday. Thanks Edward!
Alcoholics Anonymous has begun meeting
in our Parish Center — is God inspiring
you to join us? The meetings are Monday,
Wednesday & Friday from 12noon until
1:00pm. It is a traditional Program (Group
Sharing; Big Book; occasional Speaker) led
by three local ladies in sobriety: show up!
Msgr. Homer Gosselin, Ida Pagon,
Anthony Seville, Brianna Croteau, Rita
Coffey, John Fitzgerald, Ann McCarthy,
Ellen-Marie Ferrara, Marie Colbert,
Barbara Warren, Al Claycomb, Julie
Miller, Eleanoir Longe, Beverly Strodel,
Sheila & Hugh Crean, Katherine Monko,
Jean Perrault, Jean-Carol Brocka, Fr.
Charles Gonet, Paul Dansereau, Mary
Moran, Terry Croteau,, Katriana Lawson,
Michael Blanchet, Joseph Murat, Renato
Artioli, Roseann Durkee, Jason Boulia,
Billy & Beatrice Longe, Darillyn Paterson, Willie Johnston.
Church: Soul of Rosalie Jette
Chapel: Victims of Syria’s civil war
For a Mass Intention celebrated or Sanctuary Lamp lit
“In memory of, in honor of, or any intention for the living and
the deceased,” please call our secretary at 736-4071.
Saturday Twenty- Eighth Sunday of Ordinary Time
10/11 4:00 PM Margaret Jasiewicz, req. by family
10/12 8:30 AM Harold & Madeline Vosburgh, req. by family
10:30 AM Edmond Raleigh, req. by John & Kathy Sherbo
Monday Columbus Day
10/13 7:30 AM Anna & Patty Aguero birthdays, req. by sister
Tuesday St. Callistus l, Pope & Martyr
10/14 7:30 AM Joseph Marie Toan Nguyen, req. by wife Mai
7:15 PM Communion Service by Deacon Donald Philip
Wednesday St. Teresa of Jesus, Virgin & Doctor of the
10/15 7:30 AM In Honor of St. Joseph, req, by Giussepina
Thursday St Margaret Mary Alacoque, Virgin
10/16 7:30 AM Communion Service by Francesca Brandt
St Ignatius of Antioch, Bishop & Martyr
10/17 7:30 AM Communion Service by Deacon Donald Philip
Saturday Twenty - Ninth Sunday of Ordinary Time
10/18 4:00 PM John Baker, req. by Marge Baker
10/19 8:30 AM Thomas Hosmer, req. by the Hosmer family
10:30 AM Walter Demoraski, req. by his family
Our Catholic tradition calls us to pray for the dead,
especially in the celebration of Holy Mass. To request a
Mass Intention for the repose of a soul, please call the Parish Office at 736-4071. Masses may be celebrated for the
intentions of the living as well as the dead. A stipend of
$10.00 is normally rendered for each request.
In faith, hope and love, please say a
Daily Rosary for our local clergy:
Sunday, Bishops Mitchell Rozanski,
Timothy McDonnell and Joseph
Maguire (Springfield); Monday, Fr.
Piotr Pawlus (Ware); Tuesday, Dn.
Joseph Smith (Chicopee); Wednesday, Fr. Eugene Plasse (Palmer);
Thursday, Dn. David Southworth
(Longmeadow); Friday, Fr. William
Pomerleau (Springfield); Saturday,
Dn. Richard Talbot (Amherst).
Monday: Galatians 4:22-5:1; Psalms 113; Luke 11:29-32
Tuesday: Galatians 5:1-6; Psalms 119; Luke 11:37-41
Wednesday: Galatians 5:18-25; Psalms 1; Luke 11:42-46
Thursday: Ephesians 1:1-10; Psalms 98; Luke 11:47-53
Friday: Ephesians 1:11-14; Psalms 33; Luke 12:1-7
Saturday: 2 Timothy 4:10-17; Psalms 145; Luke 10:1-9
Sunday: Isaiah 45:1-6; Psalms 96; 1 Thessalonians 1:1-5
Matthew 22:15-21
E. Minister
11/12 OCTOBER 2014 — 28TH SUNDAY OF
4:00 PM Paul B.
Server: P. LeFebvre
M. Moran
Deacon Don
Phyllis B.; B. Malvezzi
8:30 AM R. O’Connor
B. Remillard
Server: B. Remillard
10:30 AM C Labbe
B. Remillard
Server: M. Labbe
Greeters: Lucinda & Michael Barrett
St. Jude Novena
7:15 PM P. Kelly
M. Moran
L. Philip
C. Senez; B. Morin
D. Salter
John M.; Jane M.
M. Moran
18/19 OCTOBER 2014 — 29TH SUNDAY OF
4:00 PM V. Bonebo
Server: M. Moran
8:30 AM L. Philip
Server: Jon P.
M. Moran
M. Colbert
S. Zimmerman; B. Malvezzi
B. Remillard
R. O’Connor
Jo P.; B. Remillard
10:30 AM John M.
B. Remillard
Greeters: C. Labbe & B. Bonfitto
Deacon Don
J. Kelly; F. Brandt
St. Jude Novena
7:15 PM John M.
M. Moran
B. Malvezzi
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745 Cooper Street
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Come Sail Away on a 7-night Catholic Exotic Cruise
starting as low as $1045 per couple. Daily Mass and $19.95*/Mo. + 1 FREE MONTH
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bathes in an ADVERTISED shower
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drinks a cup
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Later if business is poor
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Saint Margaret
Sunday Missal
An ideal companion
for personal prayer.
In Stock & Ready to Order Today.
800-566-6150 •
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Your Parish in
Your Will.
For further information,
please call the Parish Office.
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